Buffy Season 1 Episode Guide


Eppisode 1:  
The Harvest (part 1)

It's Buffy's first day of Sunnydale High and she is hoping it will go better than her last high school.  Buffy is instantly accepted by Cordelia, a popular snob who picks on a shy red headed girl named Willow Rosenberg.  Buffy instantly feels sorry for her and they hang out.  Buffy makes friends with Willow, Xander and Jesse.  Buffy goes to the Library to borrow a book when she is confronted by the creepy librarian Rupert Giles who is her new watcher, the only problem is that Buffy doesn't want to be the chosen one.  Anyway a girl is killed and guese what it's a vampire! Buffy goes to Giles and complains about being a slayer... but Xander overhears them.  That night Buffy goes to the Bronze but on the way a tall dark stranger (angel) gives her a cross.  Buffy tells Willow to seize the day with a cute boy she sees and Xander confronts Buffy about being the slayer, then Xander and Buffy go after Willow.  The episode ends with Buffy being trpped in a coffin while fighting with a big vampire named Luke who is one of the masters gang.

Eppisode 2:  
The Harvest (part 2)

Luke is just about to kill Buffy when he burns his hand on her cross so Buffy has time to get away and to save Willow and Xander but not Jesse.  They go back to the Library where Giles and Willow get into research mode and Buffy decides to go back to where she was fighting with Luke and look for Jesse.  Buffy meets Angel again who gives her another cryptic warning telling her that the harvest is approaching.  Buffy goes into the sewers only to discover Xander followed her.  They find Jesse but he has been turned into a Vampire.  As they are surounded by vamps they baracade themselves into a room and escape via a vent.  They go back to the library and Giles and Willow tell them that the Harvest is an event that occurs once every 100 years where the master can draw power from one of his minions bearing a trianglular symbol on their head.  They go to the Bronze and find Luke feading on a girl and just before he is about to free the master Buffy dusts him.  Angel looks on at the whole ordeal and looks somewhat surprised...

Eppisode 3:  

The Witch

Buffy is still anoyed about being the chosen one and is trying to get a sence of normality back into her  life so she decides to try out for the cheerleading squad.  Buffy starts talking to one of the more quiet girls called Amy.  Anyway while one of the girls is tying out her hands burst into flames, Buffy pushes the girl to the ground and puts out her hands.  Then while Buffy is talking to Amy she tells her that her Mom is putting her under a lot of pressure to join the cheerleading squad because her Mom was a cheerleading star.  After that Willow tells Buffy that Amy's Mom is a lot worse than she admitted.  Buffy made first alternative on the cheerleading squad and Amy made third, she is crushed.  Later that day Cordealia's eyes roll back in her head and she is temporarily bllinded while compleeting a driving test.  When they go to Giles to tell him about all the strange things he thinks that Amy might be a witch so they make up a potion to find out.  When they use the potion on her she turns green which means that she is a witch.  But, as they leave Amy glares at Buffy and Buffy wonders if she knows that she knows that shes a witch.  Amy heads home and hands her homework to her Mom and says do my history assignment, as she walks off we see that she has Buffy's bracelet.  The next day Buffy starts to act strangely during cheerleading practise and throws a cheerleader a little too far.  When Willow and Xander take her to the library she is a lot weaker and very sickly.  Giles says that unless they can get Amy's spell book that Buffy will die so Willow and Xander stay at school to keep an eye on Amy and Giles and Buffy go to Amy's house to get the book.  They force their way into her house and start to talk to Amy's Mom and discover that it is really Amy and that her Mom switched their bodies so that she could re-live her cheerleading days.  As Giles starts the spell Amy gets weaker and runs out of the Gym, she is clearly looking for Buffy.  She storms into the house and tries to kill cast a spell on her but Buffy fends it off using a mirror and she is gone.  The episode ends with the mothers cheerleading trophey and all looks well until we notice that the eyes are moving...
Eppisode 4:  

