My First Fic: Just when you think there's nothing left...

Title: Just when you think there's nothing left...
Author: Boyslayer
Rating: I suppose PG-13 or M, it might change...

Content: C/A, the FG, flashbacks, F/G also.
Summary: Ok, this is my response to my own challenge, I finally got the guts to write so here it is! Cordy goes on a journey she least expected to and drags Fred, Gunn and Wes along for the ride.

Spoilers: Anything in season 3 could be in here, BtVS may come up but the scoobies have better things to do than run around LA annoying the FG.

Disclaimer: Well, I would go beg Joss for 'em but I can't be bothered, also I don't want a restraining order on me... SO no, technically not mine, but I can dream right???

Distribution: Nothing fancy has my ok, it's gonna go on my page too but anyone else MUST ask me, k?

Notes: Ok, Cordy, Connor and Angel have been gone for 6 months, the first chapter is angsty but the fic wont be for the main part, it's just how I think they would be if their friends were gone for 6 months. Connor hasn't stuck around, I don't plan to bring him in at the moment as I can't really be bothered, so lets just say he disappeared off the face of the earth like Faith, Dru, Oz and Lindsay. *shrugs*

Feedback: Heya, this is my first attempt at writing a fic, I hope ya'll like it, please give me feedback as I have no idea it it's good or not. The chapters for this will probably be short and spread out as I have school commitments.

And now for the fic...

The hotel these days was as cold and lonely on the inside as it appeared on the outside. A lone force for good which stood solitary amongst the darkness that was often overlooked during the day. With their family gone, the last two were struggling to keep the agency open and were no longer the powerful force that could make the monsters of the underworld tremble, they were alone, and their hope was slowly running out.

"Charles?" Fred called out, only to hear nothing as she looked for her boyfriend.

There was no doubt in her mind, he would be where he always was these days, training. Without the rest of the team Gunn had become solitary again, living only to train and to keep fighting the good fight. The only problem is that the fight was taking him whole. It wasn't that he treated her any different but the sparkle that had been there before was now just a dull roar.

"Heya babygirl" he greeted her as he went to hug her, she fell into his warm embrace, Fred always considered herself the optimist but she was also a realist, it's funny what 5 years in cave can do to you, she thought. Gunn kept hoping that they would come back, that he could protect Fred, that he could do everything, but he couldn't, Gunn had to face facts, they were broke, broken and had to let go.

"Gunn, we have to" she whispered so low that she was surprised that he could actually hear her.

"No, we can stay for about another month, we'll find them, we will, I promise you" she told her desperately, trying to convince himself as well as her.

"No, we can't, it's over, I can't give up on them, but I have to let go of this place, it's killing me, it's killing you, without them we have to let it go" she said, her voice breaking with the strain that the words were causing her as the sobs racked her body.

Gunn looked at the woman he admired for so many reasons, wanted to protect, loved with all of his soul and he came to the realisation that he had been avoiding since their family disappeared more than 6 months ago.

"I know" he whispered as he cupped her cheek and kissed her, the kiss was bittersweet as they were sad, but knew one day that they would find their friends but not now.

As they were about to walk out of the hotel and leave that chapter of their lives behind them they were blinded by a white light, Fred's jaw dropped as strong winds engulfed them both, "Do you think?" she asked her boyfriend, whose eyes were finally re-gaining some of the sparkle that they once had.

As the light dissipated they saw the one person who had the power to make things right, the heart of their family and the one who could make them whole again, and she was currently moaning over the color of her dress.

Cordelia looked up from the ugly white gown and smiled the brightest smile they had seen in a long time, "Hi Guys, miss me?"


Please let me know what you think, this is my first fic; continue it or bin it? Feel free to boo me off the board if it's terrible! Either way if you want more tell me, if you don't then I'l run away and hide my face.