Buffy Season 6 Episode Guide


Episode 1:

Bargaining part 1

The Scooby gang try to deal with the loss of Buffy whilst dealing with the vamps in Sunnydale.
Episode 2:

Bargaining part 2

The Scooby Gang prepares to bring Buffy back from the dead as Giles leaves for England. 
Episode 3:

After Life

Buffy and her friends are visited by a demon that forces them to deal with the repercussions of Buffy's resurrection.
Episode 4:


As Buffy begins dealing with their bad financial situation and flooded basement, the Slayer tries to apply for a loan from the bank.
Episode 5:

Life Serial

After being dead all summer Buffy has difficulty finding her place.  Also her new arch nemesis makes an appearence.
Episode 6:

All the way

On Halloween, Dawn experiences her first kiss..only to discover that the object of her affection has a deadly secret. Xander announces his engagement to Anya. Tara worries about Willow's reliance on magic.
Episode 7:

Once More with Feeling

In this musical extravaganza, people throughout Sunnydale find themselves bursting into song and flame when a demon summoned from beyond attempts to make Dawn his bride.
Episode 8:

Tabula Rasa

One of Willow's magic spells goes awry, causing Buffy and her friends to forget who they are.
Episode 9:


Willow uses magic to turn Amy the Rat into her old self. Jonathan, Warren and Andrew use a freeze gun to steal a diamond from a museum. Spike discovers something unexpected about Buffy.
Episode 10:


As Buffy continues to fight her attraction to Spike, Willow and Amy's relationship leads them to a very dangerous place. Will Buffy and her friends be able to stop Willow's descent into magical addiction?
Episode 11:


A social services worker threatens to take guardianship of Dawn.
Complicating matters, the three villians accidentally turn Buffy invisible with a ray gun forcing the gang to rely on Willow's natural brainpower to save the slayer.
Episode 12:

Doublemeat Palace

Buffy discovers that a fast-food job can be deadly career choice.
Episode 13:

Dead things

An Evil Trio prank turns deadly and they frame it on Buffy.
Episode 14:

Older and far away

Another Buffy birthday makes everyone not want to leave... literally.  Dawn's issues are also brought up in this episode.
Episode 15:

As you were

A blast from the past.  An old friend is back needing the slayer's help to bring down the new big bad.
Episode 16:

Hell's Bells

As Xander and Anya's wedding approached all hell breaks loose with a visitor from the 'future'.
Episode 17:

Normal Again

A demon makes Buffy question her life as the slayer and puts the lives of her friends into danger.
Episode 18:


Xander's tremendous feelings of remorse might not be quite enough to counter Anya's rage over being left at the alter. Buffy reassesses her relationship with Spike.
Episode 19:

Seeing Red

Buffy’s remorse over her relationship with Spike is heightened by her friends’ mixed reactions when they find out about it.
Episode 20:


Buffy is rushed to the hospital and Willow turns to the dark side in a fit of vengeance.
Episode 21:

Two to go (part 1)

One down two to go. Willow has gone to the dark side - fully immersed in the majicks - as she continues to avenge Tara's death ...
Episode 22:

Grave (part two)

One down two to go. Willow has gone to the dark side - fully immersed in the majicks - as she continues to avenge Tara's death ...