Teachers Pet

Today for science Buffy's teacher Dr.Gregory is away, which is nothing unusual.  The new substitute teacher is driving all the boys in the class mad and when she asks for volenteers to help her make model egg sacks half the male members of the class volenteer and the teacher decides that Blayne can help her tonight and Xander can help her tomorrow night.  That night at the Bronze Angel gives Buffy another cryptic warning and his arm looks like it had been clawed at.  At lunch the next day in the caffeteria Cordy finds the frozen headless body of Dr.Gregory in the freezer.  Buffy thinks that maybe his death has something to do with the thing that got Angel.  That night on patrol Buffy finds a vampire with a claw who is just about to eat Ms.French (the substitute teacher) who looks at him and he runs away.  Buffy then catches Ms.French twisting her head around alll the way like on the excorcist.  Buffy discovers that Ms.French is a praying mantis and tells Giles who happens to have a friend who can help... although it's a bit harder to get in touch with him because he has been institutionalised.  Willow hacks into some computers and finds out that Blayne's Mom has reported him misssing.  Buffy goes to warn Xander but he wont listen to her and suggests that she might be jelous.  Xander shows up at Ms.French's house and she gives him a martini that she has laced, soon after he passes out and Ms.French turns into the praying mantis and drags him off.  Giles finally gets intouch with his friends and confirms that she is a she-mantis.  Buffy gets Giles to record some bat sonars from the video library and Buffy gets some insecticide and then they head over to Ms.French's house, but she gave the school a fake adress so Buffy goes and gets the vampire with a claw and drags him from house to house until he flinches out the front of Ms. French's house, he then tries to escape but Buffy stakes him on a nearby fence post.  They then go into her house and use the insecticide and sonar on her and then Buffy kills her with a m
Eppisode 5:  

Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

In the middle of a late-night sparring session at the cemetery, Buffy and Giles discover a ring with a mysterious engraving in it. The scene shifts to the Master Vampire's lair, where the Master explains that the Anointed One -- the Master's greatest warrior and the Slayer's greatest foe is due to rise from the ashes of five dead. The next day, Buffy is asked out by a handsome, poetry-loving classmate named Owen who she is smitten with. Buffy's good mood is spoiled by Giles, who's connected the engraving in the ring to a violent prophecy which is about to be fulfilled... that night. Buffy very reluctantly joins Giles at the cemetery, but nothing happens there. Meanwhile, an airport van crashes and although the five passengers -- including a burly, tattooed man who's been ranting incoherently -- survive the wreck, they die when the van is overtaken by vampires.The next day, Owen and Buffy decide to try again, much to Giles' (and a very jealous Xander's) chagrin.As Buffy prepares for her date, Giles comes over with the news: five people were killed the night before, just as the prophecy described, and one of them -- the tattooed man -- was wanted for murder. This leads Giles to believe that he is the Anointed one. Buffy insists on going on to the Bronze with Owen, but Willow and Xander agree to go along with Giles to the Sunnydale Funeral Home so he can check the bodies for clues. Giles is greeted by vampires, and though Willow and Xander try to help him, they realize this is Buffy's domain. They run off to the Bronze to fetch her, but she’s already hooked up with Owen. Unable to blurt out their news, they merrily suggest to Buffy a jaunt to the funeral home.Once they get there, they're shocked to find Owen has followed them. As Buffy looks around for clues, the tattooed man -- now a vampire -- arises from a gurney and tears the place apart. Buffy kicks him, knocking him on a gurney, which hits the cremation oven and slides him right in. The next day, Owen is pumped up about the previous night’s adventures and can’t wait for the next date. Realizing she almost got him killed, Buffy reluctantly gives him the "let's be friends" speech. Giles commends her on her maturity, and reminds her that she did prevent a disaster. But all is not resolved. We see the Master in his lair, welcoming the Anointed one: it is an eight-year-old boy from the van accident, who smiles to reveal a mouth full of fangs

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Eppisode 6:

