Part 13/?

“I’m getting kinda worried about Donny.” Felicia remarked, a worried edge to her tone as she scoured the cooking pot that had contained the spaghetti that was tonight’s meal. “I mean…he hasn’t called since the concert…”

“I’m sure he’s okay.” Cordelia grinned as she took the newly washed pot and, after rinsing it, dried it. “Didn’t he say that he was going to be out of town for a few days?”

“Yeah…but…” Felicia began before her roommate cut her off.

“He said he’d make it back in time to help chaperone the dance…right?”


“And he knows better than to stand me up, right?”

“Yeah…” Felicia then grinned as Cordy put away the last of the dishes.

“That’s it then.” The young seer smiled as her roommate made her way to the living room. “So…stop your worrying and get your butt in here or you’re gonna miss “Bewitched”.

“Okay…Okay!” Felicia, forgetting for now her worries about her boyfriend, grinned widely as she sat on the couch and joined her roomie in watching Samantha and Darrin on the tube.


“Okay…you know what you’re supposed to do?” Darla flashed an evil grin as she eyed the dark haired butcher standing behind the counter.

“Uh…yeah…” The man stammered, “I just pour the stuff in this vial into the pig’s blood that guy always gets.”

“Good boy.” Darla smirked as her eyes flashed a predatory gleam. “You do like I tell you, and I promise you’ll get what’s coming to you.”

“Don’t worry.” The butcher replied with a leer. “I’ll do it…you just make sure you live up to your end of the deal.”

“Oh…I will.” The blonde vampire leered back as she hungrily eyed the man’s neck. “You come through, and I’ll give you a special treat.”


As the two roommates sat watching the television and laughing outrageously as Uncle Arthur gave Darrin yet another hotfoot, the phone rang. Picking up the heavy receiver, Cordelia frowned in concern as she heard Edmund’s voice. “Cordelia?”

“Yeah, Edmund.” The seer answered in a low voice. “What can I do for you? Felicia and I are just sitting here watching Bewitched right now…” She said in a conversational tone, informing the English Watcher that she was not able to talk freely.

“I quite understand, Cordelia.” Edmund, picking up on the hint, replied. “I did further research on the ritual and found that, in order for it to work; it must be done during the new moon.”

Looking up at the calendar, Cordy frowned. “That would make it this weekend then?”

“Correct.” The Englishman affirmed. “They’ll need to secure both Angel and their sacrificial victims by then.”

“The Spring Dance.” Cordelia said softly.

“Excuse me?” Edmund, confused, asked.

“The Spring Dance on Saturday.” The time traveling seer frowned. “Most of the high school will be there, you know…”

“Of course!” The Watcher exclaimed. “All those young people gathered together…” His voice then trailed as both he and Cordelia came to the same conclusion.

“Yeah.” The seer replied in a soft voice. “So…I know I can count on you to be there to help…chaperone…but…what about…you know…that girl we were talking about? I mean she was specially…Chosen…for this type of stuff, right? I hear she’s so good, she can really…slay…the type of audience we’ll be dealing with…if you know what I mean.”

“The problem is…the current Slayer is behind the Iron Curtain.” Giles admitted ruefully, “In Kazakhstan I believe. It would be physically impossible to have her here in time.”

Grimacing as she heard the bad news, Cordelia then said in a low voice, “That means it’s just us then.”

“I’m afraid so.” Edmund replied.


Without saying a word, Angel handed the money over the counter to the butcher who then handed him two jars of pig’s blood in a paper bag. As he walked down the main street of the small town, the light from the streetlamps and shops illuminated his face, displaying clearly his troubled countenance. Ever since the stranger had come into his life, the cursed vampire had found himself in an almost constant state of confusion. In many ways, the half-demon seemed to know him better than he himself. Cracking a slight smile in spite of himself, Angel shook his head as he remembered his first reaction on seeing the lithe brunette in that see through mini she wore.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get today’s styles.” He laughed lightly, still shaking his head in disbelief and bemusement as he opened the door to his apartment building. “Women today…”


“Is everything in readiness?” The Grandmaster asked as he approached Luke, Darla, and the newly vamped Donny.

