Part 14 of Pain and friendship
Author: Fayth
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Summary: All the good stuff
Rating: NC-17 or whatever, I don’t really get the system. If you are old enough
to watch Buffy you are old enough to read this.
Disclaimer: Not mine- I am officially broke.

Willow had no idea how she’d gotten home. Her brain seemed fixated on the
feelings of  Spike’s hand on hers, his long cool fingers and the promise they
held for the night ahead.
She was dimly aware that they reached the front door and Spike had somehow
managed to open it with hands that trembled more than she had ever known
possible and suddenly they were in his bedroom and he pushed her against the door
ravaging her mouth as he fumbled for the light.
This was the first time she had stepped foot in Spike’s room since he had moved
in and she wasn’t disappointed. Her fantasy’s had been almost psychically
He had black silk sheets on a double bed with an ornate metal headboard-where
that had come from she had no idea and as his hands slipped under her shirt, she
didn’t much care either. He had painted the walls a deep red  and the thick
black drapes covered the windows preventing any light from entering from
outsides. From insides a large lamp with blood red coverings cast dark shadows
into the room, it was a perfect room for a Master Vampire and his witch.
Spike rained kisses down her neck as she tilted her head back, he traced her
collarbone with his tongue and gently nipped her throat with his dull teeth. He
could feel her heartbeat speed up at this and felt a small wave of uneasiness. 
“Love, we don’t have to do this.“ He sent up a silent prayer to Gods he no
longer believed in
“If you stop now, I will personally remove your entrails.“ she whispered sweetly
but a shadow passed over her eyes “Unless you don’t want-“
He swept her into his arms and cut off her statement with his tongue in her
“Oh I want. I really want.“ He urged as he let her catch her breath.
Keeping his eyes on hers he slid her shirt off her shoulders and let it pool on
the floor as he stared at the Goddess in front of him.
“Perfect.“ He breathed and Willow’s face split with a grin at his tone.  He lay
her gently onto the bed and removed her shoes and mini skirt until she was lying
in front of him dressed only in her black bra and panties.
He stood back and stared at the vision in front of him, he wanted to commit this
scene to memory forever, so that every day he could take it out and replay it
over and over and -
“Spike?“ Willow pouted “Did you forget about me“ She rose to her knees and
reached for his T -shirt “You, Mister are wearing too many clothes.“ She said
impishly and pulled it off. Now it was her turn to stare at the large expanse of
pale flesh revealed.
“Wow.“ She ran her warm hands over it causing Spike to suck in unneeded air.
Quickly he shucked off his jeans and stood, naked in front of his Goddess.
Her eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat. Beautiful.
[NC-17 FANFIC FROM NOW ON PPL!!!!! If you're too young, go away now!]]

Spike pushed her back on the bed and kneeled over her, his teeth pulling at her
Bra straps. He pulled down one and then the other until her breasts were bare to
his eyes… and mouth.
Willow’s whole bodied trembled at the feel of Spikes mouth and tongue working
his magic on her body, she felt a sharp build up of tension low down. She
couldn’t concentrate as he moved from each breast to her collar bone, her
shoulders, her stomach, spending particular attention to her belly button before
moving lower, right to the centre of tension. Her underwear was ripped off in a
hurry as he reached the treasure.
She bucked as his cold tongue touched her-there. It was magic, it was fantastic,
it was everything she’d ever dreamed of and more. Her world spun in dizzying
circles until the pressure became too much and it exploded. She tried to catch
her breath but Spike had begun the sweet torture again and as she climbed the
heights to her second explosion she keened his name.
Her hands tight in his hair and his name on her lips was nearly his undoing. Her
scent surrounded him and he was drunk on her. He purred and the rumble sent a
sensation through his mouth and into her causing her to scream his name in
She lost count of the amount of times he pleasured her and now all she wanted
was for him to be inside her, for him to enjoy this as much as she was.
“Spike please.“ she whispered hoarsely and he looked up from between her legs.
Her eyes were glazed and dark with desire. She had never looked more beautiful. 
 He pushed himself up the bed and kissed her deeply.
She tasted herself within his mouth along with the unique taste of Spike and dug
her fingernails into his back.
Her hands traced down his skin and began stroking him. Spike shuddered with
physical tension before removing her hand and positioning himself at her
He slid gently in until he felt her barrier. Then he kissed her forcing his
tongue into her mouth to swallow the gasp of pain as he thrust into her breaking
He pulled his mouth away and stared into her eyes waiting until she had adjusted
to him. She nodded to him smiling in her special Willow way that was so exciting
to him. He began a slow torturous rhythm showering her with baby kisses each
time he slid into her warmth.
The build up was just as incredible and both began to gasp as he pushed harder
bringing them sweet ecstasy, as they came he bit into her breast evoking such
strong emotion and feeling that it had them screaming each others name in

They lay side by side intertwined in each others arms. Spike played with
Willow’s hair and breathed in time with her. Willow smiled at his gesture.
He stroked his arm and leaned up to brush her lips against his.
He cleared his throat “ Willow?“
“Hmm?“ she watched him as he watched her, he seemed almost nervous.
“About the bite?“ he gestured to her breast where the evidence of their liaison
was apparent. “I never meant to hurt you.“
“I know, and I know all about Vamp bites, I have read the Watcher diaries, you
know.“ She grinned a bit but it faded as something puzzled her “Why didn’t you
do it on my neck?“
She knew from her readings that Vampire bites during sex were to show claiming
to others, so why had he done it where no one could see, was he ashamed of her?
“I want you, all of you. I’m not ashamed of you. Bloody hell I’d scream it from
the top of the Hellmouth but I want you to tell everyone about us before I do it
there will be no secrets.“ He knew what she was thinking. 
“Willow, I want you to tell the Slayer. I don’t want to be dusted if she sees my
mark before she knows. I could care less actually if she dusts me, but she’d
hurt you too. I would rather die than let that happen, pet.“
Willow smiled, her fears rested “Me too, I’ll tell her soon, I want everyone to
know I’m yours and you’re…mine?“
“Totally, heart and …well I don’t know where my soul is, but you can have that
She giggled.
“I like it when you say my name. But I like Red too, its special.“
“Like you.“ He stared down at this amazing girl that belonged to him. “I- I love
She turned and looked straight at him. His face was open and vulnerable for the
first time ever. She could see Love and lust and fear of rejection all there
laid out for her.
“I love you too. More than I ever thought possible.“
The way his face lit up she knew she would never forget as he crushed her to him
holding her tightly and silently vowing never to let her go.
Emotions were high and hearts were open and although it was sweet and romantic
Willow wanted to inject some lightness back into their relationship.
“Spike?“ her tone was troubled and he felt his heart drop
“Do we have to tell the Slayer now?“
“Not right this second, why?“ he relaxed as she pouted playfully
“Good, I wanted to spend a while in bed. How long would you say is practical for
a new couple who love each other to spend proving it?“ Spike grinned and raised
his eyebrows
“How’s forever sound to you?“
“I like that.“ She grinned back “But lets start with the weekend.“
And they did.