The "Ex" Challenge

Status: TAKEN BY MUFF21*thanks* BTW, the fic is called 'Jealousy and Lies' be sure to read it!!!


* The Fang Gang go out for a night on the town... where is up to you and Angel meets up with an old (NON EVIL!) girlfriend.

*Angel must dance sexy with the ex, where Jelous!Cordy makes an appearence (cordy being all he doesn't dance!)
.....and possible making out, not really nessisary but it would piss off Cordy ;)

*Angel ends up in bed with the ex how is up to you but it would be cool if Cordy barged in and found her in his room in the morning then gets all paniked because of the happy clause ultimately being told that he didn't even know that clause existed until Buffy

*happy c/a ending

Bonus (and silly ones at that):

*Angel and the ex use the infamous "Hello Lover" line

*Drunk Fang Gang taking about most exciting place they've done it and funnily enough angel and the ex have the same answer...

*Cordy and the ex have a girl talk about my dear boy

* Groo or no groo is up to you but it would be funny if the ex called cordy on his likeness to Angel he he

*Angel whining somthing like "It was the sixties!"

*Some mention of Angel/Liam's irish whore-ness or accent or she mocks him for being irish ie. his wearing a cladah ring (which is pointing our for being single ;D ) or has some bailies in the cupborad or something