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Name: Arlene's David Boreanaz Site

Date: 13/06/2002

Info: Great site about David       Boreanaz and Angel, it's a great site and you really should check it out!!!

Name: Buffy 4 Ever

Date: 13/06/2002

Info: All around fun BtVS site, lots to see and do, definately worth checking out!!!   


Date: 15/06/2002

Info: FANTASTIC site, if you haven't visited it go now and do!

Name: Slayers want play

Date: 17/06/2002

Info: This is a great site based mostly around Angel and co. definately worth checking out!!!

Name: The Chosen one and her friends

Date: 17/06/2002

Info: Really awesome BtVS site, has loads of fun things to see and do!

Name: Prophecy Girl

Date: 19/06/2002

Info: Really fab site, if you haven't visited it then go and do!

Name: Break the cycle

Date: 19/06/2002

Info: Funky new site, go see it!!!

Name: Just Imagine

Date: 20/06/2002

Info: Awesome BtVS screen caps site, you really should check it out!

Name: All about BtVS

Date: 23/06/2002

Info: Awesome site!  Check it out!

Name: Buffy Addict

Date: 23/06/2002

Info: Unreal site, a must see!

Name: Darkness to happiness

Date: 27/06/2002

Info: Cute new site, it rocks!

Name: This year's girl

Date: 10/07/2002

Info: Really fab site, definatly worth checking out!

Name: Deadly Sins

Date: 14/12/2002

Info: Great general BtVS site, focuses on how the characters on the show have violated the seven deadly sins.