Pain and friendship saga
Title: Midnight conversations part 6 in Pain and friendship saga.
Author: Fayth (
Couple: W/S
Rating: PG all innocent so far. Except for Spike’s potty mouth
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Disclaimer: if I owned them I would make Spike forget Buffy and love Wills- oh
he would be a lot more naked.
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Spoilers: Takes place after Pangs Oz leaves Will Spike is chipped kinda turns
Summary: Will and Spike have a midnight chat
Dedication: To sugarmouse and Spiderqueen who does kickass W/S and unknowingly
helped me stay sane through my exams with her fics!

Willow stared out over at the darkened street, from her vantage point on her
balcony she could see right down the road up to the old church.
Leaning her arms on the balcony rail she looked up at the glittery stars letting
the wind flow through her hair.
Spike looked up at the vision standing there. She wore dark blue jeans and a
white flowing peasant top which fluttered in the breeze. She had a look of
complete peace upon her face, she was a Goddess, beautiful, enchanting and > too
damn distracted. Stupid chit! < Spike thought angrily > Any Vamp could jump up
and attack Red.<
Grinning evilly he crouched and used his Vampire strength to jump and grab hold
of the rail with one hand and pull himself up onto her balcony. 
“Juliet I presume?” he sneered as she turned to look at him
“Yep, I’m waiting for Romeo, so sod off.” She broke into a huge smile at the
look of astonishment on his face
“Language, pet!” he cautioned “Where did you learn such words?” he couldn’t keep
the amused tone out of his voice. It always amused him when she tossed his words
back at him- it showed she was paying attention.
“Well he’s tall, dark, sarcastic and better have bought my ice-cream!” she shot
Spike held up the large carton of ice-cream like a trophy “Cookie dough”
Willow squealed “My hero! Gimme.”
She held out her hands like a child asking for a present. Instead of handing it
over he walked over to the bench that she had placed by the French windows
leading into her bedroom.
“Unfortunately my lady, I’m not sure I should let you have some. You have been
naughty.” He raised his eyebrow knowingly
“Have not.” She replied indignantly
He sat on the bench with one leg either side, “Oh no, where’s your stake, holy
water? Standing on the balcony with your eyes closed, you’re practically begging
to be a sacrifice-or lunch for some sodding fledgling.”
She bit her lip in that adorable way that made him ache to ask for a taste.
“I forgot, I cant believe I forgot, its not like I’ve never lived on the
hellmouth. I’m such a doof, an imbecile… I have no-“
Ok guilt overload “It’s ok love, enough with the guilt. I just want you to be
careful, Red.”
“I will, sorry Spike. I j-just wish sometimes that I lived in a place where
vampires were stories told to frighten kids.” She sat on the bench facing him
still looking downcast. He caught her chin with his fingers and lifted until her
eyes met his.
“You’re the first friend I’ve had and I don’t want you to end up some damn
fledgling’s entrée. Ok?“
She felt her spirits lift at his sentiment. He lifted the lid off the ice-cream
and dug into his duster to find two spoons. He handed one to her with a smile.
“Spike what’s the difference between a fledgling and a childe?” she asked around
a mouthful.
“Well pet.” He placed a spoonful of ice-cream into his mouth before answering
“Anyone can be changed into a vampire; Just a little blood exchange. Newly made
vampires are called newbies or fledglings no matter who sires them, but most are
suitable only as minions. Slayer-fodder, front line types.” He paused “It takes
something special to be a Childe. Some humans have this special feel- an aura if
you like. See love, although anyone can be a vampire- not everyone can handle
it; handle the whole living forever deal. Childer are chosen carefully to be a
companion to their sire. The sire teaches them how to hunt- properly not your
slapdash crap that most newbies in Sunnyhell seem to manage, can’t seem to make
two steps without being dusted by the damn slayer or vampire hunters. It’s a
sodding embarrassment is what it is, and a right shame. Sire’s teach you to
appreciate killing, feeding and how to be one with the night.” Spike looked up
at the same stars Willow had gazed at earlier. She stared at him, he was
definitely part of the night, he belonged to it like the stars did; there was no
other way of explaining it.  It was primal and breathtaking
“What about other companions?” she asked trying not to gawk too blatantly.
Spike hid a grin, he loved the way her mind worked. They’d start a topic during
one of his –very- frequent visits and they could talk all night. She was so
inquisitive and probably knew more about Vampires than most Vampires! It was
such a pleasure to have an intelligent conversation with someone who didn’t
treat him like an imbecile. Having lived for over 120 years he had amassed a lot
of knowledge although he hid it to maintain his bad boy image, but occasionally
it was nice to have a chance to show it. He ate another spoonful of the soft
confection before answering.