The Pack

The students of Sunnydale High school are spending the afternoon at the zoo. Besides the standard zoo animals, this facility has a special new hyena exhibit, marked "Positively No Admittance." This piques the interest of Sunnydale's obnoxious cool crowd, who have already had their fun tormenting Buffy and a shy, bookish student named Lance. After grabbing poor Lance's notebook, they enter the forbidden hyena house, forcing him to follow. Xander, worried about his timid classmate, decides to come to his rescue. As they wait for Xander, Buffy and Willow meet an eccentric zookeeper, who claims the hyenas can understand human speech -- they learn people's names, call out to them, and then eat them. Meanwhile, the crowd in the hyena house starts to get rough with Lance, but suddenly their eyes start flashing yellow -- apparently, they've stepped into a mystical circle on the floor and a transformation has taken place. We see the eyes of one student who never meant to be there, and they're flashing yellow, too. It's Xander.Back at school, Principal Flutie proudly introduces the students to Herbert, the Sunnydale Razorbacks' new mascot. Not quite as menacing as the team's namesake, Herbert is a actually a little pig. Xander elicits a strange reaction from Herbert when the two exchange a glance. Since returning from the zoo trip, he is more confident, more aggressive, and generally not the same old Xander. His love-sick puppy stares have turned to animal leers -- he has even taken to sniffing Buffy.Willow brings the news to Buffy and Giles that Herbert is dead-- the pint-sized porker has been eaten by the hyena-possessed students. Buffy tries to confront Xander, but he becomes even more aggressive and pounces on her. They scuffle for a while, but Buffy finally decks him, and locks him into a steel book-return cage. When it is discovered that the pack is responsible for Herbert's demise, Principal Flutie is up in arms. He summons the group to his office to reprimand them, but doesn't get the chance.The news horrifies everyone -- Principle Flutie has been eaten! The "official" story is that a pack of wild dogs did it, but Buffy, Willow and Giles know the truth. Since Xander was with Buffy when the incident occurred, she is relieved that he was not involved. Giles has figured out that in order to restore order, the spirits of the hyenas must be taken from the students and put back into the animals. While Buffy and Giles go to the zoo, Willow offers to watch over Xander. The zookeeper, well-versed in these matters, offers to help with the "transformation," and says that all the students must return to the mystical circle in the hyena cage. But one member of their pack is missing -- Xander -- and Buffy and Giles realize, to their horror, that they will seek him out, leaving Willow vulnerable to their attack. When they do just that, Xander breaks free from the cage, but Willow hides. They escape the school grounds and Buffy leads them all to the zoo.While everything seems to be going according to schedule, it turns out that the zookeeper's plan is to absorb all the hyena’s spirits himself. He does, and grabs Willow in order to perform a predatory act which is part of the ritual. Xander, back to his old self, reacts to seeing his friend in jeopardy and dives on the zookeeper, freeing Willow. When the zookeeper goes after Buffy, she hurls him into the hyena cage, where he is promptly devoured.  
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Eppisode 7:


On her way home from the Bronze, Buffy encounters three vampires, who've been sent to avenge the death of one of the Master's minions. Just as they're about to attack her, Angel appears and they begin to fight. Angel and Buffy manage to make it safely to her house, where she repairs the wound he got in the scuffle. He spends the night in her bedroom, sleeping next to her bed. The next day at school, Giles identifies Buffy's attackers as warrior vampires, and steps up her training in case a more serious melee takes place. Later that day, Buffy and Angel share a passionare kiss, but then to her horror, she sees that he is a vampire!Angel meets up with Darla, who was his lover and partner in crime hundreds of years earlier. She chastises him for spending time with the slayer. Meanwhile, Giles identifies Angel as a 240-year-old vampire who came to America 80 years ago, living alone and never killing again. Darla, anxious to do Buffy in, goes to her house and pretends to be a student planning to study with her. Buffy's mother, Joyce, lets her in and Darla promptly bites her in the neck. Angel enters the house and tells Darla to let Joyce go. Darla passes Joyce to him and he is tempted to bite her, but doesn't. When Buffy enters, she sees Angel holding her mother and, assuming he is the one who bit Joyce, she tosses him out the window. This finally gives her the impetus to kill him, and she meets him at the Bronze with a crossbow. He explains that he did many heinous deeds over the course of his lifetime, but his soul has been restored and he is now haunted by them. Darla finds them together and tries to shoot Buffy. Angel impales Darla from behind and she turns to dust. When the Master finds out that Darla, his favorite, has been slain, he goes berserk, but the Annointed One comforts him.Back at the Bronze, Angel and Buffy agree that despite their strong feelings for each other, it's not realistic for them to pursue any kind of relationship. They kiss goodbye and when Buffy walks away, the imprint of her cross has been seared into Angel's chest.
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Eppisode 8:

