The 'Weapons Remark' Fic Challenge

Status: NOT TAKEN!!!

I got the idea from this quote:

Groo: "This weapon should serve me better"
Angel: "Little big for our purposes, don't ya think?"
Groo: "I've had no complaints...." (with a smirk at Cordy)
Angel: "Yeah...Uh-huh. Great..."


So I thought what would happen if somehow Angelus was brought back temperarily somehow and had a few things to say...

*Angelus Vs. Groo fight

*Cordy finds out about Angel's luurrrve feelings for Cordy

*Angelus taunts Groo like an 8 year old with a new pet  except this 8 year old has more inuendos than a horney teenager and an interesting experience at the ballet