Angel, Spike, Riley And Buffy Triangle

By Fayth

Can you just imagine them fighting over Buffy? Angel and Spike? and then Riley comes in and hehehehehe sorry giggles abound:
"Are you kidding Spike, like Buffy could ever love you, your a Vampire" Angel
"Erm technically so are you" Riley
"i have a soul" Angel
"Yeah well i have a chip, nancy boy" Spike
"Like that means anything to me (mimics) "I have a chip" Angel
"Look guys i dont care who of us has a chip, since you both are over 100 its cradle snatching im more her age..." Riley
"Physically not mentally" Angel
" Yeah and the only Chip you have is the one on your shoulder, you had Buffy you cardboard cretin and you let her go." Spike
"i mean whats a chip anyway, i have a soul.. (mutters)" Angel
" I hate to break it to you but your both dead." Riley
"And you'll be joining us soon you little poof" Spike
"i mean a soul is better than a chip and i had Buffy first" Angel
"well im the only one who hasn't tried to kill her" Riley
"actually you tried to kick her ass the first time you two met in the corridor when you were trying to recapture me! And im the only one who hasnt broken her heart" Spike
"Only because she wont let you, you platinum prat" Angel
"Loser" Riley
"Poof" Spike
"Freak" Angel