This story takes place after the third season yet it was written before "Amends". The parts that are about the snow were added in after Amends. The ending is sad but the sequel is much happier. The song is called "Goodbye" by the Spice Girls. Youll know its the song cuz I put *these* around it.

*No, no, no, no/ Listen little child/There will come a day/When you will be able, able to say/Never mind the pain/Or the agggravation/You know theres a better way, for you and me to be/ Look for the rainbow, in every storm/ Fly like an Angel, heaven sent to me*

"Angel." Buffy said to herself as she paced back and forth in the graveyard. You know that whole thing where we cant see eachother...No...Angel, I think we should keep seeing eachother...Could that get dorkier? Angel..." " What?" Buffy was startled by the sound of Angel's voice. "Angel." "You said that already." "Right." "What?" "Huh?" They were both confused. Angel spoke up. "Well you were saying my name for a reason." "" Buffy decided that they were standing way to close...dangerously close. "I gotta go." She said as she started to walk away. "Buffy...Buffy just wait. Here's the thing. I dont think us not seeing eachother is agood idea. We got back together once, I dont see why we cant again..." Buffy's eyes got wide at the thought of Angel hearing her thoughts that she so openly expressed just minutes ago. "Um...Angel. How long were you standing there?" "I just walked up. Buffy I want to keep seeing you." "Really? I was gonna say the same thing. Let's walk." Buffy said flirtasiously as they walked away arm in arm.

Completely ignoring their duties they walked around Sunnydale for hours talking and laughing. Buffy thought she couldnt be happier. You see, after the snow fell on Sunnydale and they had gotten back together, all was well. Then reality hit Buffy. College was just around the corner. So she broke up with him. "To stop the pain before it starts" she had told him. But now she wanted and needed him. It was way to hard to stay away from him.

At last they ended up on Buffy's porch It was 2:15 in the morning and Buffy was exhausted. But she didnt want to go. They just stood there until Angel broke the silence.

"You should..." "Get inside, I know." Angel leaned down to kiss Buffy. She hesitated a bit but gave in.

"Um..." Was all Buffy could say as she pulled away. "Goodbye, Buffy>" Angel said. "Goodbye." Buffy added as she watched him leave.

*Goodbye my friend/I know youre gone, you said youre gone, but I can still feel ya here/ Its not the end/You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear/ So glad we made it, time will never change it, no, no, no*

Buffy turned away from the door. She felt like she was walking high in the clouds.

"You are walking on thin ice young lady." Crack. "Mom..." "You were supposed to be home three hours ago." "Mom I'm sorry but..." "No buts about it." Joyce interrupted. "Mom, Angel and I..." "Oh, Angel huh? Well the subject of Angel has consumed lately. I think you need a break from Angel. You are not to see him." "A break? I just had a 2 month break..." "What did I say?" "MOM! I really think youre overreacting." "I am NOT overreacting. You are not to see that boy until I say so." Joyce yelled as she walked away. Buffy hated it when she did that. Buffy persued. "Mom, you cant do that!" "Oh I can do that. You are my daughter and this is my house and I can make as many rules as I please and if you want to live here you will obey them. You are just a little girl Buffy." Buffy had tears in her eyes. "Not as little as you think. Buffy ran upstairs and slammed her door shut.

*Just a little girl/ Big imagination/Never letting noone, take it away/went into the world/ what a revalation/ She found, theres a better way, for you and me to be*

Buffy grabbed her bag and some money and snuck out the door. She didnt know where she was going but eventually ended up at Angel's house. She knocked on the door. Angel opened it. "Buffy what's wrong?" Angel asked, concerned, as he led her inside. "Buffy?" It took her awhile but she finally answered. "My mom...she told me I couldnt see you as long as I was living I left." Angel wa silent. He didnt know what to do. So he did what he could. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. She sobbed into his chest, then she was silent. "Sometimes...I feel like Im all alone and noone cares about me." "Is that what youre feeling right now?" Angel asked. She nodded as she continued. "Even though there are millions of people around me, I still feel like noone is ever there for me." "I'm here for you, Buffy. Do you want to stay with me?" Buffy looked up at him and smiled.

