The "Daddy Issues" fanfic Challenge!!

Status: NOT TAKEN!


* Angel's father is brought back, why is up to you along with when and how.

*Angel's father has no qualms about telling everyone about Liam's past, especially Cordy.

*Angel acting much more like Liam (teasing, innuendoes etc.)

*Angel using the line "I just remembered why I used to drink a lot"

*Big confrontation daddy vs. son

*Cordy helping Angel through having daddy for a visit


* Big fear reaction from Angel when he sees his father

* Drunk!Angel

* Connor

* We find out why Angel chose the name Connor (if Connor is included)

* Angel's dad not liking Cordy much

* Angel's dad warning Cordy about Angel

* Angel's dad saying something about Cordy that Angel really doesn't like

* Good!Wesley relating to Angel (those with daddy issues stick together)

* How would a man from the 1700's react to women's outfits and attitudes??? *big grin*

* Daddy's attitude to Angel kicking evil butt.

* Daddy's attitude to Cordy kicking evil butt.

* Angel kissing a random girl just to piss off daddy (hey cordys right over there... *hint hint*)