“Some Master Vampire’s keep human pets. Mainly for a quick snack or amusement,
although some like the warmth of a human body.”
“What for-“ her face coloured as she realised “OH. Never mind.” She muttered
illiciting a chuckle from Spike
“I could show you.” He offered lecherously waggling his eyebrows. She rolled her
“Sorry Red couldn’t resist. Anyway some vamps like the company of other demons,
but most surround themselves with minions.”
“Slayer-fodder.” She added before taking another bite
“Yeah. The more powerful the Vampire the more minions he has. Very powerful ones
have other demons or even witches in their employ.”
“Their employ? Oh you’ve been spending way too much time with Giles! ” She
“Hey!” he said sounding outraged “Trying to be all manly here with the
“And now you sound like Cordelia.” The giggles transformed into full fledged
He grabbed a spoonful of the cold confection and flicked it at her. The Ice
cream splattered onto her face shocking her into silence, now it was Spike’s
turn to laugh.
“Think that’s funny do you?” She said and wiping the mess off her face she
brandished her own spoon at Spike
“No, no pet. You wouldn’t, that stuff doesn’t come off leather. Ok ok I’ll clean
it off!” he waved his hands in mock surrender
“You’d better, buster.”
Getting a wicked gleam in his eyes he pulled her towards him.
“Spike what are you doing?” she asked warily
“No napkins, love. Now hold still.” Holding her head still with one hand he
licked her cheek.
She took a deep breathe as his tongue travelled up the side of her face and he
sucked gently on her nose.
“Mmmm, my favourite Ice Creamed Willow!” The stunned look on her face broke the
spell and Spike couldn’t help but grin.
“Who said that payback’s a bitch?” he asked teasingly then he put his head on
the side considering “You know with that expression on your face you look like
“Xander “ she corrected automatically and then her brain caught up. “Hey! Am
“Are too.” He said and slid her over and turned her so her back was against his
chest and pulled her in close. She snuggled into Spike’s chest and hugged her
knee’s to herself.
“So a powerful vamp would have a witch in his little family?”
“Yeah and I almost didn’t notice the change of subject” he added sarcastically,
he felt rather than saw the blush that spread up her cheeks.
“If you didn’t have the chip would you have one of those types of family?” the
question bothered her, it wasn’t that she wanted Spike to be lonely but the
thought of Spike as a master vampire- like evil Angelus- with minions and human
pets and demons bothered her.
“Yeah probably,” he frowned “Used to have, when Dru was around. I had this dead
intelligent guy who was real good with books Dalton or something, he was ok to
talk to but most of ‘em get bloody annoying after a while and I’d wan someone
with a bit more upstairs.” he tapped his head “like you.”
“Like me?” genuinely surprised Willow turned tosee his face
“You.” He repeated and planted a kiss on her forehead before pulling her back
into his arms
“Actually you have quite a rep already.”
“I do?”
“Resouling Angelus, helping the slayer and your demon research and spells… ever
wondered why you hardly get bothered by demons?”
“Not really, the vamp attacks make up for it. Besides I still get kidnapped an
awful lot.” She said pointedly.
He looked embarrassed “yeah well, im a master Vampire. Anyway they’re afraid of
“ME?” it came out as a strangled squeak “I’m nothing! i‘m not even a slayer
a-a-and I’m only a practice wicca.”
“Bollocks.” he replied succinctly “ Don’t give me that, you’re worth ten- hell a
hundred of the bloody slayer and I’d say way beyond a practice Witch.” He
couldn’t believe she thought so little of herself. She was everything, she was
powerful and beautiful and she’d make a great Vampire.
“In fact you know that aura I was talking about?”
She crinkled her forehead “The one a childe has?”
“Yeah, you have that pet. I’d wager you’d make a wonderful Vampire.”
“Wonderful and skanky. The leather looks ok but the licking? Oh so disturbing
and hands!”
“Um what are you talking about pet?” Spike was confused
“I met the Vampire me.” Willow elaborated and his eyes widened a the prospect
“Really, how?”
“Me and Anya did a spell and ended up conjuring her from another dimension or
reality. The Master changed both me and Xander, we were his favourite children.
I-i mean she was all in leather, it was really tight and she was skanky and
kinda gay.”