*Look for the rainbow, in every storm/Find out for certain/Loves gonna be there for you, youll always be someone's baby*

Joyce knocked on Buffy's door. "Buffy can I come in?" There was no answer so Joyce walked in. She found a very short note on the bed it read...

Mom, I am still in Sunnydale. If you want to talk, Angel and I will be at Starbucks between 6 and 7 pm tommorrow night. Goodbye.

*Goodbye my friend/I know youre gone, you said your gone but I can still feel ya here/ Its not the end/ Ya gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear*

The next day while Buffy was at school, Angel got a knock on the door. "Who is it?" 3 years ago I took you to LA. There you observed a girl turn from prom queen to vampire slayer...guess." Angel opened the door. "Whistler! What are you doing here?"

So then he told me I could stay there." Buffy told Willow and Xander as they wlked down the school corridor. Xander wasnt liking this idea. "Buffy Im not liking this idea. You should stay at my house. You could take my bed and Id bed, too." Willow hit him. "Xander," Willow turned back to Buffy. "And the rest is history?" "History." Buffy answered. "Wow."

" No, I wont do it." Angel was pacing back back and forth. "Angel we need ya there." "I wont leave her, not now." "Angel the town's overrun with demons." "Find someone else." "There is noone else. Angel, I need you to go to LA to help me fight the demons."

That night Angel and Buffy waited at Starbucks til almost 6:45. Then Joyce showed up. Buffy and Angel stood up. "Mom, hi." "Hello, Joyce." "Angel. Buffy. Look, Buffy, this is childish. Lets just go home." "First I have some terms. Number1: You let Angel and I see eachother. Number 2: You apologize to Angel. And Number 3: Well, there isnt a number 3." Joyce took a minute then said, "Fine. Angel I am sorry and you and Buffy can see eachother." "Thank you Mrs. Summers." "Can we go home now Buffy?" "First Im gonna walk Angel home." They walked off before Joyce could protest.

*So glad we made it time will never change it no, no, no.*

"Angel, whats wrong?" Buffy asked as they went into the apartment. " Buffy, Whistler came to visit me today." "Whistler, what'd he want?" "He asked me to go to LA to fight demons." " And you told him no, right?" Angel looked at his feet as he sat on the bed. "Right." Buffy felt a lump form in her throat. "Buffy, the town's overrun with demons..." "B-but we just got back together." "I know and thats what I told Whistler but Im the only one that can help." "No-Its not fair." Buffy started crying. "I know." Angel said as he pulled Buffy next to him." She looked up at Angel as she asked, "When?" "Sunday." "Buts thats in only 3 days away." "Then we have to spend as much tim etogether as possible until then. We both knew it was time." *You know its time to say goodbye*

And they did exactly that. Angel walked Buffy back to her house. On the way home, they were remembering the good times. Buffy remebered the first time she made Angel try an iced mocha. The look of disgust on his face was priceless. She laughed inside. Angel remembered the time Principal Snyder made Buffy volunteer for the school carwash. Angel went with her. Snyder wanted it to be miserable for her. Instead they had the time of their lives. They got to Buffy's house. Angel immediatly hugged Buffy. She hugged him back. "Come see me after school tommorrow?" He asked. "Sure." Buffy replied. "I'll see you then."

*The times when we would play about/The way we used to scream and shout/We never dreamt youd go your own sweet way*

For the next few days they spent all their time together. Saturday night rolled around and Buffy was feeling real sad. They were at Angel's place eating ice cream.

