Part 6 (of 6)

Angel sighed in contentment as Cordelia gently stroked his hair. The ex-vampire leaned into her touch, reminding Cordelia of a big cat.

Cordy loved this time of night. She would stay awake after her boys went to sleep and just watch them. Sometimes she could just stand in Connor’s doorway for hours watching the little boy sleep. She could do the same when it came to Angel. There were many tired mornings because she spent the night watching him sleep.

She liked to watch the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. She liked feeling the warmness of it tickle her cheek whenever he lay on his side. She liked resting her hand on his chest so she could feel the steady beating of his heart.

It still amazed her that this was the same man she knew from high school. The cold, dark, brooding figure she knew as Buffy’s boyfriend was long dead. The warm, kind, and caring figure he was now belonged to her.

Four years since his Shanshu. Sometimes it felt just like yesterday he was still among the undead. She had long since gotten used to his cold hands by the time he Shanshued. It took several months to become familiar with his warm touch.

She almost giggled when he rolled over and his warm breath hit her neck. Scooting closer to him, she allowed his sleep time reflexes to envelope her in a warm embrace. Cordelia liked this.

She allowed her demon hearing to focus in on his heartbeat. Thump. Thump. Thump. Then the beating became a little bit quicker. Cordelia smiled. “You’re awake,” she said.

Angel opened his eyes. “How’d you know?”

“I could hear your heart speed up. Dead giveaway.” Cordelia smiled coyly at him. “I also had other evidence that you had ‘aroused’ from sleep.”

Angel looked away in embarrassment. “You felt that, huh?” Cordy nodded in the affirmative.

“You still gonna feel that way about me when I become bloated and fat?” Cordy wondered.

Angel slowly stroked her cheek and gave her a deep kiss. “You’re pregnant,” Angel told her. “With our child. Do you know how sexy I think that is?”

“Tell me then,” Cordy demanded.

“How about I show you?”

Cordelia shot awake, the memory of Angel’s touch still fresh in her mind. She glanced around quickly trying to remember where she was. She saw Josephine sitting in the same chair as when she had entered the tent.

“Holy shit,” Cordelia said. “That was…”

“All that you’ve ever dreamed of?” Josephine supplied. Cordelia nodded in agreement.

“But it’s not real,” Cordelia sighed in disappointment. “That can never happen.” That fact nearly broke her heart.

“Why?” Josephine asked curiously.

“Mitigating circumstances,” Cordelia told her. The Seer rose from her chair and began to leave.

“What you saw IS a possible future,” the Teller told her. “But the future isn’t set in stone. The choices you make now can lead you on the road to your dreams.” Josephine shrugged her shoulders. “But if you do nothing, then you are right. That future never will happen. You can have the future you just saw. But you have to want it.”

Cordelia considered the possibility. Could it be true? Could that happen? Would Angel actually want her? Could she have the family she always wanted? Cordelia was damn sure going to find out. Reaching into her back pocket she pulled out some money.

“No child,” Josephine said. “I will not accept your money. Consider it a free-be.” Cordelia smiled and thanked the woman. Leaving the tent, she decided she wanted the dream. She hadn’t gone five steps when she found Angel.

“Cordy?” he asked. “Are you okay? You were gone a long time.”

For the first time, Cordelia saw the love that was in Angel’s eyes whenever he looked at her. They were the same eyes as from her dream.

“Angel, I have something to tell you.” Before he could respond, her lips were on his. Momentarily shocked, he tentatively responded. Soon, both were seriously caught in the experience. Women all around moaned when they saw the man with the teddy bear kissing the young brunette. When they separated, both were breathing heavily, even though one didn’t need to.

“I love you,” Cordelia told the vampire. Angel’s goofy grin in return gave her the answer she needed. He loved her too.

“Damn!” Gunn said. “I’ve got to get me one of those damn bears. The vamp’s got girls flirting with him all night, now he’s macking on a hottie.”

“Fortune tellers are wonderful things,” Fred sighed. Although she was slightly disappointed it wasn’t she who finally convinced them of their love. “But anyway, you don’t need a teddy bear.” Fred pulled down on his collar and gave him a kiss that made his knees go weak. “You’re cute enough as it is.” Fred grinned at the stunned man before going off to congratulate Angel and Cordy on their newfound love.

Gunn just stared after the girl for a moment before breaking out in a grin. His chest puffed up in pride. “I didn’t need no bear to get me a hottie,” he said.

The End