Girl Talk- part 10 of Pain and Friendship saga.
Author: Fayth moonwitch@werewolf
Author’s notes: This is an interlude to Closure which I broke into two parts.
This can be included or not but I think it needed to be said- plus its cute.

“They’re called Kailiff demons. K-A-I-L-I-F-F. The informant said there were six
or seven of them.”
“So we are gonna need a full team.” Xander broke in “Is Spike at full strength?”
“Why wouldn’t he be?” Buffy asked suspiciously. Willow glared at a sheepish
Xander who had momentarily forgotten that Buffy had no idea of Spike’s attack or
friendship with Willow.
“I ate some bad blood!” Spike volunteered as he emerged from the back where he’d
come through the sewer entrance. “Didn’t know you cared, slutty!”
“I don’t.” Buffy hurried to add “But we need all the muscle we have- no matter
how annoying and unwelcome the creature its attached too!”
Spike sat next to Xander kicking him in the shin in the process. The magic box
had a slow but steady stream of customers which kept Giles and Anya busy and
unable to contribute to research. That left Xander in the easy chair with Spike
next to him, feet under the table and an attitude a mile wide. Willow and Buffy
sat across the other side of the research table, willow engaged in research and
Buffy staring at Willow - a past time often shared by Spike.
To amuse himself Xander watched as Spike watched Willow with an expression which
read please-walk-all-over-me it was sappy and kinda sweet! And Will was totally
oblivious to his emotions and attentions.
Buffy suddenly elbowed Willow “What about him?” 
“Him who, what?” Willow’s attention was ripped form the page she was reading and
she felt a little disorientated. Buffy was peering at her. 
“Him!” she pointed to a guy looking at candles in the corner
“He doesn’t look like a demon.” She was puzzled until Buffy’s exasperated glance
clued her in “Oh as boyfriend? Um- he’s too short”
“So he has to be tall?”
“Yeah, not Riley tall but you know taller than me, so I would fit under his chin
if we were hugging.” Willow blushed at the admission but Buffy nodded knowingly
“Hugging tallness- gotcha. Good idea.”
Willow settled back in her chair and cast a look at Spike from under her lashes
>At least he’s engrossed in his book, please don’t let him hear this. Not that
he would want to but it seems to make him cranky. I wish he did care but who am
I kidding he is my perfect guy!< She realised she was babbling in her head and
promptly shut up.
>Tall but not too tall?< Spike thought >I’m not tall, perfect height me and she
fits just under my chin- like last night. I’m just the right height for her!< he
leant back in his chair and put both feet on the table stretching out as if to
say “look I’m tall!” it was completely subconscious- almost. Xander snickered.
“Him?” Buffy nudged Willow again pointing to someone in the corner.
“Um.” Willow looked him up and down “He’s okay I guess but a little too
“I would never figured you for a muscles girl.” Buffy said openly
“Don’t get me wrong I don’t want Rambo, I like hidden strength but you can tell
it’s there. Like Patrick Swayze or Hugh Jackman.”
“Mmm Hugh Jackman is a total hottie.” Drooled Buffy
“Oh yeah, perfect washboard stomach and strong arms without being a beefcake”
Willow agreed 
“I get it, a lean guy.” Buffy understood “Angel was like that, a little bit too
broad.” She held out her arms to illustrate “He had shoulders  you could grip
on- of course so does Riley.” She amended hurriedly
“Angel was nice.” Willow grinned “ He was cute without being too cute, you
“I know.” Buffy said readily “He had this edge, he was lean and cute without
being too obvious.”
“Plus he looked so sexy without a shirt on.” Willow’s expression was impish
Buffy’s eyes glazed as she remembered. > But he is no where as sexy as Spike!< 
Spike was unaware of Willow’s internal complement and was biting back a growl at
their comments, he turned the page of his book savagely and Xander snorted aloud
at his expression. > Bloody poof, not even here and he still manages to ruin my
life and steal my women.<
“You’d be great for Angel!” Buffy said causing three pairs of eyes to stare
incredulously at her.