I Robot You Jane

In the Middle Ages, a young man approaches a horned demon, who smiles at him and then breaks his neck. Later, a group of monks, outraged by the deed, chant in Latin, open a book and the demon is sucked into it -- its pages now filled.Back in the library, Buffy opens a crate and finds the long forgotten book. Along with Xander and Willow, the school's two computer experts are helping scan books: Fritz, a menacing looking bruiser, and Dave, a geekier kid. Also present is Miss Calendar, the computer science teacher, who rides Giles about his fear of technology. As Willow scans the ancient book, the characters disappear from its pages. When she looks away, words appear on the screen: "Where am I?"A week later, Willow tells Buffy about Malcolm, a boy she's having an online romance with. Buffy, worried about her naive friend enlists Dave's help to try to find out more about Malcolm. Dave tells Buffy to leave Willow alone. Meanwhile, Miss Calendar stumbles upon the ancient book and asks Giles about its blank pages. When Giles notices the horned demon on the cover, he suspects trouble. Dave gets Buffy to look for Willow in the girls' locker room but when she gets there, Fritz has rigged up some wires in the shower to try to electrocute her. A puddle reaches the exposed wires and Buffy is sent flying into the locker room -- the soles of her shoes smoldering. A shaken Dave tells the computer he can't kill Buffy. Angry at his disrespect, it types up a suicide note for him.Back in the library, Giles explains to Buffy and Xander that in the Dark Ages, the souls of demons were sometimes trapped in certain volumes, where they remained harmless until the pages were read aloud. When Willow scanned them, the demon, Moloch, was unleashed into the computer, and how had access to any computer in the world. Moloch preys on impressionable minds, which makes both Fritz and Dave vulnerable to his power. Buffy tries to delete Willow's files, hoping to "delete" Moloch along with them, but Moloch appears on the screen warning Buffy to stay away from Willow.Looking for Willow in the computer lab, she finds Dave's body hanging, with the suicide note pinned to it. Fritz goes to Willow's house, chloroforms her and brings her to a mysterious warehouse where Dave had been spotted earlier.A desparate Giles asks Miss Calendar for help and discovers she has extensive knowledge of the mystical realm. She helps him repeat the spell the monks had chanted while she links up a configuration of different computers around the world.Meanwhile, Buffy and Xander try to save Willow at the warehouse. By the time they arrive, Moloch has left the computer and appears as a robotic incarnation of the horned demon that was back in the Dark Ages. He breaks Fritz' neck and is about to break Willow's when the spell takes hold, immobilizing him. Injured, but fighting, he lunges at Buffy, but she ducks and he punches a high-voltage junction box and is electrocuted to death.


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Eppisode 9:

