Title: DemonGirl (Well Half)
Author: FangGirl
Posted: 02-02-2002
Disclaimer: Joss and David and Mutant Enemy and a lot of others who are sadly not me.
Summary: Cordy and Angel talk
Spoilers: Birthday before Provider
Ratings: PG
Feedback: Does Lorne like to sing?
Dedication: To this new Board I found it is really cool its called Stranger Things.


"Cordy you awake" Angel said as he approched the form laying on his bed. It had been a few hours now since she awoke from the coma and they had returned from slaying the demon from her vision.

"Yeah you think I am ever going to actually sleep again." This was a statement not a question that Angel could answer and he knew it.

"How do you feel?"

"Better... not better. Angel?" Tears were now threatening.

Angel sweeped her up into his arms. "What is it?" He said softly. Cordy tried to dislodge herself from his grasp, he would not allow it. "You have to tell me Cordy no more secrets." With that he growled. He was still angry that she had not said anything and now everything seemed better but something was off and he could sense it.

"Things have changed Angel... Big huge things." She finally broke free and leaned back on the pillow and Angel joined her by her side.

"What? What has changed?"

"Can I ask you a question and you promise to tell me the truth? I mean we do have that no lie thing happening right now and all." Cordelia asked sheepishly.

"Yes, Anything."

"Do you really think I am just a rich girl from Sunnydale who thinks she is playing super hero and that I am weak?"

"No...never." Angel did not know where this was going but if he ever found out who gave her that idea he would kill them with a song in his heart.

"Liar!" Cordy jumped from the comfort of the bed.

"What, I am not lying I would never say that..." He saw that look in her eye that scared him that one that had gone away so many years ago at least to him. That guarded scared look.

"I was there Angel I saw you and you said all those things about me."

"How? What?"

"When I was having my oh so great out of body experience I taken to see you."

"Oh, Cordy I.."

"Don't Cordy I me." She stomped her foot.

"Is that all you heard! Did you not hear me say how scared I was that you where alone and that you don't deserve this and that I was more afraid of you dying than you were. Did You!"

"Oh, Angel"

"Didn't think so. I said those things Cordy because I was scared. I am never scared Cordy you know that but now with you and Conner I was scared. I need you he needs you."

"I am sorry."

"Why are you sorry?"

"Because I think I knew that. I knew that and it brought me back to you. It made me remember who I was and I am who I am because of you. So here is the tricky part. And do not I repeat do not go all grr on me."

"Should I sit back down?" He was scared again how does she do that?

"You should lay down I should probably chain you." Angel was now tense enough and Cordelia could see that the hint of gold was all it took for her to move on. "Ok so I got to live this dream about me being a famous actress and let me tell you nice living. Then I started getting the feeling like I forgot to do something and it leaded me back to you. You Angel. The you without me and you were certifiable. I was so scared and then I kissed you and got the visions back and Skip.."


"Yeah Skip can I get to the important part?" She sighed. He nodded. "Skip said as you now know human's can't handle visions. There was a loophole." She exhaled

"A loophole? Cordy what did you do?"

"Well let's just say we have more in common now" She smirked backing away from Angel. She giggled nervously.

"What does that mean!" Angel's eyes where back to boardering on yellow.

"Hi my name is Cordelia and I am half demon." She said quiclkly and waited for Hurricane Angel.


"Yeah me floating didn't clue you in?"

"Cor this isn't funny."

"I agree, but I needed you and you need me and I needed to not be dead. So that was that. I told him to."

"Cordelia do you know what you have sacrificed?"

"Yeah, I do and I am so happy. I had a choice and I chose you. I like us.. me the me I am now and what I saw was the old Queen C. No mission no great goal. I have goals now like a handsome vampire that shall remain with a soul if I can help it. I promised him that I would stay with him until he shanshus and a wonderful little guy that is my heart. So no sacrifices. See me over here not I repeat not sacrifice girl."

With that Angel held out his arms and Cordelia ran into them. "I don't know what to say?"

"Say thank you and gosh glad you are stickin around would be nice." She smiled at him.

"Thank you" And he kissed her.