Just when you think there's nothing left (9-10/?)

Chapter 9:

“What you’re saying is impossible, I mean it was just a dream, right?” Gunn questioned to nobody in particular.

“It was him, I know it, I felt him” answered Cordy as she paced.

“I think Gunn’s right” Fred answered casing the group to look up at her, taken aback, “I mean, what if it was just a dream?” she continued.

“It was him, he needs me to save him…” came the reply, “it was him” she continued her voice gaining strength.

The group paused for a few moments before a soft voice answered the question none of them had been willing to ask, “it’s possible” Wesley replied as his brow knitted in confusion.

“What?” Cordy asked as she turned to him, hope written all over her features.

“As vampire’s get older their abilities grow stronger; Vampires are able to build connections with their childer, sires and even grandsires, it’s how they are able to find each other in crowded places quickly, as they age they are able to control the connections better and form them with almost anything or anyone they desire” he replied as he continued to think.

“That still doesn’t explain how Angel’s guest staring in Cordy’s dreams” replied Gunn.

“Well, as I was saying, these abilities develop as a vampire ages, dream control is a very advanced ability, and for Angel to be able to manage it he must have pulled Cordy into his mind, did he say anything about the dream?” he asked.

“He said he was holding it, the dream, we were in a place he went to with his family… when he was human” she replied with a wistful look.

Fred smiled as she watched Cordy’s expression and whispered “Kye-rumption” to Gunn who only grinned at her.

“Well, that makes sense, as much of any of this does, there has been no record of Angel, or Angelus for that matter having these abilities though” he stated.

“What about Drusilla?” asked Fred.

“Im sorry?” asked Wesley looking up at her.

“It was in the files, Angel’s childe, Drusilla, it says she has those abilities…” Fred said, “…so you’re thinkin’ it’s a family trait” replied Gunn as he smiled down at Fred.

“Of course!” Wesley replied, as he started pulling out books from the shelves, flicking through the pages.

“What?!” asked Cordy watching the ex-watcher thumbing he way through the musty old books.

Wesley looked up at Cordy as he replied “The Order of Aurelius”.

“The who-dies of what-ie???” replied a very confused seer.

“In the old days, just as the plague of humanity had washed over the earth the Master set up the Order of Aurelius, it’s goal was to re-open the hell mouth and to await the return of the old ones; full blooded vampires” at the confused looks he continued, “The demons we see now aren’t full demons, they are tainted if you will by humanity, vampire’s are the same” he replied.

“Like Angel’s Pylea self?” asked Cordy as she peered over Wesley’s shoulder at the book.

“Precisely” he replied.

“So?” replied Gunn, his voice coming out harsher than expected.

“So” Wesley started in a similar tone if voice as he scanned through the book, “Angel descends from these Vampire’s, the Master himself was sired by a full blood vampire, he sired Darla and she sired Angel” Wesley explained.

“So Angel might have some serious Vampire mojo going on that he didn’t tell us about?” asked Gunn.

“By the way things look I would say yes” replied Wesley as he slammed the book shut.

“Loren!!!” Cordy yelled.

“Huh?” asked Gunn as he looked up at Cordy.

“Angel, he told me to find the tune!” she replied, as the rest of the group stared at her oddly she continued, “in the dream, Angel said something, he said that our paths were linked and I just needed to find the right tune, or something…” she continued.

“Oh” replied Gunn and Fred in unison.

“Well, we can do that!” continued Fred as she grabbed her purse.

“We can? He left for Vegas last thing I heard… although that was six months and a missing vampire and son ago” Cordy replied as she followed Fred to the door.

“He got back a while ago, something about it not being his scene and that the fluorescent lights were ruining his complexion” replied Fred as they all followed her out to the car.

Chapter 10:

They entered the Karaoke bar to the obnoxious sound of Britney Spears’ “Overprotected” being belted out by a particularly nasty looking Ethros demon.

As they wandered through the security system, obviously a new addition since the last episode they found a very stressed looking Loren emptying a Seabreeze.

“Hey Loren” chirped Cordy as wandered into the demon’s line of sight.

“Pixie cat! Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!” he replied as he engulfed her in a tight hug.

“I know, I’ve kinda been AWOL for a while huh!” she replied they pulled out of the hug.

Loren looked at her for a few moments before asking the obvious question “still nothing from Angelcakes huh princess”.

“We still don’t know where he is” replied Fred as she looked down at her feet nervously.

