Cordy's Hair

Cordy's hair in season 1 of BtVS was very dark, rather long and straight.
In the second season 2of BtVS she got some blonds highlights.
In season 3 of BtVS her hair was a light brown, a bit bigger and a bit longer.
In season 1 of Angel Cordy's hair was straight, sleek and a bit longer again.
As the season kept going Cordy's hair got curlier.
Cordy's hair got darker towards the end of season 1.
In season 2 Cordy's hair was straighter and darker.
Cordy's hair got darker and shorter as the season progressed.
Cordy's hair is shorter yet again.
Towards the end of the season Cordy's hair gained blonde highlights again.
Early season 3 and the highlights were gone and her hair was more framed around her face.
At the end of season 3 Cordy cuts off most of her hair and dyes it blonde!