Part 5 (of 6)

“Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh!” the dark haired child screamed as he streaked naked and wet behind the chair Cordelia occupied.

“Come back here!” Angel shouted as he gave chase. Tripping over a soccer ball, the ex-vampire let loose a string of profanities that Cordelia didn’t want Connor learning. Angel was quickly back on his feet and again giving pursuit.

Cordelia barely looked up from her magazine as the child once again streaked by and as Angel slipped on a small puddle of water left in Connor’s wake. “You okay?” she asked barely able to keep from laughing.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Angel snapped. “It’s just a concussion, I’ll walk it off.” He slowly got to his feet and chased once more after the boy. Several minutes later she heard the screaming marking the trip to bed. Damn that boy was loud sometimes, Cordelia mused.

Angel limped into the living room and flopped down in a seat next to Cordelia. The ex-vamp was definitely winded and tired. “At least he’s not streaking at school anymore,” Cordelia pointed out.

The low groan he gave made Cordy grin. “I’m sorry, but sometimes that boy’s a pain in the ass.” Cordy shot a mock glare in his direction. The effect was minimal since he didn’t even bother to open his eyes.

“Well, in five or six years you can do it all over again.” Cordy ignored the ‘stake me now’ comment. The pair sat in silence for several minutes as Angel tried to catch his breath.

“I want a daughter,” Angel decided. “A little Cordy Jr. of my very own.”

“Cordy Jr.?” she asked disbelieving. “Sure why not? We already have the next Champion, might a well have the next Seer as well.”

“No,” Angel groaned. “I want at least one person in this household to be normal.”

“The child won’t be normal,” Cordelia explained. “He or she will be part demon. Maybe not a big part, but enough to make a difference. Besides, normal just isn’t that much fun. It’s abnormal all the way.”

“A guy can dream can’t he?” As much as he hated to admit it, Cordy was right. Being in this family was an automatic sentence into abnormality.

“I’m sure you’d love a daughter. Just think of all the fun you’ll have the first time she tries to bring a boy home.” Angel thoroughly enjoyed that prospect. The legalized chance to scare the shit out of some poor teenage boy was definitely intriguing.

“Too bad I can’t do ‘grr’ face anymore,” Angel sighed. “Wanna go to bed?” Angel asked. Cordelia gave an amused look. “What?” he defended, “I’m tired.” If he still had his vampire hearing he would have picked up the ‘sure you are’ comment. Instead he happily followed his wife up the stairs.

For some reason, the girl at the ticket booth was blinking at him strangely. Angel had noticed a lot of women had been doing that to him. Clutching the purple teddy bear closer, Angel wondered if there was a hayseed allergy affecting them or something.

“Hey Fred?” he asked. “You having any allergies or anything?” Fred just shook her head. “Strange,” Angel said. Gunn rolled his eyes at the dumbass. He was an insult to the male gender.

Angel handed the tickets over to Fred. “Wanna ride the Kamikaze with me Angel?” she asked.

Angel watched the ride that looked like two hammers rotating around an axis. They seemed to be going really fast. And upside-down. “No thanks, Fred.” Fred was about to try again to convince him when she noticed his gaze fell once more on the tent.

“You know, she’d been in there about 40 minutes. I’m going to get her.” Netiher was able to stop Angel from walking determined to the Teller’s tent.

“That boy’s got it bad,” Gunn observed.

“Kye-rumption will do that for ya,” Fred said.