“We might have a lead though”, Wesley added in.

“Angel might have crept into Barbie’s dreams”, replied Gunn as he wrapped his arm around Fred’s waist trying to comfort her.

“So any chance you might be able to fit me in?” asked Cordy as she looked at Loren hopefully.

“You know I’d do anything for you and Angelcakes” replied Loren as he handed her a song list.

“Thanks” replied Cordy as she smiled sadly at him before looking through the list of songs.

After a painful remediation of The Red Hot Chillie Peppers ‘Roller coater’ it was Cordy’s turn on stage.

As she sat there alone on stage she looked down and as the song started, when it came time for her to sing she held her head up high, her eyes glistening with unshed tears as she opened her mouth to sing.

“Don't be confused by my apparent lack of ceremony, 

my mind is clear.”


”I may be low or miles high off in the distance, 

I want you near,

I  love you,

Even when I'm sleeping.

When I close my eyes you're everywhere,”


As she paused awaiting the next line her eyes were a mix of pain and love that she had for the ensouled vampire.

”And if they take me flying on the magic carpet, 

see me wave.

If our communication fails I'll reconnect it, 

I want to rave.”


As Cordy sang the last lines of the verse Loren swore even if he didn’t have the ability to read aura’s he would have been able to feel her pain for the missing champion anyway.

”I love you”


Cordy sang again, her voice wavering with burdened emotion as she continued on.

”Even when I'm sleeping,

when i close my eyes you're everywhere”


“No matter where the road is leading us remember don't be afraid.

we have a continent that sometimes comes between us, that's ok.”


Cordy held a level gaze with the room even though tears threatened her unshed tears threatened to spill she continued with the same sad smile and though of how she would get Angel back, getting him back was the only way this could end, even if it took her forever she was going to get her best friend and the man she loved back.

”I love you

Even when I'm sleeping.

When I close my eyes you're everywhere.”


Tears ran down Fred’s cheeks as she listened to Cordy putting her very heart and soul into the song, as Wesley watched Gunn put his arm around Fred he realized something; Fred was right Cordy was the heart of their dysfunctional little family, and the heart was breaking.


“When I close my eyes you're everywhere.


Oh, don't be afraid, don't be afraid


Oh, don't be afraid, don't be afraid


Oh, don't be afraid, don't be afraid”


Cordy sang the last words of the song in almost a whisper as the tears finally escaped her eyes and ran down her cheeks.


As Cordy finished the song she stood up to receive whistles, cheers and alike, wiping the tears from her eyes she sadly smiled her thanks and descended the stairs.

As she headed back the table Loren got up and handed her his handkerchief and followed her back to the table, his hand on the small of her back, when she got there Wesley pulled out her chair, she bit back the several smart assed remarks that went through her head and simply smiled her thanks.

“Oh come on, I wasn’t that bad was I?” she asked as she saw Freds tears and as she looked over to Wes she saw that he wasn’t much better “Oh not you too?!” she teased as she looked at him.

Wesley muttered something about allergies as she grinned at him, her face soon grew serious as she turned to Loren, “So, what do I do?” she asked her green friend.

“It’s him, he’s pulled you into a dream, I can tell, there are little pieces of his aura in you” he replied looking at her.

At Gunn’s raised eyebrow Cordy rolled her eyes and waited for the host to continue.

“Wherever he is the news isn’t good, his aura was dark, Angelcakes isn’t in a good place emotionally or physically at the moment” Loren told them.

“When you say dark…” Wesley started but was cut off by Loren’s glare, the flamboyant demon was obviously still bearing a grudge towards him.

“Brooding, depressed, angry, hurt, confused… not evil or beige but still not a happy little camper” replied Loren.

“So what can I do?” asked Cordy, looking hopefully into the host’s eyes.

“Not a lot at the moment princess” at her depressed look he continued, “you have to wait until he contacts you again, which means you both have to be asleep at the same time again, since you two are deeply connected you should be able to follow that connection, and hopefully that will induce a vision” replied Loren.

“Ok, the vision thing I can do, but how do I stay asleep long enough for him to contact me? How do I know if he will?” she asked, her worry present in her voice.

Loren took her hand, “I don’t know about the sleep thing, that’s your problem, but I do know that he will contact you again” replied the host smiling warmly at her.

“How do you know? Did you see it?” she asked.

“No, I just know him, and you, you’ll see soon enough” he replied cryptically before leaving the group to their thoughts.