“Yes, Most Unholy One.” Luke, bowing his head respectfully, replied. “Darla has set in motion the plan to bring Angelus to us, and we have found the perfect harvesting ground for the sacrifices.”

“Oh?” The vampire elder inquired. “Where and when?”

“Here.” Darla, while outwardly maintaining a respectful appearance before the Grandmaster, permitted an evil grin to cross her demonic features as she handed a small mimeographed flyer to the ancient.

“What is this?” He asked, curious as he held the human document with the lettering,

Where: The Bronze
When: This Saturday Night

“This is where we are going to get our sacrifices.” Darla smirked. “All those young innocents packed together in one place…

“Perfect.” Luke grinned as the Grandmaster nodded his head approvingly.

“What of the half-demon?” The ancient then asked.

“That’s why Donny’s here.” Darla flashed yet another evil grin as she took the newly made vampire’s hand. “He can get close to her and, at the right time…”

“Remove her.” Luke flashed a predatory grin of his own as he finished his younger sibling’s thoughts.


“I tell ya, tomorrow’s dance is gonna be a blast!” Tony Harris laughed as he slapped his brother Rory on the back.

“I hear ya, man!” Rory smiled back as the two walked down the crowded hallway to their next class. “Gonna be lotsa chicks there…” He leered, then, spotting Cordy walking down the hall with the normally mousey looking Jenny, now sporting a new geometric style hairdo and wearing a stylish mini, the Harris brother gasped in astonishment. “Ain’t that Jenny Brooks walking with Miss Chase?”

“Yeah.” The equally astounded Tony, not believing his eyes at how different the shy Jenny looked now, called out, “Hey, Brooks! Think you’re so fine now? You gonna turn into a paper shaker or something?”

At first upset by Tony Harris’ taunting remarks, Jenny, seeing Cordelia’s slight smile and gentle nod of her head, quickly regained her confidence. “I don’t think I’m so fine, Harris…I know I am—so why don’t you and Rory just flake off?”

Putting on her sternest expression, Cordelia then chimed in, “You heard her, losers…split!”

As the Harris brothers took off towards their class, Jenny looked up at Cordelia and asked, “You really think I could be a cheerleader?”

“Sure!” The former head cheerleader beamed. “I’ll show you some of my old moves this afternoon during your free period! Next year at tryouts—you’ll be a shoo-in!”

“Cool!” Jenny smiled as she turned towards her classroom. “I’ll seeya later, Miss Chase.”


“Donny!” Felicia beamed as she heard her boyfriend’s voice over the telephone. “Where have you been, man? I’ve missed you!”

“I’m sorry, baby.” The newly made vampire grinned evilly as he talked on the phone, the blood-drained body of his friend Scott lying at his feet, “But I had to help Scott move some stuff to his new pad.”

“Oh…okay.” Felicia said as she sighed in relief. “How’s Scott doing?”

“He’s blitzed.” Donny lied while Darla, smirking, rested her chin on his shoulder.

“Figures.” Felicia laughed. “So…you’re still comin’ to the dance, right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world, baby.” The vampire leered. “Is Cordy’s man, Angel gonna be there?”

“She’s not sure.” Felicia replied. “She said her and Edmund were planning on picking up Jenny and bringing her over.”

“Cool.” Donny smirked. “I’ll be by to pick you then.”

“Groovy.” Felicia smiled. “I’ll seeya then.”


“Thanks, Edmund.” Cordelia flashed a slight grin as she sat down on the couch in the English Watcher’s hotel room, sipping gratefully from the cup of hot Earl Grey tea that he gave her. “I never realized how tough a job your son had…” She then shook her head, “Tough enough being Buffy’s Watcher—but librarian and having to deal with me and all the other students too!”

“My son will be a librarian here?” Edmund asked, astonished, “And he will be a Watcher to this Buffy? Will she be who I think she is…a Slayer…The Slayer?”

“Ummm…I think I said too much.” Cordelia said sheepishly as she sipped her tea. “Forget I said that…please.”

