Pain and friendship saga

Title: Movies part 4 in Pain and friendship saga. 
Author: Fayth 
Couple: W/S 
Rating: PG all innocent so far. 
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Disclaimer: if I owned them I would make Spike forget Buffy and love Wills- oh
he would be a lot more naked. 
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Spoilers: Takes place after Pangs Oz leaves Will Spike is chipped kinda turns
Summary: A little r&r 
Dedication: To sugarmouse and Spiderqueen who does kickass W/S and unknowingly
helped me stay sane through my exams with her fics! 

“Did you make the popcorn?” Spike asked shrugging off his duster 
“Yeah, sweet and salty so you can pick. Oh and there’s some O pos on the table”
called Willow from the kitchen 
“Cheers luv.” He sat on the couch and took a sip of the blood. >Aw she heated it
for me too, just the way I like it! < 
Willow walked in carrying two bowls of popcorn and setting them on the table,
and sat next to Spike on the couch. 
“So what’s tonight’s movie? Is it another “scary” movie?” 
“No you laugh to hard at them.” She scowled at him 
“Sorry, pet.” > But you get scared and then Spike gets snuggles< 
“Tonight I educate you on the finer points of the romance epic.” 
“Aw not a soppy?” he looked disgusted 
“Over two thousand people die and you get to see the corpses.” she added 
“That’s more like it.” He settled back on the sofa and pulled Willow’s legs onto
his lap and began massaging her feet. He loved this, every Wednesday was movie
night, Sunday too if there was no demon hunting to do. They went out to the
movies or stayed in and watched a video. Afterwards they spent hours dissecting
the film together. It was a routine for the past four weeks and he loved it,
just spending time in the company of his Red. 
Willow felt her boy relax as Spike worked his fingers into her feet, soothing
away the tension. This was one of the few times she felt totally at ease,
relaxed, happy, content and safe. She watched as Spike read the credits 

“Ok who’s the old bint and what is she talking about?” Spike was asking
questions again 
“Keep watching.” Willow instructed 
“Ok but if I get bored, pet…” he left the sentence hanging and raised an eyebrow 
“Just call it revenge for House on haunted Hill.” she shuddered remembering the
film that grossed her out. 
“It was funny!” off her glance he shut up but couldn’t resist adding “ I bet I
fall asleep.” 

“NO, DON’T!” Spike yelled “Rose get back in the damn boat. Stupid. Bloody.
Willow grinned through her tears, Spike was loving it. When Jack forced Rose to
get in the boat leaving him behind, Willow’s eyes started streaming and she’d
reached for Spike’s hand. 
“Oh god, he’s shooting at her. Run!” Spike held her hand tighter as the action
played out on the screen. Spike couldn’t believe her ex was shooting at her just
because she’d chosen to be with the blonde. He liked Rose, her fire and Spirit
reminded him of Red. He had felt her soft hand slip into his a while back and
heard the soft sound of tears. His heart had melted and he wanted to comfort her
but didn’t know how so he just held her hand and waited. 

“You’re gonna die an old lady warm in her bed, not this night and not like this
do you understand me?” 
With those words Willow gave up any vestige of control and shifting closer to
Spike began to cry in earnest. Spike wrapped his arm around her and pulled her
onto his lap “Shh pet, it’ll be ok. They be fine you just watch see.” She looked
up at him with tear-rimmed eyes. 
>He’s obviously not seen this before. < she focused on the screen,
subconsciously clinging to Spike. 

“Come back, come back.” Rose called to the boat 
Spike hugged Willow closer so she couldn’t see the tears in his eyes. He watched
as Rose slipped into the water and swam for the whistle, through the corpses. 
Willow, hyper aware of Spike’s body, felt tiny drops fall into her hair and
realised he was crying. The big bad was crying over Titanic. She pulled back a
little to see his face. 
“Oh Spike.” She whispered and softly brushed away the teardrops on his pale
cheeks. She kissed his forehead and settled her head back on his shoulder to
watch the rest of the movie. 

