Pain and friendship saga.
Title: Patrol part 5 in Pain and friendship saga. 
Author: Fayth 
Couple: W/S 
Rating: PG all innocent so far. Except for Spike’s potty mouth 
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Disclaimer: if I owned them I would make Spike forget Buffy and love Wills- oh
he would be a lot more naked. 
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Spoilers: Takes place after Pangs Oz leaves Will Spike is chipped kinda turns
Summary: Will and Spike get lumbered with each other on Patrol- but do they
Dedication: To sugarmouse and Spiderqueen who does kickass W/S and unknowingly
helped me stay sane through my exams with her fics! 

Buffy stood in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips. 
“This demon means business Xander. He’s already killed five girls and we need to
stop him!” 
“I was just saying that hiding is a time honoured form of defence!” Xander
defended himself weakly 
Buffy glared at him “ And if he goes after Anya?” 
Xander relented “Alright so we saddle up, seek and destroy im down with that.” 
Giles wandered into the room “Has anyone seen my glasses?” he looked confused
“They appear to be missing.” 
Spike feigned innocence as Willow pulled her book up to cover her smile. 
Last night, over cheesecake, they had decided that research sessions were
becoming too boring. And they had challenged each other to make it more
interesting. Spike had started by hiding objects in the strangest places because
it was funny to see people’s reactions. It had been funny to see Any find her
toothbrush in the cash register. It had been bloody hilarious when Buffy
discovered her new shoes in the microwave and Spike had nearly wet himself at
Giles’ face when PLAYBOY fell out of Cruciments demon compendium- of course
Xander got the blame for that one. 
> Now where to hide the glasses? < 
Determined not to be outdone Willow plotted her strategy. As Xander spoke with
Buffy, Willow pulled the book he was reading further away with her magic. Spike
watched bemused. 
“So we patrol?” Xander finished and half stood up to retrieve his book. Using
her magic Willow tugged at the chair moving it just out of Xander’s reach, as he
sat down he missed the chair completely and landed on the floor. 
Spike couldn’t contain his mirth “I knew it, you’re so uncoordinated you get
confused sitting down.” 
Xanders face turned beet red as he glared at the Vampire. Then he noticed Willow
trying not to giggle. 
“Aw come on Wills I expect that from Captain Platinum- whose roots need doing by
the way. But not from my bestest bud.” 
“Sorry Xand, but you looked funny.” She was contrite 
“Yeah you did.” Buffy added with amusement but was all business again “We need
to patrol for this guy, but no girl goes alone!” 
“I’m with Xander.” Anya piped up as Xander rubbed his sore back 
“I second that!” Spike demanded, no way was he getting stuck with the
sex-obsessed ex- vengeance demon again, he still had nightmares about the
stories she told and HE was a demon! 
“ Ok Anya with Xander, I’ll go with Giles. Sorry Will, that leaves you with
blondie. Again.” Buffy apologised 
Willow tried to look disappointed “Its ok Buffy.” 
Spike grinned inwardly “That’s right don’t ask me what I want, Spike doesn’t get
a say in whether he babysits the little chit or not.” 
“Hey!” Willow knew he was playing and decided to go along “S’not like I don’t
have anything better to do than hang out with the fangless undead.” 
He growled “ I have fangs pet, wanna see?” 
“Huh, I’ve seen scarier fangs in a bad b-movie.” 
“Guys!” Buffy interrupted worried “Maybe its not such a good idea to put you two
together.” She bit her lip “But we have no choice, Spike you know you can’t hurt
Will but i can still stake you so try to be nice or we’ll be cleaning up your
dust with a toilet brush!” 
“Thanks.” He replied sarcastically 
“Or if you want Willow to stake your ass…” 
“I’ll look forward to it.” Whispered Spike for Wilow’s ears. 
After dividing up the town into sections for them to patrol, Buffy took Willow
“I know you get stuck with Spike a lot, but I don’t want to encourage the little
fixation he has on me.” 
“Huh?” Willow had forgotten that Spike had had a crush on Buffy a while ago
“Right, no problem, pesky fixation.” 
“Thanks Will.” She turned to face the group “Any questions?” 
Giles cleared his throat “Just one a-actually, why is the mummified hand of
Askar holding Buffy’s underwear?” 

Willow couldn’t stop laughing. She clung to Spike’s coat trying to breathe. 
“I can’t believe you did that!” she managed finally 
Spike grinned wolfishly “Couldn’t resist.” 