"So this is our last night together, Buffy." She nodded as a tear escaped her eye. "Will you stay here with me?" Buffy looked up. "Thats...forward." "Will you?" "I guess." "Good." Angel picked up her bowl and set it down on the table. He picked up her feet and slid them under the blanket. Then he did the same. Buffy was really glad he did that. She was gonna miss him so much. The next day while they were packing they barely said anything. After a while Angel finally said something. "Buffy." "Yeah?" "We have to look on the bright side. These kinds of situations always make for great meetings." They both chuckled a bit. "Buffy, Im gonna leave you the house. To take care of and... what not. Decorate it for me. I dont want to come back to a dull house." "Are you sure?" "Positive." She went to her bag and pulled out a picture of the two of them and set it on the desk. They sat together staring at it. *Look for the rainbow in every storm/ Find out for certain/ Loves gonaa be there for you, youll always be someones baby*

Night finally came and Angel had to go. They were standing outside his house along with the rest of the gang. Xander walked up to Angel. "I know we havent been to good of friends but...Im gonna miss ya." And then they did that cute hug thing that guys do where they slap eachothers back. Giles walked up to him next. "Um...take care, Angel." "I will." "Very good." Giles finished as they shook hands. Oz was after that. "I dont know you that well, Angel but Buffy likes you so Im gonna say your cool." Everyone laughed a little. Then Willow walked up to him. I made this. Its a protection spell. Wear it around your neck and if you need a refill, just call. Be very careful." "I will." Cordy moved up to him. "I'm gonna hug you now. And Buffy cant get mad cuz youre giving out hugs." Buffy smiled at Cordy as she hugged Angel. "Come back and visit, okay?" She added as she backed off. "Angel, Buffy..." "Mom." Buffy was surprised to see her mom walk up. "I just wanted to say goodbye and wish you luck. OH! and here." She finished as she handed Buffy a ticket. "Its a plane ticket to LA." Buffy was a stonished now at her mother's action. "Its round trip. You can go whenever you want, just you have to come back." Buffy hugged her mom. "Thank you." Joyce turned to Angel. "Be sure not to get hurt. Who knows what Buffy will do then." Everyone laughed at Joyce's strange but true remark. At last Angel moved to Buffy. "I dont know what to say..." Angel said quietly so that only they could hear. "How bout 'I'm not going...surprise'" Buffy answered just as quiet. "I'm gonna miss you so much." Angel said. "Me too. Angel...I dont want you to leave." "I dont want to leave but I have to." Angel hugged Buffy. As Angel was holding her, Buffy said, "You take care and you better not get hurt." Angel pulled away and pulled the small vile that held the protection spell out from under his shirt. He held it up to show Buffy. "I got a protection spell, remember. Have Willow make one of these for you. I dont you getting hurt when Im not there to help." "Okay." Buffy started to cry. "Dont cry, Buffy, please." "I cant help it. I dont want to feel this way right now." "I'll come visit you, and I'll write you everyday, I promise." Buffy bursted into tears as Angel wiped a tear from her eye. "Come on Angel, its time to go." Buffy held Angel even tighter as Whistler said that. Angel held her just as tight. Then he made Buffy look at him and kissed her. The kiss became more passionate. Only did they break from eachother when Whistler yelled, "Angel, buddy, were burning daylight...pardon the expression." Buffy, who's tears had subsided, once again burst. "I love you, Buffy." Angel whispered to her. "I love you, too." She whispered back. Once again they started kissing. They finally parted. Angel started to walk away, not letting go of Buffy's hand. Finally they reached the end of their fingertips and had to let go. "Goodbye, Buffy." "Goodbye." Angel didnt take his eyes off of Buffy as he climbed into the Ryder truck and they drove off. Everyone started to walk away but Buffy stayed until the truck was out of site. Willow walked up tp Buffy and touched her shoulder. Buffy walked away with the group as each consoled her. *Goodbye my friend/I know youre gone you said youre gone but I can still feel ya here/Its not the end/You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear/So glad we made it time will never change it no, no, no/No, no, no/You know its time to say goodbye/No, no, no/And dont forget you can rely/You know its time to say goodbye/And dont forget on me you can rely/I can help, help you on your way/I will be with you everyday/I will be with you everyday/I will be with you everyday***