Part 13 of Pain and Friendship saga. Reconciliation and Revelation.
Authors notes: This is so unbelievably Corny I simply refuse to believe that it
came form me. I nearly went into a diabetic coma writing it. Yuch!

By the time Spike woke up, Willow had gone. Normally in between classes she
would come home to collect books or just hang out with Spike. But today, she was
conspicuously absent. Spike prowled around the house muttering and cursing
himself, calling himself all kinds of fool for scaring her away. He needed a
spot of violence to take away his edge.

Willow wandered from class to class in a daze, even Buffy was shocked out of her
egotistical stupor to question her friend.
“Yeah sure.“ Just trying to work through my feelings for a certain blonde
“C’mon Will share.“ Buffy could be like a pit bull when she got hold of
“I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.“
“I thought the perky pain- in- the -ass was AWOL this morning.“ Buffy said
“AWOL?“ Willow was amused “I think that military speak comes courtesy of a
certain Mr Finn?“ She deftly deflected the subject to Buffy’s favourite topic.
“I know.“ Buffy smirked “ There’s just something about all that military speak
that gets me hot. You know ten-four, AWOL, Roger, over and out.“ She paused
“Does that make me sick?“
Willow shook her head glad to focus on someone else’s problems for a change.
“Wanna get a Mocha and tell me about it?“   She really couldn’t face going home
just yet, even though she knew she couldn’t put it off forever.
“Sure we’ve planned to go out tonight otherwise I’d join you at Karaoke night.“
she  said regretful
“That’s OK Buff. Anya, Xand and me will have fun mocking the talent-less
denizens of Sunnydale all by ourselves.“
Buffy considered “Maybe me and Ri could stop by after we’re done - celebrating.“
Willow tittered “Is that what you kids are calling these days- celebrating?“

“So What’s up?“ Xander asked as he stepped through the door
Spike was the picture of misery as he sat on the brand new couch his head in his
hands “Dunno mate- everything was going so well. The cooking, the clothes, the
bike and flowers.“ He stared at his hands unused to confiding in anyone that
wasn’t Willow and marvelling that he and the Moron were actually friends. “We
almost kissed last night until Slutty the sodding Vampire layer phoned and put a
bloody spanner in the works. Now Red hasn’t been back all day.“
Xander took pity on the poor dejected Vampire. He didn’t have many male friends
and so this bizarre friendship with Spike was something he wanted to keep, they
got on because of mutual appreciation for wrestling, games and of course Willow.
After a while they had found that their fighting had lost some of its vicious
barbs and had become more manly banter.
“Geez Spike, stop brooding- you’ll get like Angel.“ Oh and mutual hatred of the
Poofed wonder. Spike’s head snapped up and he pinned Xander with a glare.
“I am not like Peaches!“ he growled menacingly
“Then quit acting like it.“ Xander glared back “That’s an Angel thing, moaning
about -oh does she love me wah wah my tortured self all broody and with the
gel.“ He gestured to his hair “Now Spike he ties them up and DOES something
about it!“ 
Xander’s words had the desired effect and tore a reluctant grin form Spike.
“Quick to the Angelmobile.“ He replied causing Xander to snort “All right so I’m
not the Nancy boy.“
“Plus you know Wills likes you, she’s just nervous about being hurt again.“
“Right.“ Spike felt better “I don’t want to scare the chit off, she’s special.“
He murmured ducking his head in embarrassment until he recalled that a) this was
Xander and b) Master Vampires did not get embarrassed.
Xander had a brain wave “Hey why don’t you come with us tonight.“
“Do what?“
“Come with us Slut… Buffy won’t be there so you can come and hang out with us.
Me, An and Willow.“
Spike was dubious “I don’t know.“
Xander was insistent “We’ll mock the singers and drink and do some dancing.“ he
saw Spike wavering  “Of course if you don’t go Willow will end up dancing with
some drunk frat boy with his octopus hands all over her.“ He played his trump
card and was rewarded by the clenching of Spike’s jaw
“I’ll be there.“
“Great.“ Xander grinned “Wanna play some wrestling?“