The Puppet Show

Giles has been roped into supervising Sunnydale's talent show. When Buffy, Xander and Willow stop by to tease him about it, the new principal punishes them by insisting they come up with an act.One of the dancers in the show is found dead, with her heart removed. The last person she was seen talking to was Morgan, a strange, awkward student who is a ventriloquist in the talent show with his dummy, Sid. When Buffy tries to question Morgan, he gets nervous and rubs his head. Sid seems to have a mind of his own, and Morgan talks to him as if he were real. Still suspicious, Buffy goes to check out Morgan's locker, but finds only the empty puppet case. When Buffy goes to sleep that night, Sid is outside her window. She feels him enter the room but when she screams and turns on the light, he's gone.The next day, Giles tells Buffy, Xander and Willow about a brotherhood of demons who need human organs to maintain their humanity. Although this sounds like Morgan may have killed the dancer for her heart, these demons have super strength, while Morgan has been growing weaker. Willow discovers a book which says that dolls and mannequins are capable of becoming human by harvesting organs. Buffy, looking for Morgan in the prop room, finds him dead, with his brain removed. A light rig suddenly comes crashing down on her, and Sid is next to her with a kitchen knife. They have each mistaken the other for a demon. Sid explains that he was a human, but then was cursed, and he thinks the demon who cursed him is in the talent show. If he can kill that demon, he'll be free. Backstage at the talent show, Morgan's brain falls from the catwalk -- apparently the demon has rejected it. Willow researches Morgan's records and finds out that he had brain cancer. This means the demon is still going to be looking for a healthy, intelligent brain.We find Giles in the auditorium, innocently helping Marc, a student performing a magic act in the talent show. Marc convinces Giles to fill in for his assistant and lie down in a guillotine. Just as Giles realizes he's about to get his brains removed, Buffy runs in to save him. Marc changes into a demon, and Sid finally stabs him in the heart. Now that the demon is dead, the animated Sid turns back into a normal puppet. Suddenly, the curtain opens as a stunned audience attending the talent show looks at the dumbfounded gang on stage.

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Eppisode 10:


Buffy has a nightmare about being attacked by the Master. Later in class, a student opens his book and spiders emerge and attack him, while a young boy stands outside the classroom window. In his lair, the Master explains to the Anointed One that fear is the most powerful force in the world, and changes are about to take place.Buffy, Willow and Xander question the spider boy, who says he's had recurring nightmares about such attacks. Later in class, Buffy finds out there is a test she's totally unprepared for. As soon as she starts writing, she glances at the clock and sees almost the entire hour is up. Again, the boy appears. Later, a girl goes into the school basement and is attacked by a huge Ugly Man. Questioned in the hospital, she's able to provide one clue: the attacker said the words "Lucky Nineteen."Xander enters a class to find everyone staring at them -- he's only wearing boxer shorts. Buffy finds a newspaper picture of the boy who keeps appearing. The article says he's in a coma after falling down the steps after a little league game. Buffy notices his uniform number: 19. Giles says even though the boy's in the hospital, perhaps Buffy has been seeing his astral body, which can travel through time and space. Buffy's father picks her up at school and explains he left home because Buffy caused so much trouble and was a disappointment to him. He leaves Buffy in shock -- and the boy appears again. Willow and Xander talk to Giles, who explains that their nightmares have been coming true, leaving everyone vulnerable to all sorts of danger. Buffy finally confronts the boy, who explains that Ugly Man wants to kill him. Suddenly, the Ugly Man appears and starts to attack Buffy, who is no match for him.Giles warns Xander and Willow that Buffy's nightmares could be fatal, and they must find her. Willow's attempt leads her into her own nightmare: she is onstage in an opera for which she is woefully unprepared. Xander's search leads him to yet another nightmare: a clown he feared from childhood chases him with a knife. Buffy and the boy manage to escape Ugly Man by literally jumping from school during the day into a cemetery at night. The Master appears and shoves Buffy into an open grave. Willow, Xander and Giles need to find Buffy -- unless Billy is awoken, all reality will become nightmares within hours. They notice a cemetery -- in darkness -- is across the street, and go to investigate. Seeing Buffy's headstone, Giles laments not protecting her better, until Buffy emerges -- as a vampire. Giles says it's reversible, if only Billy could wake up. They go to the hospital and Ugly Man appears again. Buffy manages to attack him. She asks the little boy to finish the job -- he walks up to him and peels something off his face. Buffy returns to normal, and the real little boy awakens from his coma. His little league coach enters and is shocked to find the boy awake. Buffy confronts him about beating up the boy for losing a game -- when he tries to flee, Xander grabs him. Buffy's dad shows up after school and cheerfully greets her -- another happy ending at the Hellmouth.

