I was watching the DVD for AI last night and looking at the special features and the deleted scenes, and I got to wondering what scenes ME has done over the years that were either deleted for time, because they didnít fit the ep as a whole, or were changed to make it more solid. So I plugged in the olí Psychic cheese and asked. This is what I got. In some cases there was even a commentary explaining why they changed or deleted the scene.

Deleted scene #1: From season 1 ep 7 ANGEL

Cut to the library door. Giles hangs a sign that reads 'Library CLOSED for filing. Please come back tomorrow.' He walks over to weapons case and lifts up the crossbow. He is studying it with a nostalgic gleam in his eye when Buffy comes in and sees him.

Buffy: Cool! Crossbow!

Giles: Quite. This(he says, hefting it for her view) is not your fatherís crossbow. (Turning it) double action, hair trigger, holds six bolts. When youíve absolutely Positively got to kill ever master vampire in the room, accept no substitutes!

Buffy: Hmm. Goodbye stakes, hello flying fatality. What can I shoot?

Giles: Umm. Nothing. The crossbow comes later.


Joss commentary: Originally we really liked this, but after looking at the entire episode it just didnít feel right. It was too soon for us to show that Giles wasnít , well, Giles.


Deleted scene #2: Season 6 ep 9 SMASHED

Spike and Buffy are sitting side by side in the alley on the stoop of the abandoned house. Spike suddenly stands up and paces a few feet then turns to face her.

Buffy: I want you to do me a favor.

Spike: Whatís that?

Buffy: I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

Spike: What?

Buffy: I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

Spike: I donít know about this.

Buffy: I donít know either, but itís been a long time since youíve been able to hit me. I donít even know if I remember what it feels like. Come on. Youíre the only person Iíd ask.

Spike: Me?

Buffy: Come on, Spike, Iím letting you go first.

Spike: This is crazy.

Buffy: Alright, go crazy. Let her rip.

Spike: Where do you want it? In the face?

Buffy: Surprise me.

Spike swings a wide roundhouse and clips the side of Buffyís head. She spins and clutches the spot with her hand.

Buffy: Ah! Mother-! You hit me in the ear!

Spike: Sorry. That didnít count.

Buffy: Like hell! That counted.

She punched him in the face and he flies through the door and into the house. She follows him.


Joss Commentary: When it all came down to it, it was a little too light and friendly for what we were going for. We wanted more tension, more emotion hidden there so that it could explode at the end like it did.


Deleted scene #3: It was supposed to fit in somewhere in After life, just to establish the forming of the troika, but it was deleted because the ep was just a little too serious, but it shows a front door. We see a blond kid, twitching nervously from foot to foot as he looks left and right and then knocks on the door. Itís ripped open and Warren, looking a bit harried steps out.

Warren: Hello?

Andrew: Hi. I found this at the Green Dungeon, hanging between the Warhammer 40,000 and the new Witchblade. UmmÖ Super-villain wanted to be part of a team. Do you have what it takes to rule Sunnydale?

Warren: Uh, yeah, this is the place.

Andrew: Cool.

Warren: So?

Andrew: Huh?

Warren: Do you? Have what it takes?

Andrew: Uh, I guess so.

Warren: Itís not really a guessing thing. You do, or you donít. Are you evil enough?

Andrew: Evil? Oh, sure. Evil. Iím evil.

Warren: What can you do?

Andrew: I can summon demons.

Warren: Really?

Andrew: At least I think I can. My brother could summon demons. He summoned a pack of hellhounds to wreck prom.

Warren: oh! That was good work.

Andrew: Yeah.

Warren: But itíll take a lot more than having a brother who summoned demons once. Itíll take dedication, craftiness, ruthlessness, evil plots. You have to plan. You canít get squeamish on me when weíre dealing with robbing banks, breaking into museums! (Working himself into a frenzy) Weíll be building freeze rays, controlling peoples minds, invisibility, weíll be making invisibilty rays. Youíll have to chip in. Everyone pulls his own weight. Thereíll be money. Cash, Diamonds. Women-

Andrew places his fingers over Warrenís mouth.

Andrew: ShhÖ (Tears in his eyes) You had me at hello.


Deleted scene #4 Season 5 episode 7 FOOL FOR LOVE: This was originally placed between Cecily telling William he was beneath her and William bumping into Angelus as he heads toward the alley where Dru ends up biting him.

Dru Angel and Darla are standing around. Watching people pass.

Darla: Who to eat? Who to eat?

Angel: So Much blood, so little time.

Dru: Iím going to make a dark knight.

Angel: What?

Dru: He will be evil. Powerful. Heíll be more famous than you.

Angel: Sure, Dru.

Dru: I am.

Darla: You couldnít make anything more powerful than a mutt. We donít need a mutt. Come on, Dru, pick a dinner.

Dru: I can so. Iíll make something beastly. ButÖ sweet. Heíll kill a slayer.

Angel: Right. Youíre going to make a master vampire.

Dru: Anyone can be a master, my Angel. Anyone. I could make my dark beast out of the pleasant little crumpets.

Angel: Anyone?

Dru smiles and nods evilly.

Angel: Fine, Dru. You can make a friend. I pick him, and if you donít turn him into a master withinÖ What do you say, Darla?

Darla: Twenty years.

Angel: Twenty yearsÖ Then you have to spend the next twenty living off pigs blood.

Dru: YuckÖ. Ok.

Darla: A game it is. How about that one?

Angel: No, too angry. Heíd end up like me.

Darla: Thereís only one you. That one!

Angel: No, heís letting his wife beat on him. Heíll wake up too twisted. She could make a master out of him.

Darla: That one?

Angel: Too Tall.

Darla: That one?

Angel: Too short.

Darla: That one?

Angel: Looks like a boxer.

Darla: Oh! Him!

Angel: Perfect.

Dru: But, Angel, he has glasses.

Angel: Sorry, Dru. Make him a master within twenty years, or itís pigís blood for you.

Dru: Fine.


Later we get treated to a quick scene that was taken out of the final cut. Itís the point when Spike is participating in his first real bloodbath and heís being accepted by the other three.

Spike is practiaclly hopping, heís so excited. He pulls Dru in for a kiss.

Spike: I feel like Harriet Smith in Emma, only without the whole mousy girl thing.

He smiles and kisses Dru again.