Buffy's Hair

Buffy first arrives in Sunnydale with goldern blonde very big hair... *cringe*
By the end of the first season Buffy has managed to blend into Sunnydale High... and so has her hair.

After coming back from her "trip" Buffy has managed to loose most of her hair ( yay!!!)  and is going for a more lighter blonde look.  An effort to show how much more grown up she is???

Still leaning towards her layers from the first season Buffy has gone a little bit blonder and a tiny bit smaller with the hair.
Buffy has finally lost her layers... well most of em...
Buffy has gone a bit longer, much better
OOOhhhh! College, what better time for a new do, and I think the long sleek locks are perfect for our favorite slayer :) and goodbyyeeeeeee fringe!!!
Well, the sleek didn't stay for long, but curls are always fun!  
No longer a freashman Buffy has opted for a mix between curls and sleek :)
And with a new season a new do! Buffy has gone for a more classy look with her mix of curls and sleek!
And at the end of season 5 Buffy has opted for more of a ringlet look at the bottom and sleek and straight at the top! very nice :)

In the not seen yet episode Gone Buffy attacks her hair :S messy, hope this isn't a keeper!

Probably an attempt to make her look more grown up :S where is out immature Buffy!!!