Title:  A Conversation Between Co-workers

Author: Princess Twilite [Princesstwilite2@aol.com]

Rating: PG

Summary: So short, it doesn’t matter, but a conversation piece between co-workers.

Pairing: Giles/Anya.

Discliamer: Giles, Anya, and Xander are NOT mine. They belong to Joss and respective co-creators, writers, producers and actors.

Distribution: Any place that all ready has my stuff. Other wise, please ask before taking. I’m bound to say yes.

Website: http://thatvisionthing.org/whip/ [Twilite’s Whip]


*   *   *


“ Anya, I think we’d get more customers in here if you didn’t follow them around so…”


“ We’d get more customers in here if we had a gimmick. Besides, if I didn’t follow them around, they might steal something.”


“ Not every customer we have is going to be a thief Anya. What are they going to steal? A pickled eye ball?”


“ Which is worth about twenty dollars!”


“ Twenty dollars… have you raised the prices again?”


“ Well, yes. We were getting taken Giles, an eyeball has to be worth more than ten dollars.”


“ Anya..”


“At least twenty…”


“ Anya!”


“ Plus tax.”


“ ANYA!!”


“ Well, what is it?”


“ Tomorrow, we’re going to go through the store, and you’re going to tell me all the prices that you raised.”


“It’s my store too.”


“ Yes but it was mine first.”


“ Beauty before brains.”


“ Age before beauty.”


“ Are you forgetting how old I am?”


“ I… yes. I suppose I am.”


“ Yes, don’t back talk to your elders. I read in a book - that it was disrespectful.”


“ Anya?”


“ Be so kind as to close your mouth.”


*   *   *


“ Giles?”


“ What is it?”


“ Do you think I’m beautiful?”


“ E-excuse me?”


“ Beautiful? Sexy? Desirable?”


“ Of-of course, from a purely detached stand point. You’re quite… desirable.”


“ I thought so. A customer just hit on me. Did wonders for my ego. So did you. Thanks!”


“ Y- you’re welcome.”


*   *   *


“ So when are you going back across the ocean?”


“ Eager to see me leave?”


“ Not really. It’s very boring her all day without someone to talk to. Even with money to entertain me.”


“ So - you’re not trying to rush me out of house and home?”


“ No. I don’t think I’d mind if you stuck around for a while. Just a little while.”


“ I’ll take that into consideration.”


“ Okay.”


“ And Anya?”


“ Yes?”


“ It’s okay if you want me to stay.”


*   *   *


“ Have you talked to Xander?”


“ Yes.”


“ Well?”


“ He wants me back.”


“ Oh.”


“ I’m not sure if I can ever be with him again though.”


“ Oh?”


“ I don’t know.”


“ Don’t you love him?”




“ Anya?”


“ I think Xander and I were like a pair of well worn tennis shoes, Giles. I loved us, but now I see all these holes that weren’t there before. I can’t be with him anymore.”


“ Oh that’s…”


“ Ooh, customer. Giles, take off  that strange look on your face. You’ll scare him away.”


“ Yes. Right. Of course.”


*   *   *


“ It’s late.”


“ I think I’m going to go to the hotel. Money is good, but I can’t make it if I don’t get any sleep.”


“ Okay, goodnight…”


“ Giles, before I go, one more thing.”


“ What’s that?”


“ Are you ever going to kiss me again?”




“ Giles?”




See? No plot to speak of, I’m so ashamed. Just a shameless little conversation piece because I was bored and the computer was just sitting here all by it’s lonesome.