“No, Cordy…” The Englishman said in a kindly voice, “You’ve just confirmed what I’ve always believed in my bones. You see, my dear…there are certain prophecies known to only a very few that deal with the next several years. One of them concerns a very special Slayer—one who will play an enormous role in averting several great catastrophes.” He then looked into the young time traveler’s hazel eyes, “They also concern a certain Champion and his Seer.” Chuckling at the startled reaction on Cordelia’s face, he continued, “Why else do you think I would have flown half way around the world on the basis of a brief phone call I received from a complete stranger? Of course, I had to be sure you were, in fact, The Seer, but once we met and talked, I was convinced.”

“Wait…you mean to tell me that me and Angel are mentioned in your prophecies? What do they say about us?” Cordelia, now inquisitive, asked as she set her tea cup down.

Smiling gently, the English Watcher replied, “Just as you must keep certain secrets about the future to yourself in order to avoid disrupting time, so must I. But, I think I can tell you that you both are about to embark upon a most…interesting…journey.”

“Oh…okay.” Cordelia stammered, and then, froze as she saw Angel sitting down in his chair. She then saw him sip the tainted blood from his cup. Then, the pain…writhing on the floor…dark figures picking him up…a cavern…Jenny…the Harris brothers…Ira Rosenberg…a bloody sacrifice…the Master rises.

“Cordelia…” Edmund, seeing his companion in what appeared to be a catatonic trance, anxiously snapped his fingers in front of the young Seer’s face in an effort to get her attention. “Cordelia!”

Recovering, the lithe brunette stammered, “Vision…we have to get to Angel’s…NOW!” Getting up from the couch, she quickly grabbed her coat as she exited the room, the confused Watcher following close on her heels.


Sitting down, Angel sighed as he gazed down upon the mug in front of him. Once again he and his demon were engaging in their never ending war as he sniffed the odor of the pig’s blood. “You’ve forgotten how good it tastes. Warm…pulsing…full of life…of passion. You’ve become tamed…a lap dog. You—the most feared of the feared—the Scourge of Europe—reduced to sipping cold pig’s blood from a coffee mug.”

“Leave me alone!” The tormented vampire shouted out into the empty room. “Leave me alone!” His demon once again silent, Angel picked up the mug and drank deep.

As he drank, he noticed something off about the blood. Then, it happened. The mystical poison coursed through his body, wracking it with searing pain. “No…No…” He yelled, the pain becoming unbearable as he staggered about until, unable to stand no more, he collapsed in heap by the bed.

“Now.” Darla, waiting at the door, said to the two hired thugs standing next to her. Breaking down the door, the two men rushed in, and picking up the unconscious figure of the dark vampire lying on the floor, staggered out, dragging the limp figure between them.


“We’re too late!” Cordelia cried as she and Edmund burst through the open door into Angel’s apartment only to find a tipped over chair, his mug of blood on the floor, its contents all but spilled out onto the linoleum tile. “They’ve gotten to him.” Then, in tears, she looked up at Edmund and pleaded, “Why did the Powers send me the vision if they didn’t intend for me to get to him in time? Why?”

“Maybe it wasn’t just Angel they intended for you to save.” The Watcher consoled as he laid a gentle hand on the young woman’s shoulder. “Tell me about the rest of your vision.”

“I saw…people…friends…being sacrificed and the Master rising.” Cordelia replied in a soft voice as she surveyed the apartment of her future partner and best friend.

“Then that’s who we must concentrate on saving.” Edmund said in a calm, level voice. “They cannot finish the ceremony without making the necessary sacrifices. We stop them…we save Angel…right?”

Cordelia, regaining her equilibrium, nodded her head as she picked up the mug. “There’s some blood still in here…”

“Excellent.” The English Watcher replied. “Is there some place with a chemistry lab near here? We can analyze its contents and determine exactly what poison they infected Angel with. If we can do that, we should be able to ascertain the appropriate antidote.”

“Sunnydale High.” Cordy said. “It’s got a chem. lab—that should do it.”