“Where did you get them?” she asked suspiciously 
“Mind out of the gutter pet, they fell out of her gym bag.” He lit a cigarette
and took a long drag “ more to the point how did Giles know they were Buffy’s?”
he raised an eyebrow knowingly 
“Eww. Eww. Eww. Bad mental picture.” Willow shook her head “That’s gross Spike.” 
He leered at her “Thanks love.” He pulled the cigarette to his lips as Willow
looked on in distaste 
“Smoking kills” she lectured 
“Already dead.” He countered 
Willow blushed “ okay.” >Walked into that one Rosenberg! < Actually she didn’t
mind the smoking it made him smell of leather and smoke which was actually a
really yummy combination. 
Comfortable silence took over as they walked through the park. Spike took an
unneeded breath and turned to the red-head. 
“Pulling the whelps chair out was a cute move pet, you really coming along with
the magic’s.” 
Willow’s eyes lit up “Yeah, I’m getting good. I mean I can summon all four
elements now, although I wont be doing the fire one on my bed-sheets again… oh
and I found this teleportation spell which could come in handy. Im still working
on the kinks but just imagine late for class and poof! Or evil scary demon and
poof! Bu-bye” she took a breath. 
“Just no more spells to make me snog the slayer ok?” Spike shuddered
“Hey that was like a year ago. And if I recall a few months ago you wanted me to
do it again. Buffy still thinks you have a crush on her.” Willow looked at him
in askance 
“No. the whole forbidden territory was a bit of a turn on and the chit is cute
and strong, but after a while of hanging around you get to see the truth.” 
“Which is?” she was curious 
“She is a spoilt, selfish little brat.” 
“That’s not fair.” Willow defended her friend whilst privately agreeing with him 
He shrugged “ Anyone can see it, anyway like you said that was a while ago.” 
“Have we really been friends for only a year?” 
“Less pet, about six months.” 
“Is that it?” she couldn’t believe it “I can’t imagine not having you in my
life.” She blushed as she realised she’d said that out loud 
“Aw Red.” He teased but insides he melted with pleasure 
“That reminds me, my parents called to say they’re coming back next week for a
couple of days and they said to say hi.” She grinned 
“Buffy’s name they can’t even remember but they call to say hi to you.” 
It was Spike’s turn to grin “Must be my animal magnetism.” 
“And I thought it was just you being dead that attracted the flies!” Willow
erupted into giggles at the outraged look on Spike’s face. He growled menacingly 
“There. Are. No. flies. On. Me.” He pronounced each word as he stalked closer to
her like a hungry wolf eyeing his prey. 
Willow gulped and backed away from him suddenly wary. 
Spike smelled the sudden scent of fear coming from Willow in waves and stopped
in his tracks > What is the chit afraid of? < “Red?” 
“Goddess Spike.” Willow tried to calm her breathing “You scared me.” 
Spike immediately felt bad “I never meant…,” he put his head on the side“ Or
good. Bloody hell pet, really?” he looked hopeful like a kid at Christmas 
She nodded “I know you have the chip and you wouldn’t hurt me but for a second
there I thought I was gonna be dinner.” 
Spike tried not to look too pleased, the chip had robbed him of his dignity as a
vampire. The being unable to frighten people had put a dent in his confidence a
mile wide which he tried to hide by making with the mind-games; Angelus’
tutorage coming in handy here. But it was so nice to still be thought of as
threatening by the one person in the world who had nothing to fear from him. 
“Well I am the big bad, even without my bite I’m a scary bloke.” 
“Not scary enough.” Spike whirled to find the demon they had been “looking” for
standing right behind him > bloody hell! < The demon was about six foot tall
with green skin and muscles like Arnold Schwartzenegger, but that didn’t bother
Spike. What bothered Spike was the large spear protruding from its arm and the
way it looked hungrily at Willow. 
“Hmm another tasty little morsel, and I can feel the magic on this one. Perhaps
you’ll be good for a little fun before I eat you.” His eyes raked over her body. 
Willow tried not to shudder at the sudden chill that swept down her spine at his
words. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food.?” 
Both Spike and the demon stared in surprise at Willow’s words > Brave little
chit?< thought Spike proudly 
“Sorry mate, but this one belongs to me. So if you want her it’ll hafta be
through me.” he threw his cigarette on the ground and readied himself for the
> I belong to Spike? < She mentally squeaked >Me? Hang 21st century
in-de-pen-dent woman not belonging to Spike where he could do whatever to me…
for however long… Hey impending death situation here. Pay attention now, lust
after Spike later. < 
The Demon roared and rushed at Spike. Spike dodged the spear and rammed his fist
into the nearest body part. The demon howled his fury and backhanded Spike
snapping his head back. Taking advantage of Spike’s dizziness the demon grabbed
him in a headlock and attempted to pull Spike’s head off. 