Willow came home after her last class of the door. She was nervous about how to
act around Spike after last night. She opened the door and breathed a sigh of
relief as she didn’t see him. She took two steps into the house and was grabbed
from behind. Before she had time to catch a breath to scream a cool hand was
clasped over her mouth cutting off any chance of signalling for help.
“Think I’d let you get away with ignoring me all day long, pet?“ a very familiar
voice hissed in her ear “That’s not how this works.“ 
The strong arm that was tight around her shoulders slowly loosened and began to
drift down her arm stroking her soft skin and making her shiver before snaking
around her waist. He flexed his fingers and began to tickle her exposed side.
Willow squirmed against him trying not to laugh, but when he removed his other
hand from her mouth to join it’s mate at her waist, she gave up.
“Spike, stop…it.“ She giggled and turned to face him. This was a mistake as it
gave him full access to all her ticklish spots: her neck, her ears, her ribs and
legs. He was merciless and soon had her on the floor in hysterics with him
straddling her.
“Stop… don’t… Spi-ike!“ she managed mid-gasps for air as she attempted to
breathe between giggles. His eyes danced in mischief and he laughed along with
“Say- I’ll never ignore you again Spike.“ He instructed teasingly
“I’ll never ignore you again Spike.“ She squirmed trying to dodge his clever
“Say- you are The Boss of this house Spike.“ He continued
“I am the Boss of this house.“ She sassed until he stroked her sides with his
long fingers “OK…OK … Spike is Boss of this house and Master Vampire and all
round Big Bad scary guy.“
“Well done pet. Now say we will always be friends no matter what.“ She stopped
writhing and stared up into his eyes as the tone of  his voice surprised her. He
was deadly serious, all mischief missing from his deep blue eyes.
“Of course.“ She said sincerely “Always and always, promise we’ll always be
friends Spike.“
For a second his eyes clouded over as if he were deeply troubled about something
but it was over so fast she thought she had imagined it.
He got up off her and held out his hand for her, she took it and jumped to her
“Jerk.“ She said and swatted his chest
“Yeah but you love it, sweets.“ He joked “Now get your cute ass upstairs and get
changed, we’re meeting Chubs and the demon-girl at seven.“
“We?“ She asked surprised “You too?“
“To coin a proper Sunnydale phrase- Doh!“ he paused “Unless you don’t want me to
“Of course I do dumb-ass.“
“Well?“ he gestured to the stairs “Unless you need some help changing.“ He
leered and reached for her top.;
“Going!“ she sputtered and raced up the stairs.

The Bronze was full to the rafters as Willow and Spike weaved their way through
the crowds. The promise of Karaoke embarrassment had ensured the management a
full house, even the popular element of Sunnydale had emerged to partake in the
Luckily Xander and Anya had arrived early to secure seats near the stage and
motioned Willow and Spike to their vacant seats.
“Hey Guys, Wills nice outfit.“ Xander enthused earning twin glares from Spike
and Anya. “Looking good.“
Spike agreed, Willow had worn a short cherry red mini skirt and matching strappy
top with a sheer black shirt over the top. She looked cute and alluring at the
same time. Spike had nearly demanded that she put some proper clothes on because
no man was going to ogle *his* Woman. Fortunately he knew what kind of reaction
that would elicit from Willow and had wisely kept his mouth shut and his
opinions to himself. He settled for glaring murderously at any guy who even
dared look at her.
“How’s the music so far?“ Willow slipped into her seat
“Some is really dire but some actually just sucks.“ Anya said sipping her drink
“Thirsty, pet?“ Spike offered
“Sure I’ll have a coke.“
Spike looked disappointed “Nothing stronger?“
“Are you trying to get me drunk mister?“ She mocked offended
“And you’re what, shocked and outraged? Evil remember.“ She matched his amused
“In that case make it a double Vodka and coke, oh Evil one!“ He got up and went
to the bar
“So Will’s, how is everything going with you and Blondie?“
“Perfect.“ She lamented “Perfectly platonic friends.“
“You know if I had my powers I would curse him for you.“ Anya offered “Men who
don’t make the first move should be forced to walk backwards for all eternity.“
Xander looked at his girlfriend in fascinated horror “I will never piss you
off.“ He moved to kiss her.
Willow smiled sadly as they embraced “I don’t want him cursed. I just…“
“Want him?“ finished Anya with a look of understanding
“Ugh, I am so pathetic I find myself identifying with Disney songs!“ Willow
added frustrated.
“What was that?“ Spike said from behind her and Willow froze.
Xander looked over to the crowded bar “That was fast.“
Spike handed a red-faced Willow her drink “Surprising how fast people move when
you flash them a little-“ Spike showed his fangs “So what was that about Disney
“We were just discussing our favourite Disney songs.“ Xander lied smoothly “I’m
torn between Hakuna Matata and the Jungle book monkey song I wanna be like
you-ou-ou.“ He finished with a grin
“I like Be our Guest, with the talking Candlestick. He was very realistic.“ Anya
grinned widely “I actually turned a man into a Candlestick once, he used to take
his wives favourite candlestick to see his Mistress at night so his wife cursed
him to be the Candlestick so she could set him on fire every night. Very
creative she was too.“
The three other occupants stared into space blankly for a moment.
“That’s ruined that movie for me.“ Willow shuddered
“I like that Tarzan one, You’ll be in my heart.“
“I don’t remember that one.“ Anya frowned “How does it go?“
Spike hesitated for a second before singing softly the words “Come stop your
crying it will be all right. Just take my hand and hold it tight, I will protect
you from all around you I will be here don’t you cry.“ As much as he liked the
humans he still wasn’t comfortable appearing vulnerable in front of them- even
just singing. Which is why he was relieved when they accepted it.
“Why Spike, you have a gorgeous voice. Maybe you should do that on stage.“ Anya
suggested with a smile
“Maybe.“ he said and locked eyes with Willow “What?“
“I would’ve figured you for one of the Villains songs, like Scar’s Matter of
Pride or Oh… Hades bit.“
“Hmm, what about you, love?“
“I won’t say I’m in love from Hercules.“ She blushed “Or the Seawitch’s Poor
unfortunate souls.“
“What about Cruella DeVille?“ Anya asked 
“She’s out with Riley.“ Willow quipped
“Willow!“ Spike laughed out loud “That was evil- I’m so proud.“
“Oh thanks but now I feel guilty, I love Buffy.“ Willow added hurriedly
“Ohh can I watch?“ said Xander earning a slap from both Willow and Anya and a
death glare from Spike. They sat back to watch the talent-less perform.