“We should be off then.” Edmund said as he gently shepherded the Seer out of the apartment.


“We have it!” Edmund said triumphantly as he held up the test tube, the antidote that he slipped into the vial containing the tainted blood changing its color from a dirty brown to bright red. “We need to make sure that Angel gets this into his system.”

“How long will it take for it to work?” The Seer asked, concerned.

“Thanks to his enhanced metabolism, almost immediately.” The Watcher replied with a warm smile as he filled two syringes with the contents of the antidote, giving one to his partner and keeping one for himself. “It’ll get into his system faster if it’s injected.” He explained upon seeing Cordelia’s questioning gaze.

“Cool.” She smiled as she regarded the distinguished Watcher. Then, a determined look crossing her face, she said in a level voice, “Now, I guess we need to get ready for the Dance.”

“I’ve got some of what we need here.” Giles replied as he opened his valise, producing a crucifix and vials of holy water.

“Groovy.” Cordelia said as she took the cross and vials, slipping them in her purse. “And I’ve got my version of Mr. Pointy right here.” She finished as she patted her boot where she had her stake concealed. Then, looking at the clock, she gasped. “We better hurry though, we’ve only got a couple of hours to get changed. Donny’s supposed to pick up Felicia and you’re gonna pick me up and then we’re getting Jenny—right?”

“Right.” Edmund simply nodded his head as he gathered his supplies.


“Looking groovy, Jenny!” Cordelia grinned.

“I’ll say!” Felicia smiled warmly as she and Donny joined the young woman and her companions, the Seer and Edmund, himself looking distinguished in a well tailored tweed suit.

“Thanks.” Jenny flashed a nervous smile as she put on her hat and smoothed out the black and white mini that Cordy and Felicia had chosen for her at the Mod Shoppe.

“Hey!” Cordelia said as she recognized her youthful protégé’s nervousness. “No looking down now. Don’t forget what I told you in the car, when you walk in that place—you OWN it and everyone in it—well—you, Felicia, and I do! Keep your head up, kinda give your hips just a little sway—but not too much—you’re not a slut—and remember your eyes. When a boy comes up to you and asks you to dance—use your eyes and body to tell him that you’re doing him a favor just letting him be in the same space you’re in. Your mission is to twist him around your little finger—that’s what boys are here for—right? Remember one thing though—being popular is an obligation—it’s not an excuse to be mean.” The Seer said as she remembered the cruel things that she had said and done during her time of popularity. “If I EVER catch you behavin’ like her…” The former Queen of Sunnydale High then jerked her head towards the current Queen and her court, now walking into the Bronze, her voice tone now deadly serious, “I’ll put you down but good—got it?”

“I got it.” Jenny said in a soft voice.

“Cool!” Cordy smiled back as she saw that the younger lady had indeed gotten the message. Then, addressing Felicia as well, she beamed. “Okay, ladies. Let us go forth and conquer!”

Walking behind the ladies, Edmund glanced over at Felicia’s boyfriend. Although he barely knew the man and had only spoken a few words to him, the experienced Watcher felt the hairs on the back of his neck tingle. Fingering the small crucifix in his jacket pocket, the Englishman continued to walk silently towards the party already crowded with dancing teenagers.


It seemed that all eyes turned towards the three women as they entered the Bronze. Jenny, wearing her outfit, Felicia in a red cocktail mini, and Cordelia, looking absolutely gorgeous in her silver and gold scaled mini that shimmered with the reflected light, silver go-go boots and silver hat, immediately attracted the attention of the students and chaperones. As an especially good looking boy wearing a Sunnydale letterman’s jacket approached Jenny bearing a cup of fruit punch which he immediately offered the raven haired young woman, Cordelia smiled with approval as she saw how smoothly Jenny had commenced to wrap the young man around her finger. Then, as the music began to play, Cordelia impulsively grabbed the normally reserved Edmund by his tie and dragged him to the dance floor.

