Just when you think there's nothing left (2-3/?)

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Note: This story is not about an apocalypse, I just had to have a reason for them to need to be brought back together... you'll see when you get there...

Chapter 2:

Fred raced towards Cordelia and engulfed her in an emotional hug, her eyes we're teary and she was a mess.

"You were gone, but now your back!" she pulled away and looked into Cordy's eyes "you are aren't you?" worry entered her tone, "I mean you wouldn't just come back and leave again would you? I mean you wouldn't do that, because... you're a champion, like Angel, do you know where he is? We thought you might have wanted to be alone for a while, but 6 months? You do know where he is don't you?" Fred looked up at Cordelia hopefully.

As Gunn observed the scene and he realised that he had never been so happy to see Fred babbling, he only hoped that Cordy was back for good, if she wasn't then it would surely break the last of Fred's fragile spirit.

"I'm back, for good" she replied with a warm smile, before the rest of the statement clicked... "Six months? I've been gone for... SIX MONTHS!" Gunn and Fred watched as her mouth opened and closed several times seemingly unable to form words, finally she yelled "I'm going to kill SKIP!!!".

Fred and Gunn looked at each other, then at Cordy, then back at each other, clearly they had missed some stuff.

Chapter 3:

"So you got summoned by the Powers That Be, they made you a higher being, trained you up, gave you a bunch of new powers, and now you've finished so you're back" Gunn said trying to comprehend what he had just heard.

"And Skip is your demon guide?" asked Fred.

"Basically; I didn't finish the training, they told me that my champion needed me, gave me a cryptic message and sent me back here, did I mention how sick I am of the color white??? And this dress? They don't let me go shopping there!!! I only have a cupboard full of these dresses! And yeah, Skip's my demon guide"

Fred and Gunn had to smile at the Cordy, only she could be sent to work on a higher realm of existence and complain about the lack of clothes.

"So, where's Angel?" she asked only to be met with worried glances,
Gunn could see Fred was struggling to reply so he cut in "We were kinda hoping you could tell us, we haven't seen him or Connor since the night you were going to meet up at Point Dume" he replied softly.

"The destroyer" escaped Cordy's lips in a whisper.

"What?" asked Fred.

"That's part of what they told me; they said that the champion and the destroyer would both be needed in the great battle, that what was done is past and that we must work to resurrect the champion, so that he may unite with the destroyer to prevent the coming apocalypse" Cordy paused to think this over before continuing, "they said that every warrior must go on a journey, this was mine, to walk through the journey of another and to re-unite my family" Cordy looked up at them, "talk about cryptic" she grinned.

"The destroyer, that was the thing that chased the slugs out of Quortoth" Fred said looking worried.

"Are you sure?" asked Gunn, looking at her sympathetically.

"Yeah, when you get possessed by thaumogenisis, luminescent slugs you kinda remember what they tell you" Fred explained.

"But didn't Connor kill the big nasty that came through the porthole?" Asked Gunn, suddenly they all came to the same realisation, "Connor is the destroyer" Cordy said stunned.

A silence fell upon the group before Gunn spoke "so, Connor and Angel are going to re-unite and stop the apocalypse?" he questioned.

"It looks like" replied Cordy, smiling fondly.

"Too bad he isn't here, I bet he'd be real happy to hear that" said Fred sadly.

"It doesn't matter, I'm here to get him back, and that's exactly what I plan to do" replied Cordy as she raised her head with a manor which showed that she was someone to be reckoned with and that nothing was going to get in her way, it was easily confused with the look she got when there was a sale at the mall.

"So, how you gonna do that?" asked Gunn, hoping she had a plan.

"I'm gonna start by getting back my family" she replied, looking Gunn and Fred in the eyes she spoke the next sentence with sheer determination, "we're going to Wesley".


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