Xander wiped the tears from his eyes and tried to sit up. “That was the funniest
thing I have ever seen and I’ve hung around with Angel.“
Spike had to agree “Me too, that was just beyond bad. Did she really think she
could sing. I could hear dogs howling outside.“
“She wasn’t That bad.“ Willow said doubtfully. “Credit for trying.“
“Oh c’mon Willow, she was worse than Cordelia at our talent show.“
“And we were so much better.“ Willow shuddered remembering the humiliation that
had been the Talent show.
“Gotta agree with Chubs. She was bad, pet. Man U supporters on the bottle whack
out a better tune than that.“
“OK then Mr Critic- you go and show ‘em how its done.“ Willow challenged Spike
The look he gave her confused the hell out of her “Fine.“ he said softly looking
deeply into her eyes.
He got up and made his way to the stage. He whispered something to the announcer
and selected his song. They walked onto the stage together and the announcer
handed Spike the microphone.
“Ladies this is your Lucky night. Here’s Spike with a song dedicated to a
special Lady in his life. Willow this is especially for you.“
Willow gaped and blushed scarlet as the announcer left the stage and the
spotlight hit on Spike’s pale skin making him seem more ephemeral than usual.
The music started and Spike stared at Willow holding her captive with his
piercing blue eyes as he softly crooned into the microphone.

Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more
Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you 

People in the audience swayed to the music and watched the blonde and the red
head stare at each other transfixed like there was no one else in the room.

Look into my heart - you will find
There's nothin' there to hide
Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all - I would sacrifice 
Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
Ya know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Like Magic Willow was hit with a barrage of images. Spike cooking for her,
laughing at her jokes, watching T.V with Spike, Spike carrying her, holding her.
Spike holding the red roses- face contrite and full of… Love? Oh my God Spike
was in love with her!
Spike saw the realisation dawn in her face and his unbeating heart leapt.

There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way 

Spike walked off the stage still purring into the microphone

Oh - you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more

The crowds parted with delightful sighs at the romantic scene unfolding in the
Bronze as he came to stand in front of Willow.

I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - ya I'd die for you 

He held out his hand and she took it, standing up to be face to face with him.
Her own heart thundered in her chest.

Ya know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you 

As Willow stood up Spike leant down and crushed his lips to hers. The audience
surrounding them erupted into applause. But neither acknowledged the accolades
and someone was forced to rescue the microphone before it was crushed between
the two bodies.
Willow was only aware of Spike’s lips on hers, she opened her mouth slightly to
suck in air and felt Spike’s tongue enter her mouth and deepen the kiss. His
hands rested one on the small of back and one at her neck caressing her nape.
Her fingers reached up and curled themselves in his shirt pulling him even
closer. She moaned into his mouth as he nipped at her lips with his dull teeth,
He tasted her lips and mouth delighting in the taste of Willow before drawing
back so she could snatch breathe.
Loathe to break contact he rested their foreheads  together.
“Oh yes perfectly platonic.“ Anya smirked
Willow turned blushing wildly to her friends. “Umm.“ She was unable to form a
coherent statement which delighted Spike. Xander grinned knowingly
“Take her home.“
“I intend to mate.“ Spike laced Willow’s fingers with his own and pulled her
away from the table and towards the exit and out of the club.
“There go two very happy people.“ Xander smiled sweetly at his girlfriend
“Off to have lots of Orgasms.“ Anya chirped
 Xander looked her up and down “Speaking of which…“ in like mind they both got
up and let their table be occupied by someone else.
As they reached the door to the Bronze they bumped into Buffy and Riley.
“Hey guys, what did I miss?“ Buffy asked
Once again showing perfectly that Xander and Anya were indeed made for each
other they smiled and replied
“Nothing at all.“