“Come on, Edmund…” She smiled coyly, “Don’t be such a fuddy-duddy!” Then, her voice taking on a nervous edge, she pleaded, “I have to do something to take my mind of Angel—even for just a moment! If I don’t do something…anything…I’m going to collapse right in front of you.”

As they danced to “Wipe Out”, Cordelia sighed in relief as the music and the physical exertion did, in fact, temporarily take her mind off the tormented vampire who had become her best friend. Glancing at the other couples on the floor; she permitted herself a slight smile as she saw Jenny and her young man and Felicia and Donny gyrating to the music. Even Edmund seemed to be having a good time, the seer mused as the music wound down, to be replaced now with a slow song. Signaling to her partner that she still wanted to dance, Cordelia allowed herself to get lost, for a moment, in the lyrics of the Beach Boys classic,

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older
Then we wouldn't have to wait so long
And wouldn't it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong

You know its gonna make it that much better
When we can say goodnight and stay together

Wouldn't it be nice if we could wake up
In the morning when the day is new
And after having spent the day together
Hold each other close the whole night through

Happy times together we've been spending
I wish that every kiss was neverending
Wouldn't it be nice

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true
Baby then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do
We could be married
And then we'd be happy

Wouldn't it be nice

You know it seems the more we talk about it
It only makes it worse to live without it
But lets talk about it
Wouldn't it be nice

As she soaked in the lyrics of the tender love song, Cordelia, looking up, saw, for the briefest of moments, Angel. Sighing inaudibly, she looked up again, but, instead of the face of the vampire, she saw Edmund.

“Are you all right, my dear?” The English Watcher asked in a kindly voice.

“I was just thinking of Angel…” Cordelia said in a soft voice as her eyes began to moisten. “I…failed him. I should have been at his place sooner—should have stopped them from taking him away…should have prevented him from taking that poison in the first place.”

“The Powers have their own way of doing things, Cordy.” Edmund replied in a kindly, almost fatherly voice. “We will find and free Angel. Have no doubts about that. But you also have to remember that your visions weren’t so much about Angel as they were about all these innocents here.” He then subtly motioned at the dancing youths, “Look at them…laughing…dancing…singing…all unaware of what is about to happen. They need you as much as Angel does.” He then smiled warmly at the young seer. “Have as much faith in yourself as I do…as Angel does.”


As Edmund finished his words, the Beach Boys faded away, to be replaced by Strawberry Alarm Clock’s “Incense and Peppermints”. Unfortunately, that was the moment they chose to strike.

Good sense, innocence, cripplin' mankind
Dead kings, many things I can't define
Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind
Incense and peppermints, the color of time

Darla, flanked by two other vampires, with at least three others behind her, all wearing their game faces, burst into the dance club. The blonde vampire effortlessly picked up the teacher standing guard at the entrance by the throat, and tossed him to the side. “Okay, boys.” She sneered as she looked at the now stunned crowd. “You know what you have to do—get the twelve for the sacrifice and a few more to snack on afterwards.”

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win but nothin' to lose

Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns
Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around

Look at yourself, look at yourself, yeah, yeah
Look at yourself, look at yourself, yeah, yeah, yeah!

To divide this cockeyed world in two
Throw your pride to one side, it's the least you can do
Beatniks and politics, nothing is new
A yardstick for lunatics, one point of view

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win but nothin' to lose

Seeing the vampires attack, Cordelia groaned as she pulled out her stake, “And I was starting to groove on this song.” She quipped as she turned towards the first vamp, who was at that moment moving towards Jenny and her dancing partner. “Jenny—run away—NOW!” Cordy shouted as she rushed towards her young friend, now frozen with fear. Reaching Jenny at the same time as the vampire, the time traveling seer lunged with her stake, striking him in his heart. As he vanished into a pile of ash and dust before the disbelieving eyes of the raven haired brunette, Cordelia quickly cast about for her next target.

Edmund, seeing two vampires rush towards a huddled grouping of boys and girls, took out several vials of holy water. Throwing them as he would grenades, the English Watcher smiled with satisfaction as most of the vials impacted against the vampires, driving them away in agony.