Spike didn’t want to move- ever again. He had his Red curled up on his lap,
she’d wiped away his tears and kissed him. No one had ever done that for him,
comforted him when he hurt or felt bad. Angelus and Dru had laughed and mocked
his feelings calling him weak and soft, yet this little bundle of perfection,
*his* bundle of perfection had simply been there. He was overwhelmed and
completely head over heels in love. The thought hit him with the force of a
freight train. He loved her. Totally. 
Willow sat up and flicked on the table lamp 
“What did you think?” 
What did he think? As in forming a coherent thought? A proper sentence type
“What kind of ending was that?” his brain took pity on him and decided to
“You didn’t like?” she asked running her hands over her damp face 
“He died and then she goes and throws the worlds most bleeding expensive diamond
into the ocean and then suddenly poof she’s back on the ship?” he shook his head
in confusion 
“She died an old lady, warm in her bed like she promised and then joined Jack in
heaven or wherever.” 
“And the diamond.” He demanded 
“You can’t take it with you.” She grinned at him “ besides it was metaphoric,
the guy she loved with all her heart belonged to the ocean and so the heart of
the ocean was given back” 
“Bleeding metaphors. I get it, soppy chick thing but the actual sinking was
bloody fantastic!” Spike enthused. 
“The effects were good but I just loved the characters best Rose and Jack were
so real.” She stretched 
“Rose reminds me of you.” He blurted out 
“Really?” she sounded surprised “Coz Jack reminded me of you.” 
It was Spikes turn to look surprised “Yeah, how come?” 
“No you first.” 
“She’d got fire and spirit, chit was sick of trying to fit in with the quiet
little girl she was supposed to be. Her wild spirit wouldn’t give up and
although she looked fragile she had a core of pure steel.” 
Willows breathe caught at his poetic words “T-that’s how you see me?” 
“That’s you.” He said firmly “so what about me and Jack, ‘part from the obvious
o’ course.” 
“Being dead.” Willow burst into laughter 
“Well, you are both so stubborn, you got that never-give-up, almost stalker
thing going on.” She giggled at his face “Fiercely loyal.” She smiled shyly
“With a hell of a temper, totally wild and corrupting with a heart of gold,
caring, self-sacrificing, funny and sexy as hell.” She blushed at her daring. 
> Willow thinks I’m sexy? < he gave her a knowing look and a wolfish grin which
sent butterflies into her stomach. “Great choice of film, pet.” > I got cuddles,
a kiss and complements; can we watch it again? < 
She took the empty popcorn bowls into the kitchen. Spike sat back on the sofa 
“So, what have we got planned for Sunday then, love?” 

Willow glanced at the clock, just another hour and they could go the cinema. One
more hour of Xanders grousing and Buffy doing her nails whilst she and Spike did
the actual research. 
“I have to go- need to get out before I go crackers.” Spike squeezed her leg
under the table before vanishing in a swish of leather duster. 
“Does he have to be so dramatic?” Anya asked 
“Probably thinks he has appeal.” Buffy snorted 
“Its kind of manly and dark, kinda sexy…” Xander said distractedly, the three
women stared at him 
“Do you need a moment alone?” Buffy asked incredulous and Xander flushed 
“Not to me, but to some girls it could be… help me out here Wills.” 
Spike and Willow had agreed to keep their friendship a secret, they knew if
Buffy and the others would freak if they knew how close they were and how much
time they spent together. So they arrived and left separately and were careful
not to appear too friendly. 
It annoyed them to have to keep it a secret but neither wanted Spike to be
dusted or the inevitable “he’s evil what are you thinking” lecture that was
bound to follow. 
“It could be construed as manly and sexy- if you were into that sort of thing.”
She replied carefully backing up Xander > Which I definitely am.< she added to
herself. She looked at the clock again 20 minutes to go. 
She was looking forward to the film, she’d wanted to see the Disney film for a
while but her friend had dismissed Disney as for kids, (they were quite unaware
of the fact that Disney is actually a student’s prerogative!) and so refused to
accompany her. When she found that Spike not only shared her love of Disney but
also owned every Disney film on video ( hidden artfully within a small tombstone
at the back of his crypt- he had a reputation to protect you know!) she was
overjoyed. She just hoped his hyperactivity could contain itself long enough to
watch the movie without them nearly getting kicked out. No more popcorn fights! 
“Thanks Will.” Xander grinned widely at his best friend. 
Actually she considered Spike her best friend, they were so alike and yet so
different, like strawberry and vanilla ice-cream. Not the same but perfectly
complimentary. She loved him. She’d known it for a while but refused to voice it
in case it ruined what they had. She would die if he left her or quit being
“Will, are you even listening to me?” Buffy asked, Willow snapped out of her
“Sorry Buff,” she replied sheepishly “I kinda have a headache, I’m gonna go
home.” She wanted to go now! 
“Do you want me to walk ya?” Buffy asked politely 
“No I’m good, see ya tomorrow.” Gathering up her books she left. 
Feeling the cool evening breeze on her face she stretched enjoying the feeling
of muscles uncramping after hours of inactivity, being hunched over books. She
groaned in pleasure. 
“Careful love, you never know who’s listening.” She jumped at Spike’s words 
“Give me a heart attack!” she admonished putting a hand over her chest 
He looked delighted to have scared someone “I could think of plenty of things to
give you, pet. A heart attack is not at the top of the list.” 
She blushed furiously and he sniggered > Damn! < she tried for casual 
“So movie bound?” 
“Yup, monsters inc for a monster!” 
“You are not a monster, Spike. Just misundersttod and if you get us thrown out
again I swear I’ll… I’ll…” she tried to come up with a suitable threat 
“Yes pet?” he stepped in close hoping to throw off her concentration 
“I’ll get Willy to announce that you wear pink underwear and dance to Westlife!” 
“Bunch of Poofs!” he looked disgusted “Alright pet I’ll behave.” 
“Good boy.” She patted his arm 
“Woof, bloody woof.”