Part 2 (of 6)

Smoochies first thing in the morning was a good thing, Cordelia decided. Angel vaguely wondered what the sly grin on her face meant when he felt his boxers being pulled down.

“Minx,” he teased between kisses.

“You like it,” Cordy countered. Things were about to get hot and heavy when a streaking brunette child barreled onto the bed. Giggling, the pajama clad child began to attack Angel.

“This boy has lousy timing sometimes,” Angel muttered.

Cordelia grinned as her two favorite men wrestled under the covers. The six year old boy was quickly pinned to the mattress, and was soon subject to a tickle attack.

“Momma, help me!” the boy giggled.

“Sure baby.” Cordelia grabbed a pillow and smacked the ex-vampire upside the head. Stopping, Angel turned and gave her a quasi-evil glare. Shrieking, Cordelia found herself subjected to the same treatment as the child was only moments before. “Connor, help me!”

Connor puffed his chest out like Superman and lunged onto the back of his Daddy. “I’ll help you momma!” The boy tried valiantly to hold on, but he soon joined his mother as the subject of a tickle attack.

Angel mercilessly tortured them until both cried uncle. Grinning, Angel kissed them both on the forehead before allowing them to get up. Angel kneeled by the bed and allowed Connor on for a piggyback ride.

“You grab a shower first,” Angel said. “I’ll put some food in the human vacuum here.”

“Gidyap!” Connor shouted. Angel neighed in compliance and trotted out of the bedroom and downstairs. Cordelia shouted a mock warning not to break anything before heading to the shower.

Today was Park Day. Cordelia enjoyed the day trips. It was just as much fun to watch Angel run around in the daylight as it was her baby boy.

“Oh shit,” Cordelia moaned. She barely made it to the toilet before vomiting. After rinsing her mouth out she grabbed a small box from the medicine cabinet. “Might as well,” she said.


After destroying Gunn at a football throwing game, Angel’s attention was once again focused on his Seer. “Where is she?” he asked aloud. “How long does it take to have a damn palm read?”

“Chill dog,” Gunn told the vampire. “She’ll be fine. Don’t you think you’d sense it otherwise?” Angel grunted in stubborn agreement. “Then shut up and come on. I want to whip your ass at the bb-gun range over there.”

“In your dreams, punk,” Angel mocked snarled. With a last long glance at the tent, Angel followed his friends to the shooting range.


The young woman was still in her journey. It was a pleasant one from the smile playing at the pretty girl’s lips.

“I hope this is the future you wish, young one,” the teller said.