Part 3 (of 6)

“Holy shit,” Cordelia muttered. She’d suspected this was true, but…holy shit. She blinked. Yup, still there. That was a plus sign.

“I’m pregnant,” Cordelia said decidedly. “I’m pregnant.” This time a smile covered her beautiful face. “I’m pregnant.” Rushing to the bedroom door she frantically called for Angel to come up. Running back into the bathroom to grab the HPT, she met the ex-vampire in the bedroom.

Angel had run Hell-bent up the stairs. His first instinct said Cordelia was in trouble and something needed to die. But the ecstatic look on her face told a different story. Cordy shoved a small device under his nose. “Look!” she shouted.

He vaguely recognized what the contraption was. And didn’t the plus sign mean…?

Shock spread across Angel’s face. “Yours?” he squeaked.

“No, Dork,” she rolled her eyes. “I found it in Laura Anderson’s trashcan down the block.”

“Mine?” Angel stuttered.

Cordy put on a mock hurt expression. “If I found this in Laura’s trash, then for your sake I hope not.” Seeing the confused look on her husband’s face made her decide to put him out of his misery. “You. Me. Baby.” Cordelia spoke slowly as if to a small child.

“You, me, baby?” he said. “You, me, baby?” Realization dawned on his face. “You, me, baby,” he said with more fervor. “You, me, baby!” Angel shouted as he grabbed his wife and twirled her around. “You, me, baby!”

“Angel!” Cordy shouted. As much as she loved the affection, she was getting pretty dizzy. “You can put me down, Dork!”

Angel finally realized what he was doing and gently set his love down. “God, I’m sorry! Are you okay? Do you need anything? Water? Something to eat? Do you need to lie down?”

Cordelia stared at him amused. “Angel! I’m not about to go into labor! You just made me dizzy!” Cordy slapped him playfully on the shoulder. “But you realize we’ll have to make a pit stop by the office to tell the news.”

“The gang!” Angel cried. “Yeah, they’ll be excited!” Angel grabbed his wife and kissed her deeply. “I’m going to be a Daddy with you!”

“Actually,” Cordy laughed, “I think I’m going to be a Mommy.” But Angel wasn’t listening. He was too busy think of names already.

“I tell you, having a little warning this time is great. We can prepare for things a lot better. What do you think about Delia for a girl’s name?” Cordelia just laughed at him before finally heading off to take her shower. Angel was still thinking of middle names when she got done ten minutes later.

The last person to look strangely at the man with the overhanging brow clutching a purple teddy bear nearly got himself decapitated. Since then, no one looked at the crazy man. Even his two companions pretended they didn’t know him.

“What the Hell is taking Cordy?” he said aloud for the fiftieth time. “I know it takes awhile for tea leaves to boil to be read, but she’s been gone too long.”

Gunn ignored the vampire and continued to throw darts at the balloons. He was gonna win that damn stuffed raccoon for Fred. Angel stopped his ranting long enough to watch Gunn fail miserably in his tosses.

“You’re doing it wrong,” Angel said. “It’s in the wrist.” Angel laid down a dollar and quickly popped the five balloons needed to win the raccoon. Fred smiled appreciatively at Angel while Gunn grumbled about getting a soda.

Done with the manly display, Angel’s eyes locked once more on the tent. She had been gone far too long for his liking. The carnival was no fun without her.