“Gay?” he smothered a laugh “Red, all Vampires are kinda gay.”
“For real?” she sounded intrigued, he began to stroke her hair
“Actually most Vamps will screw anything- male, female, demon- I knew this vamp
who got real friendly with this tree-“
She swatted his arm and then the thought struck her “You and Angel?”
“Angelus.” His voice went flat “Not the poof or the slayer obsessed version you
saw a while back but pre-gypsy Angelus.” She’d gone quiet “Issues pet?” he asked
> Did I freak her out, too much information, does she want me to leave?<
Willow was lost in her head, Spike had sounded so vehement that the two
Angel-us’ that she knew were not the ones he had been intimate with. >Another
Angelus? What would he think of the new Spike- what would he think of me? Would
*his* Angelus have killed my fish? Irrelevant!< she realised Spike had just
spoken to her
She clasped his hand in her own “I’m sorry, I know you don’t like talking about
him.” She kissed his knuckle “We can talk about something else.”
He was touched the chit knew how he felt about the recent incarnations of his
sire. She really was a marvel, he had told her so much about his unlife and she
kept on accepting him- even though she didn’t agree with the joy of killing she
never preached, instead asked about his demon and its urges. He was sure she
remembered everything in that amazing head of hers. His throat closed with
emotion and his demon felt disgusted.
“Tell me more about you pet, something secret.” Without warning he felt her
heart speed up and was concerned “Willow?”
She bit her lip and debated whether or not to tell him “Do you promise not to
tell anyone- ever?”
“Of course.” What did the chit know that would make her so concerned about
telling anyone else
“And promise you wont get mad?”
“I’ll try.” He frowned
“Before Angel got sucked into hell, I gave him back his soul so that when he
came back he was Angel not Angelus”
“I know that.” She shifted awkwardly
“Did you ever wonder why he came back?” she asked hesitantly
“The first brought him back to kill Slutty or himself- right?”
“Why would the first evil bring Angel out of hell just for him to die or even
Buffy- I mean one dies another is called, why would the biggest evil care what
“You saying they just took credit for it?” he hadn’t thought of this- it made
sense why would the First bother themselves with your basic good guy bad guy
detail? “ So if they didn’t bring his back then wh-“ he stopped mid-sentence in
horror. Willow pulled away from him and turned to look him in  the eye; her face
a mass of uncomfortableness. “you?” 
She bit her lip and looked down nodding uncertainly
“Bloody hell!” he said and reached in his pockets for his cigarettes, after
finding and lighting one he stared openly at the shy little spellcaster
“You bought the mighty Angelus back from hell and you wonder why the demons are
afraid of you?” he took a deep drag savouring the taste “Does anyone else know?”
“No,” her eyes were wide with fright “I only did it to cheer up Buffy and then I
didn’t think it had worked so I never said anything and by the time I knew he
was back it was a little late to just go “yep I did it” please don’t say
anything, it doesn’t matter who brought him back- only that he came back.” Her
eyes pleaded with him to understand
He watched her and spoke slowly “You summoned Angelus from hell and restored his
soul to. Cheer. Up. Buffy?” she nodded again “That it?”
“No I’ve also been looking for a way to anchor his soul. I think I’ve found it.”
>Well might as well go the whole way< she thought as he let out a breath that he
didn’t need
“Crikey.” He finished and dragged her back against him “That was a hell of a
secret pet.”
“Are you mad?” she wanted to know
“Not likely- if you do that to cheer up Buffy what would you do to stop me being
all depressed?” he leered back to himself
“What ever you like.” She teased glad he wasn’t upset with her revelation
“So anything a little less earth shattering? A little more personal maybe”
“I still miss Jesse.” She confessed after a moment “We were so close, the three
of us. Me, Xan and Jesse- the three musketeers. Sometimes I feel like,” she
paused unsure
“Go on.” He encouraged
“Like Buffy took him away and is trying to replace him.” She looked down at
their entwined fingers “ is that bad?”
“No love, its perfectly natural. You were close to someone for so long and when
they’re gone you can feel resentful of someone trying to take their place- even
if its unintentional.” She wondered if he was talking about her and Drusilla
“Do you resent me?” she asked in a small voice
“Never Red.” He said guessing her train of thought “I could never resent you.”
She lay her head back against his chest, he wrapped his arms around her and held
her close to him.
“Dawn’s coming.” She said after a while
“We still have a few minutes.” They sat together relishing the feeling of being
close and enjoyed the companionship and silence until the sun drove them inside,