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Eppisode 11:

Invisible Girl

As the Spring Fling dance nears, Cordelia's new boyfriend is mysteriously beaten up at school -- by a baseball bat with no one attached to it. The attacker leaves a cryptic message on the locker, which leads Buffy to believe it wasn't an ordinary monster. Giles suggests it might be an invisible creature or a ghost.Another attack finds Cordelia's friend Harmony flying backwards down a flight of stares, with no apparent outside force. After hearing a girl's voice, Buffy pursues the invisible attacker to no avail. Buffy enlists Willow's help in trying to get a list of missing kids -- perhaps this invisible girl is one of them. Meanwhile, Angel appears at the library and says he's worried about Buffy -- he knows that something big is about to happen but he doesn't know what.Shock of shocks -- Cordelia is elected the May Queen for the school dance. Buffy is convinced Cordelia is the link between the two mysterious attacks. She finds a girl in Willow's printout, Marcie Ross, who she thinks might be the one. Marcie was in the band, and the invisible girl keeps hiding in the ceiling above the band room. Buffy follows her there to find a nest of sorts where the invisible girls has been hiding. Another attack occurs: Cordelia's teacher is almost suffocated.Further investigation reveals that Marcie was in everyone's classes, but no one seems to even remember that she existed. Giles says she simply became invisible because she was perceived that way -- it's all due to physics, helped along by living above a Hellmouth. Marcie's goal seems to be to destroy Cordelia, who is already wigged out by the attacks on people close to her. Cordelia's coronation as May Queen that evening would be the perfect place for Marcie to attack, but Cordelia is none too thrilled about being used as bait. As Cordelia gets ready at school for the dance, Marcie yanks her up through the ceiling. Meanwhile, Giles, Willow and Xander hear some haunting music and try to follow it, hoping to find Marcie. The trio is led to the boiler room where they are overcome by gas fumes. Marcie anesthetizes both Buffy and Cordelia, brings them to the Bronze and ties them up. Marcie, armed with an arsenal of creepy surgical instruments, explains to Cordelia that she intends to give her a face no one will ever forget. She slices Cordelia's cheek, but Buffy manages to free herself and a scuffle ensues. Buffy finally knocks Marcie out, just as a pair of FBI agents arrive to take Marcie away. Angel saves the unconscious gang in the boiler room, but Giles tells Buffy it was a janitor -- he doesn't want to remind Buffy of her lost love. Cordelia acts grateful to the gang, but becomes her normal obnoxious self when her newly-healed boyfriend and her cooler-than-thou friends show up.

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Eppisode 12:

Prophercy Girl

At the Bronze, Xander rehearses asking Buffy out to the prom by trying his speech out on lovesick Willow. Meanwhile, Buffy is having a closer call than usual with her vampire attackers. Giles reads a frightening prophecy about the Master and the Slayer, and an earthquake hits Sunnydale.Buffy tells Giles about her attack, and lets him know that she's starting to get scared. When Xander finally gets the nerve to ask her out, she turns him down, saying she doesn't think of him "that way" and doesn't want to spoil their friendship. In the library, Giles and Ms. Calendar discuss the prophecy: the earthquake, along with several strange occurrences in Sunnydale, seem to confirm that the apocalypse is near. Buffy overhears Giles telling Angel, "Tomorrow she'll face the Master and she will die." Buffy freaks out and tells Giles she wants to quit. More signs of the end appear: a roomful of students, including Cordelia's new beau, are found dead at school, totally unnerving Willow, who discovers their bodies. Buffy decides that even though she's afraid, only she can try to save the world by facing the Master. She goes out with a crossbow, and the Anointed One leads her to the Master. Meanwhile, Xander enlists Angel's help in trying to protect Buffy.The Master bites Buffy, and she drops into a puddle. This allows him to break through to the "other side." Xander and Angel find Buffy, and Xander is able to revive her using CPR. Meanwhile, Cordelia, Willow and Ms. Calendar find themselves driving through a sea of vampires in the streets. They try to escape to the library, but the undead follow them. As they try to fight them off, a huge, horrific monster comes up through the floor and attacks them. Buffy makes it back to the school and fights the Master on the roof. She throws him through the roof window and he falls through, getting impaled on the way down. He disintegrates, and the monster and the vampires disappear with him."We saved the world. I say we party," exclaims Buffy the Vampire Slayer.