Pain and friendship saga.

Title: Research part 2 in Pain and friendship saga. 
Author: Fayth 
Couple: W/S 
Rating: PG all innocent so far. 
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Disclaimer: if I owned them I would make Spike forget Buffy and love Wills- oh
he would be a lot more naked. 
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Spoilers: Takes place after Oz leaves Will kinda turns AU. 
Summary: Fave past time- research and bitchiness! 
Dedication: To sugarmouse and Spiderqueen who does kickass W/S and unknowingly
helped me stay sane through my exams with her fics! 

>O.k. so bored< thought Willow as she turned the page of yet another demon
They’d been researching for this damn demon forever and even she, who normally
liked the research, was bored to death. 
A movement from besides her made her grin as she re-evaluated her last sentence,
bored beyond death. 
She turned and looked at a restless Spike who was dead and still bored. He
noticed her watching and gave her a wry smile. 
“Do we have to research this bloody thing until every one else here is dead?” he
“Yes,” replied Buffy irately “I need to know how to kill it.” 
“So stake it, cut off its head, pull of its horns. Dismember it and set fire to
all the pieces.” He retorted 
Willow bit back another grin “That does cover all bases.” She caught Spike’s eye
and saw the sparkle of humour as they shared the joke. 
Since that night two weeks ago, the two of them had gotten a lot closer and
found that they had a lot in common- such as sense of humour. They walked home
together talking about everything and nothing until the early hours, they also
tried to keep each other amused during research parties. Most of all they
supported each other, when one felt down the other would be there to listen, to
talk and to offer comfort. 
> Funny, Spike probably knows me better than Buffy ever did. < Willow marvelled
at this. 
Giles rolled his eyes “Yes it certainly does, however we need to be sure what 
“Got it,” interrupted Willow as she caught sight of a small engraving on the
next page. “It’s a Suncus demon, killed by fire and eewww has a mucus thing you
should watch out for Buff.” She handed the book to Giles. 
“That’s it good job Willow.” 
“Yeah, you go Wills, now can we go?” Xander asked 
“Yes we’d like to have sex now.” Said Anya enthusiastically 
“Wouldn’t want to cut into that five minutes.” Spike replied causing Willow to
“Hey dead boy junior, jealous much? The only action you’ll be getting tonight
will be of the demon variety.” 
There was a pause 
“Um Xander,” Willow said helpfully. “So will you.” 
Spike burst out laughing as a chagrined Xander turned to his ex-demon girlfriend
“Sorry honey.” 
“Me too, but I need you guys to help with slayage; this demon could be anywhere.
So no smootchies.” Buffy added regretfully 
“Ah Slayer, I’m sure if you asked nicely one of the demons would oblige you,”
Spike smirked at his insult and the look on the slayers face “Maybe.” 
“Oh wassa matter Spike, missing your loony?” Xander challenged and was rewarded
by the tightening of Spike’s jaw. 
“Hey.” Shouted Willow coming to Spike’s defence “That was uncalled for, how
would you like it if we kept bringing up your ex’s Bug-boy?” 
Everyone stared open mouthed at sweet caring Willow insulting her lifelong best
“Will,” Xander tried. “I was just…” 
“Don’t.” she stated “Those insults arte below the belt and off the repartee ok?”
Silence. “O.k.?” she put on her resolve face. 
“Sure Will.” Xander gave in. “No jokes about Ex’s.” 
Buffy chuckled “C’mon Will, its just Spike.” 
Willow turned on the blonde “Ok so it’ll be alright if everyone brings up Angel
and Parker?” 
Buffy’s face fell. “No.” she said flatly and glared at Willow. Willow softened
as she realised she had gotten through to her friend. 
“The lets agree that that topic is off… well off topic!” 
Buffy nodded in understanding and smiled back at Willow. 
“So time to patrol, lets go guys pick your favourite weapon.” 
As they got up t grab weapons Spike took Willow’s hand and pulled her on one
“Thanks, pet.” His smile was grateful 
“Hey no one messes with my friends, not even my friends.” Her forehead crinkled
as she ran over that statement again “Did that…?” 
“Came out fine, if a little suggestive.” he finished raising an eyebrow 
At her blush he smirked “Let’s go…” 
“Weapon up.” She ended and as they moved back to the others a thought hit her >
When did we start finishing each others sentences?