Just when you think there's nothing left (6-8/?)

Chapter 6:

Cordelia sighed as she locked her door, as soon as she entered she saw her bag move to the counter from where she dropped it on the floor, a drink find it’s way into her hand and she heard the bath running, she laughed at the ghost’s antics, when she had first come back to get changed Dennis had been ecstatic, although some of it she could have done without because after a while he started to float the furniture around and managed to knock over another one of her crystal animals, oh well, she only had a few left after Angel managed to break one; as she thought of the vampire her smile soon changed to that of a sigh, but it didn’t matter, she was going to get him back she thought, and Cordelia Chase doesn’t think, she knows dammit!

As she got undressed and soaked into her bath Dennis felt her change in moods, something was different about her, besides the ‘new shiny PTB branding iron mark’ as she referred to it, she was different.

Cordy opened her eyes to see a note pad in front of her with the words ‘want to talk about it?’ written on it in Dennis’s handwriting.

“You have no idea how much I missed you Dennis, I mean Skip was ok company but I missed not having you around, you’re like one of the girls” she said smiling.

As a cold rush of wind entered the room she laughed, “I didn’t mean it like that it’s just you try to have a conversation with Warriors on the higher realms, I mean even after I found one who was from earth she was still all ‘focus on the battle-ey’, not really like it is here, you know?” she asked the ghost as she thought of what it was like when her, Angel, Wes, Gunn and Fred worked together to stop the next big bad.

‘How?’ appeared on the notepad.

“It’s hard to describe, but it’s different here, I mean you can still be doing everything to save the world, or a soul, but there’s still more, it’s all the little things, like arguing with Wesley over some stupid musty old book, or laughing at Gunn making a joke about something, listening to crazy old Fred, or just training with the ‘oh so broody one’” she said wistfully as she leant back in the tub.

‘I thought you said he was less broody?’ appeared on the notepad.

“Yeah, he is… was… yeah, but…” she opened her eyes and looked at the notepad in front of her “I just miss him, y’know?”  she asked as she closed her eyed and enjoyed the feel of the hot water on her skin.

Chapter 7:

Cordelia sighed as she tossed and turned, she was physically and emotionally exhausted yet sleep would not come, Dennis tried to help by pulling the comforter up around her more and fluffing her pillows but still sleep eluded her.

After a few minutes she got up and went to the lounge room to watch TV, after about half an hour she decided that the demon population of LA was less horrifying than re-runs of Jerry Springer. She got changed into a pair of low rider jeans and a baggy jumper before grabbing her purse and heading out.

Cordelia arrived at the hotel around three am and started to busy herself in the office, until she realized that they we’re in debt and had no cases.

Later Cordelia found herself up in Angel’s room, as she looked around she sat on the bed.  As her gaze wandered over to the bedside table she picked up a photo resting on it.  As she gazed at it she recalled the day when it had been taken; Angel and Cordy had just saved Fred from the ‘puzzle-head-taking-people’ and they were so tired, Connor was being fussy so she was trying to help Angel get him off to sleep, they were talking about nothing in particular and eventually just fell asleep, must have been Fred who took it she thought; the crazy taco lady was always lurking around somewhere she thought.

Cordelia lay down on Angel’s bed and breathed in, surprisingly it still smelt like him as she snuggled under the covers she found that sleep took her quickly.

Chapter 8:

Cordelia opened her eyes to discover she was out in what appeared to be a meadow, she stood up rubbing her eyes before glaring at a flower, “I swear, if this is all ‘over the rain bow’ I’m gonna freakin’ glow my way outta here”.

“Don’t worry they’re not Poppies, and you’re safe in here” a familiar voice greeted her.

She looked up to see Angel sitting on a rug in the middle of the field, as he stood Cordy ran over to him “Angel!” she squealed as she latched onto him.

“Hey” he greeted her with a wide smile as he hugged her back.  Reluctantly they both let go and he settled back down on the rug motioning for her to sit next to him.

As she sat down Cordy watched him, here he seemed perfectly relaxed, and by the way she thought where the hell are we???

“Just outside of Galway, in Ireland” he replied looking at the landscape stretched out before them.

“It’s beautiful” she replied as she watched the emotion played across his timeless face.

“I used to come here, when I was human, with my sister, sometimes mother, we would have picnics here” he said as a wistful look crossed his face.

“Sounds nice” she replied, watching as a plate of scones and other assorted foods appeared on the table.

“How?” she asked looking at him confused.

“I think you already know” he replied with a smile taking a scone.

“Am I dreaming?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I’ve been trying for a while” at her confused look he continued “to contact you, but I couldn’t feel you” he replied looking at her.

“I was gone, but now I’m back” she replied smiling at him.

“I know” he replied with a smile

“Mmmmm” she replied taking a bite of a scone, “Mish itz goophd” she replied with a mouthful of food, as he gave her a curious look she repeated the phrase after swallowing “this is good” she said with a small smile.

“I know, I miss food” he paused “and you” he said looking up at her with a small smile.

“I miss you too, I’m gonna have you back in no time though broody” she said as she smiled at him.

“I know, I wouldn’t have it any other way” he replied as he brushed a piece of hair out of her eyes.

Cordelia looked into his deep brown eyes, slowly their heads moved closer together, as she closed her eyes her lips parted…


Suddenly they jumped back, Angel glanced overhead as a the sky changed into the image of a table.

“What’s happening?” asked Cordy as she looked up.

“I can’t hold it anymore, the dreams ending” he looked into her eyes.

“What happened? Where are you?” she asked him.

“I’m not sure, I remembered but now I can’t, it’d getting fuzzy” he replied, his forehead scrunching up with confusion.

“It’s ok, I’ll find you, I promise, I told you I’d be with you till you shanshued, so you’d better face it mister, you’re stuck with me” she replied looking at him, mischief twinkling in her eyes.

“How terrible” he said softly in mock horror.

“Hey! Listen buster, do you wanna be rescued or not?!” she said glaring playfully.


Angel looked up, “You have to go, just remember, our paths are linked, you’ll solve it eventually, you just need to find the right tune to set you on it”.

And with that Cordy found herself sitting up in Angel’s bed panting, “Angel?” she asked softly, as she looked around she saw that she glowing white, as she calmed herself she looked over to see Gunn, Fred and Wesley looking at her in awe.

“What?” she asked defensively, “so maybe I still have to work out the kinks with the new demon-y goodness, ok?” she replied trying to save face.

“Are you ok?” asked Fred as she timidly stepped forward, concern written all over her delicate features.

“Fine, but we need to head into research mode guys” she replied as she got up out of bed and started to head out the door.

As they followed, “Why?” asked Gunn as they followed behind.

“Because I just saw Angel” she replied.

“What?!!!” they all asked at once taken aback.


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