Unbeknownst to him Angel meets the Buffy bot.

By Fayth -    5_by_5@faith-fan.co.uk

B)Horses eat hay. Im Buffy.
A)Er ok. i know that. How are you now?
B) Fine thank you. I was broken but Willow fixed me.
A)yeah i heard she must be pretty powerful to do that.
B)oh yes Willow is very powerful she is my best friend.
A)I know that Buffy, are you feeling alright?
B) do i look broken? i have to report to Willow if im broken.
A) Now im completely lost.
B)i could help find you, but i have no time for games.
A)why are you here? Buffy in LA?
B)i have an important mission.
A)you could have called, its called Professional Curtasy.
B)i`ll remember that thank you.Who are you?
A)(taken aback) Angel!
B)Angel was my ex-boyfriend. Hes a vampire, very very old and bad. Angels lame, his hair sticks straight up and hes bloody stupid.
A)(hands immediately in his hair) it sticks up?
B) Yes very badly.
A)why didnt anyone tell me, they know i cant see my reflection.
B)i have to go now.
A)wait who said i was stupid? And the hair is ok right?
B) Spike did.
A)Spike?? (murmers)its not like i dont use enough Gel.
B)After we had sex.
A)you had SEX WITH SPIKE? (hair is now forgotten.)
B)many times in different positions, i could draw diagrams.
A)i think im going to be sick.
B)maybe Willow can fix you. Willow fixes me.
A) obviously not very well.
B) do not talk about Willow like that or i will stake you.
A)You had sex with Spike?
B)Yes, hes the big bad.
A)oh God!
B) Yes i said that too.Many times. Spike likes it.
A)Buffy Stop!
B) i am stopped.
A)what happened to Riley?
B)Riley left,he was captain cardboard he got vampires to suck him and then left on a helicopter with the initiative. He was bloody stupid too.
A)im sorry
B)Your forgiven.I have to go now.
A)forgiven for what?
B)for being a sorry vampire
A)i dont even know who you are anymore.
B)im Buffy. Your Angel, you live in LA.
A)im not lame! And my hair is fine!
B)Goodbye (she leaves)
A)Fine! (quietly) it *is* fine right??