Pain and friendship saga

Title: Introductions part 3 in Pain and friendship saga. 
Author: Fayth 
Couple: W/S 
Rating: PG all innocent so far. 
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Disclaimer: if I owned them I would make Spike forget Buffy and love Wills- oh
he would be a lot more naked. 
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Spoilers: Takes place after pangs Oz leaves Will spike is chipped kinda turns
Summary: Time to meet the folks! 
Dedication: To sugarmouse and Spiderqueen who does kickass W/S and unknowingly
helped me stay sane through my exams with her fics! 

“No way.” Willow shook her head in denial 
“Yup.” Spike took a drag of his cigarette “Honest.” 
“Charles Dickens was a demon?” the scepticism raced through her voice 
“A half demon, his fathers’ side. Stupid he was too, always losing at cards. He
blamed that on his demon bits o’ course.” 
“A demon?” Willow couldn’t believe it 
“He looked human most of the time.” Spike added relishing the look on her face. 
“I can’t believe you actually met him.” 
“Yeah and the poof died owing me money.” He scrunched the cigarette beneath his
After the latest demon hunt he had offered to walk her home- again > He really
doesn’t need to offer < she thought > If I said no he’d only follow me anyway. <
Like he had done a few weeks ago. He had been fighting with Xander again, and
they’d frustrated her so much. She had been trying to do her history assignment
and with those two shouting, Buffy talking about her latest boy-toy and Giles
asking to be shown to use the “infernal contraption” she couldn’t concentrate
and after snapping at them she had left refusing an escort home. 
As she had stomped across the park she’d felt him following her. By the time she
reached home she had cooled down enough to invite him in. He’d apologised and
helped her with her assignment. She’d gotten an A*. 
They reached her door and Spike couldn’t resist adding “Remind me to tell you
about the Bronte sisters sometime.” 
Willow’s eyes widened “Let me guess, they were witches?” she asked hopefully 
“No,” replied a mischievous Spike “But Anne was an alcoholic and Emily was wild
in bed.” 
Willow chuckled as she realised she’d been had… maybe. She reached to open the
front door. 
Spike suddenly went on red alert and pulled Willow back behind him. 
“There’s someone in there, pet. I can hear movement.” 
“Oh.” Her voice very small > who’s in my house? < She bit her lip. 
“I’ll take care of it.” He reassured and stepped to open the door when a voice
filtered through. 
“Willow is that you?” 
Willow sagged in relief “It’s my mom.” 
A figure appeared in the doorway, and looked out at the two figures on the
porch. “Hello.” Sheila Rosenberg didn’t recognise the tall, blonde, young man in
front of her daughter but she knew so few of Willow’s friends that that wasn’t
too surprising. 
“Hey mom, I didn’t know you were coming back today.” Willow stepped around Spike
“You gave us a scare, I thought we had burglars.” 
“Oh.” Sheila gave a little smile “And this is your… boyfriend?” 
“Boyfr… no mom this is Spike.” She turned to Spike “This is my mom Sheila
“Nice to meet you, finally.” Spike tried to be polite even though he had nothing
but disgust for the absent parents of his little red. >MY Red? Where did that
come from? < 
“Spike- that’s an interesting name.” she replied just as politely 
”It’s a nickname,” Willow explained “Spike’s real name is William.” 
“And he is?” Sheila encouraged 
“Oh Spike’s my best friend.” 
“Really?” Spike glowed in pleasure >Her best friend-me wow< 
> Her best friend? He looks so much older than she is. < Her mothers instinct,
although mostly neglected kicked in. “Well come in William, I’d like to get to
know you.” 
>Uh-oh. < Willow’s panic instinct also kicked in >Mom showing an interest- not
good. < 
“I’d love to but I should go.” He remembered something “I have to meet someone
later, but I just made sure Red got home safe. All sorts of nasties lurking
who’d love to take a bite.” 
Dismissing the last sentence Sheila felt marginally better about the boy. “Oh
you walk her home?” 
“All the time.” Willow grinned “he’s my protector.” 
Spike grinned back “Someone has to take care of you pet. If that bloody…excuse
me stupid friend of yours gave half a damn about anything but herself…” 
“Hey, Buffy has a lot on her mind.” Willow responded automatically 
“I don’t think that Bunny is a very good influence.” Sheila said 
“I agree.” Mischief danced in his eyes. 
“Come in for a while.” Urged Sheila, she actually liked the young man. 
Willow smiled and twisted his arm. “We have hot chocolate.” 
“With Marshmallows?” Spike was already inside. 