Willow screamed and launched herself at the demon swinging the axe and imbedding
it in his neck. Blood spurted as he dropped Spike on the ground. 
“Bitch!” he yelled and smacked Willow across the face, the force of the impact
sending her flying back and slamming her head into a nearby tree, she fell to
the floor dazed. 
“Willow!” Spike screamed as he saw her motionless body. His rage boiled up
allowing his demon to come to forth. He grabbed the handle of the axe buried in
the demons neck and pulled it out. He pulled back and swung at the demon again
catching him in the chest. Clutching at the axe in his chest the demon staggered
With the loss of his weapon Spike relied on his fist. 
“NEVER.” He punched the demon across the face breaking his nose and spilling
“EVER” He threw a right hook and dodged the retaliating blow 
“TOUCH MY RED” the demon whimpered as Spike continued his assault 
“AGAIN!” with one swift move he pulled the axe from its chest and hacek of its
Spike pushed himself off the demon and rushed over to Willow “ Red, pet are you
ok?” he rolled her over and grimaced at the huge gash on her forehead which was
bleeding. It looked like she’d have a bruised face tomorrow. 
“Bloody. Stupid. Question.” She said mocking him and he laughed in relief at her
use of his favourite slang. She struggled to stand and Spike helped her up 
“You were dead brave pet, saved us all- very heroic… you gonna puke?” 
“Maybe later.” she winced and then looked at him, he had a large slash against
the front of his shirt where the spear had caught him and he’d probably have a
shiner tomorrow, but his cuts were already healing thanks to Vamp powers. 
“Home?” she whispered. Noticing how shaky she was Spike picked her up and
carried her in his arms trying to ignore the delicious scent of warm blood
inches away from his lips. 

Spike kicked the front door open and sat Willow on the couch as he went into the
kitchen to fetch the first aid kit and try to get his demon under control. 
Willow sat on the couch thinking, she’d looked up into his eyes and saw the
unmistakable glint of gold which signalled that the demon was close. > My blood
must be calling him< Yet strangely she wasn’t scared. 
Spike came back into the room and put down the bowl of warm water and cloth. He
knelt in front of her. He went to place the cloth over the tempting wound when
Willow stopped him. 
“What?” He said not liking the glint in her eye, it meant she had been thinking. 
“Spike, we’re friends right?” he nodded “ Friends trust each other.” 
“Ok.” He said warily 
She took a deep breath and raising a shaky hand pulled back her hair “Y-you can
lick it off if you want” 
Spike stared dumbfounded “Um… pet.” He began hesitantly not sure if she meant
what she was offering. 
“Look I know you hate the bagged blood, really hate it and I can’t imagine what
its like being around us humans filled with the stuff but I’m guessing its
pretty much torture. Like sticking a starving girl in a chocolate factory and
saying “no eating” it’s cruel and well… this is just going to go to waste so if
you want it…” 
Spike took her free hand in his unable to express the words as he moved forward
and placed his cool lips over her wound. 
Will closed her eyes as she felt his cool, rough tongue sweep across her
forehead licking up the sweet blood running down her face. He nipped at her
cheeks with his teeth before returning to the wound and gently sucking. 
Spike was in heaven. This sweet, innocent girl had offered her blood to him. It
was sweet and delicious coating his mouth and tongue and soothing his throat. It
was warm and human tasting of strawberries and Vanilla and something uniquely
Willow, magic and her virginity completed the intoxicating taste of the heady
mixture. Spike moaned deep in his throat. 
Willow was In heaven, the feel of Spike’s soft cool mouth against her hot skin
was incredibly sensual, the way he’d licked the blood off her face like a lovers
caress and now he sucked gently at her forehead she was overwhelmed with the
sensation. > OK dizzy now< the abstract thought entered into her head and she
Spike reluctantly pulled away licking away the last few drops off his lips. She
stared with heavy lidded eyes. 
“Sleep now?” she said curling into a ball. 
Spike sat besides her on the couch and pulled her head into his lap and began
stroking her hair. 
“Sleep now, pet.” Spike watched her as she slept thinking about the marvellous
capacity for caring that this girl had- even for him, a cold blooded killer who
had even tried to kill her on occasion. > I love you < the words sounded strange
in his head- having not said them for a while, fearful of rejection. He’d even
stopped saying them to Dru when she laughed and talked about Daddy’s love being
better. No he wouldn’t tell her yet, but one day, he vowed as she sighed in her
sleep, she would be his- forever.