Buffy Season 7 Episode Guide


Episode 1:


The re-opening of Sunnydale High School is not without trouble for Buffy as some undead creatures and students are raised, and blame the Slayer for failing to protect them. Dawn and Buffy, together with some of Dawn's new friends join together to defeat the evil.  Meanwhile, Spike and his new soul are seeking solace in the maze-like basement of the new school, and Willow begins her  redemption with Giles in England.
Episode 2:

Beneath You

After her first day as Buffy the Guidance Counsellor, she and the Scooby gang get right back into action investigating a subterranean monster that is wreaking havoc in Sunnydale. Meanwhile, Willow has mixed emotions as she leaves England to return to Sunnydale. 
Episode 3:

Same time, same place

Buffy, Xander and Dawn are unable to find Willow, whose return to Sunnydale is marred by a demon who relishes the skin of his victims. Meanwhile Anya pays the price for undoing the curse on Worm Man and is restricted to only being able to teleport for Vengeance jobs.
Episode 4:


Buffy is working as a counsellor at Sunnydale High when she is approached by a girl who says she only has a week to live.  Is the girl suicidal or psychic?
Episode 4:


Anya grants a wish as a vengeance demon, but can she deal with the consequences?
Episode 6:


Dawn falls head over heels for a Jock at Sunnydale High, and so has Buffy.  Spike and Xander also become roomies.
Episode 7:

Conversations with dead people

Buffy meets up with an old High school buddy, while Willow and Dawn are visited by people they love who have died as the big bad's plan continues.
Episode 8:


Willow and Dawn are slowly recovering from their encounters as Buffy discovers that William the Bloody may be back.
Episode 9:

Never leave me

Spike's chained to a chair, Andrew is being interrogated and Giles is missing! What will Buffy do as the Big Bad finally makes it's presence known?
Episode 10:

Bring on the night

Buffy and the Scooby gang struggle mightily to find a way to destroy the Ubervamp and are relieved when they are joined in the battle.