“Who me?” Willow was amazed “ But you and Angel with the forbidden love thing-
Buffy took a breath “After what I feel for Riley I’m not sure it was soulmates,
he was my first and it was intense and yeah forbidden but it couldn’t last and
we could never be together and it is better that way. Besides he deserves
someone as good as you.”
No he bloody well doesn’t!<  Spike’s eyes began to glow yellow and Xander hoped
the girls quit this topic soon before Spike erupted or he went into hysterics.
Willow hugged Buffy overcome with emotion at her friends sentiment and mentally
apologised for all the nasty thoughts she had for her friend. “Aw Buffy thanks.
But I’m not sure me and Angel would work. I couldn’t handle that much brooding!”
Buffy laughed which covered Spike’s sigh of relief
“Tell me about it!” she tittered “So back to you we need to find a tall, lean,
not too cute, non-brooding guy with an edge who looks yummy without a shirt.”
Buffy summarised
>Me!< yelled Spike internally
Willow was actually enjoying this, it was like old times when they’d stayed up
till all hours doing each others nails and talking about boys. She suddenly felt
a pang of miss-age for her best friend.
“I love you Buffy.” She said and Buffy smiled
“Love ya too Wills but don’t change the subject. How about that guy?” it took
everything Spike had not to look up at the intended target.
“No way am I ever going to date a redhead again.” Willow supplied vehemently
“I have it. Riley has this totally hot friend called Graham, he is so fine and a
little on the muscley side but he gets what goes bump in the night and that is a
bonus. He would be so perfect for you. I can’t believe I didn’t think of him
straight away I am so mentally challenged!”
>Seconded!< thought Spike as he viciously turned the page >Just what we need
another sodding soldier boy!< Spike’s expression of rage was too much for Xander
who had to leave the room before he spontaneously combusted form mirth.
Willow motioned Buffy to join her at the front of the book shelf furthest away
from Spike. This was out of his hearing- or so she thought.
“I’m not sure about this Buffy. Since Oz I kinda made up this whole fantasy guy
thing and that’s what I want.”
“Oh do tell!” Buffy enthused “All the juicy details.” Willow bit her lip and
“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” Spike gave up all pretence of reading and
leaned closer, straining his Vampire hearing to catch her words.
“Cross my heart and Stake me.” Buffy recited the slayer oath
“Ok, my ideal guy has to look sexy in denim jeans, a tight black T-shirt and
leather jacket.”
“Oh yeah!” Buffy agreed wholeheartedly
“He has to be able to sing and play an instrument- preferably guitar. I like my
guys to like music and of course being serenaded is sexy.” 
“If the guy can sing!” Buffy shuddered recalling an ex- boyfriend who had
attempted to serenade her and slaughtered her favourite love song until the
neighbours called the police to get rid of him. She cringed whenever she heard
the song.
“He buys me flowers and cooks for me, he is interested in everything I do, this
time I want to be romanced. He loves me- for me and would rather die than ever
cheat on me.” She touched her heart recalling how it felt to be cheated on, her
face turned wistful. 
“Yeah.” Buffy said softly
“He also has to look sexy in leather and um...” she blushed and whispered “He
has a motorcycle.”
“A motorbike?” Buffy gaped “Willow!”
“I guess I have a bad-boy fetish.” She admitted biting her lip in consternation
“ But just imagine Buffy, a tall leather clad guy on a big black motorbike in
the pouring rain, racing down dark country lanes with you on the back, legs
wrapped around him and then pulling into a deserted lane and-“
“Sold!” Buffy whimpered and then grinned “Ill ask Riley if Graham has a bike,”
she thought for a second “And if he can borrow it!”
Willow chuckled as they returned to the table.
Spike stared in stunned amazement at his open book. >Sweet little Willow wants 
a lean, mean, bad boy? Oh that is so very do-able.< An evil sexy-as-sin grin
that would have melted Willow graced his lips >I’ll see what I can do about
that. Willow is about to be well and truly romanced , after all if my dreams can
come true I’m sure Red’s fantasy’s have a chance!<