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All that is needed of you to adopt a character is to really like one particular character, you don't need to own your own website, but I would prefer it.  If you do have a site that is not Buffy/Angel related then you can also apply :) .  A character  can be adopted more than once and I will add you to a list of members when you adopt.

If you adopt and have a site then you must have the banner I send you on your site with a link back to me :)

Also please sign my guestbook, it's looking rather empty


People who have adopted

This is what your adoptee will look like, with the right character of course :)

To adopt please use the form below and click submit once you have filled in all your details.

Also please don't forget to put your correct e-mail on it or you will not recieve a character.


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Anything else?


Thanks :) if you don't hear back from me there may have been a problem with the form, if so please e-mail me at with ADOPT in the subject line with all the info or you can use the contact me form.

Things I've adopted from other sites