Spike sipped his hot chocolate and felt a buzz at the sweetness slipping down
his throat. He fought the urge to moan. >Yeah Cuz that would make such a good
impression. < And for some reason he cared about the kind of impression he was
“So William what do you do?” Sheila asked curiously. 
“I’m a …” he hesitated > Vampire was really not gonna help here. < 
“Student!” Willow jumped in “He’s a student at college with me.” > Phew! < 
Spike almost breathed a sigh of relief at Red’s quick thinking 
“A student” Sheila smiled “What do you take?” 
“History, especially European history of the 18th century.” >Well at least I
know something about that. < 
“Is that how you two met?” 
“Kinda,” Willow’s eyes sparkled as they met Spike’s piercing blue ones “I met
William when I was in high school, we saw each other a couple of times- like
parent teacher night,” >when he attacked the school to kill Buffy< “And
Halloween,” >when he tried to kill 17th century Buffy. < “But we didn’t talk
until my senior year when he kidnapped me…” 
“To help with a project.” Spike cut in shooting a warning at a smirking Willow.
“Although we didn’t get close until recently, I don’t remember why though, Red
here is pretty amazing.” It was Willow’s turn to look wary, but Spike let her
off the hook “She’s damn clever and obviously gets her good looks from her mum.” 
Sheila blushed and Spike was amused to see how much she looked like her daughter
when she was flustered. 
Willow looked at her moms red face and marvelled at how charming Spike could be
Spike checked his watch >Damn, time to go meet slutty for patrol. < “Gotta go
pet.” He got up and slipped on his leather duster “Thanks for the drink Mrs
“Call me Sheila, please.” Spike gave his sexiest grin. “Would you like to come
over for dinner tomorrow night William? I’m sure Ira would like to meet you
Willow was taken aback “Huh?” >ok mom never invites my friends around for
dinner. EVER< 
“That’d be… neat. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” 
“Night Spike.” 
“Night Pet.” He flashed a smile and then his coat flowing he walked off into the
Willow looked at her Mom. “Dinner?” 
“I like that young man. So much better company than that Bunny Summers and so
polite. What shall I cook? “ 
“Steak,” Willow quipped dryly “Very rare and bloody steak.” 

Spike stood outside Willow’s house feeling incredibly stupid. He clutched a
bottle of wine like a lifebelt and shifted feet. He was 126 for bloody hell’s
sakes, why did he feel like an awkward schoolboy? 
He’d changed shirts six times. >Bloody idiot! < He chastised himself. 
The door opened and Willow stood there biting her lip. 
He stared; she wore tight blue jeans and a deep blue tunic top. She looked
casual and cool >and damn sexy! < 
>Hmmm Spike looks good enough to eat- no no BAD thoughts Will. < “C’mon in
Spike.” She let a grin slide into place, “Dinners ready and for once its not
The joke broke the tension Spike had been feeling. He was here with Willow- best
friend Willow. “Oh and I was looking forward to finally finishing you off luv.” 
“Bite me!” 
“Been there, done that, got the migraine.” They burst out laughing and it felt
Sheila appeared in the doorway “Glad you’re here William, I was just dishing it
out.” Spike presented her with the wine. 
“Here I thought this might go well.” She looked at the vintage and raised her
eyebrows “Quite you have good taste in wine.” She led them into the dining area. 
“What’s for dinner?” Spike asked and Willow covered her mouth with her hand to
stop from giggling. 
“Steak.” Spike stopped dead and looked very worried. “Willow assured me it’s
your favourite.” 
Spike turned to the laughing Red-head. “Very funny, pet. Very funny.” 

“…So there I was standing in the middle of the street, no clothes on and a
bright green bowler hat covering me unmentionables when this tourist comes over
and asks me the time!” 
Sheila wiped her face and tears streamed down it. Willow was holding her sides
still shaking from laughter. Dinner had been a huge hit, both her parents adored
William. He’d regaled them with tales of his misspent youth- although he didn’t
mention that it was over a century ago. 
Her father had been charmed by his manners and opinions and her mother had been
hit by Spike’s sexy-as-sin grin twice- she was a goner! Willow was just thankful
that she was immune to it >Uh-huh! < 
“Dinner was fantastic Sheila, I’ve never enjoyed a steak so much.” He glanced at
Willow who bit her lip 
“Thank you William.” 
“We’d best be off Red. Giles’s is expecting us.” 
“O.k. lets go. I’ll see you tomorrow Mom.” 
“Actually we are leaving early tomorrow for a seminar in Washington.” 
“Oh.” Willows voice sounded small and Spike placed a comforting hand at the
small of her back 
“William, I’m sure we can count on you to take care of our little girl?” Ira
said with a manly handshake 
“Dad I’m nearly 20” she knew it was useless 
“Yes sir.” Spike grinned 
“Suck up!” Willow whispered as they got outside 
“Jealous pet?” She nodded slightly 
“Aw Red, you’ll always have me.” He pulled her into a hug 
“Mmmm I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world!” 
“Oy watch it sweetheart.” 
“Whatcha gonna do lick me to death?” she danced out of his embrace 
“Mmm tasty.” he moved to lick her neck as she scampered away shrieking
delightedly “come back little girl.” He teased 
“Make me old man!” 
“Harsh.” He considered “Stupid little chit.” 
“Dumbass vampire” he rolled his eyes 
“Useless tart.” Will shook her head 
“Platinum boy.” He touched his hair 
“Virgin” she grinned >not even close< 
“Fangless” >ouch direct hit! <