Good sense, innocence, cripplin' mankind
Dead kings, many things I can't define
Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind
Incense and peppermints, the color of time

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win but nothin' to lose

“What’s going on here, Donny?” Felicia, near panic, cried out as she turned to her boyfriend, only to gasp in fear as she saw his face morph into its demon visage.

“The beginning of the end, baby.” The newly made vampire grinned evilly as he bared his fangs. Then, grabbing his girlfriend he bared her neck. “Don’t worry, baby—I’m not gonna kill you—I’m gonna make you just like me.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that, Buster.” Cordelia said, tears rolling down her cheeks, as she plunged her stake into the back of the creature that had once been her friend. “I’m sorry, Donny,” She sobbed as the once happy young man disappeared into dust and ash.

Incense and peppermints
Incense and peppermints

Sha la la
Sha la la
Sha la la
Sha la la
Sha la la [fade]

“What…what happened…” An astonished Felicia asked as Edmund placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “What happened to Donny? Someone tell me…please…”

Jenny then staggered over to where Cordelia, Felicia, and Edmund stood. “Who…what…attacked us?” She asked as the survivors began to slowly pick themselves up. “I saw them take Ira and the Harris brothers and a bunch of other kids…”

“We have to move quickly, Edmund.” Cordelia said in as matter of fact a voice as she could muster as her eyes took in the carnage about her.

“I know.” The Watcher replied. “But where would they have taken them?”

“I think I know.” Cordy replied as she remembered Buffy telling her of the secret entryway in the mausoleum.

“Then we should go.” Edmund said, his face reflecting his anger at the vampires’ violation of these young people.

“I’m going with you.” Felicia, through her sobs, said simply.

“I am too.” Jenny added.

“No…you’re not…” Cordy answered. “Neither of you are—it’s too dangerous.”

“Those…things…did something to Donny!” Felicia protested. “And I’m not gonna let ‘em get away with it!” She then glared at Cordelia and Edmund. “You two know what the hell’s going here—now I wanna know and I wanna know now!”

Cordelia then looked at Edmund and slowly nodded her head. The English Watcher then cleared his throat. “Very well…I shall answer all your questions…but we must hurry…time is most definitely of the essence.”

“Yeah.” Cordelia agreed. “We have to get Angel and those kids back—especially the Harris’ and Ira—otherwise—no Willow or Xander and the future’ll be changed—and not in a good way!”

“Wait…” Jenny then interrupted. “What did you say about the future being changed?”

“I’ll tell you in the car.” Cordy said as the foursome made their way towards the exit. “It’s a long story.” Then, muttering under her breath, she added, “Now, I’ve got my own Scoobie Gang.”


Stirring back into consciousness, Angel looked about only to find that he was suspended upside down over a murky pool with the bodies of several boys and girls on either side of him. “Welcome back, lover.” Darla grinned as she saw that her child had come to.

“Where…” Angel stammered as he tried to gain his bearings, “What…”

“Where? You’re beneath the high school” Darla explained. “What? Well…we slipped a special something into your blood. You see…we need you to awaken our Master. Well…not so much you as your blood…and the blood of those others of course.” She smirked as she waved her hand in the direction of the others hanging next to him.

Looking into the eyes of his sire, Angel said in a low voice, “Darla…no…you don’t really want to do this…”

“You’ve been living amongst them…” The blonde vampire once again motioned at the hanging humans, “…for far too long, Angelus.”

“She is right, Angelus.” The tormented vampire then turned towards the sound of Luke’s deep voice. “But do not concern yourself…you sacrifice is in a most unholy cause—is that not so, Grandmaster?”

The hooded vampire simply nodded his head as he set both the Liber Arcanum and the Dagger of Agamemnon down on the altar. Then, opening the book of dark magic, he began to chant.


“I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that vampires are real.” Jenny said as she helped empty the water filled fire extinguishers that Cordelia and Edmund had ‘liberated’ from the high school.

“I know what you mean.” Cordy smiled back as she came in carrying just blessed holy water. “But don’t worry, once they start chasing you, you’ll accept it pretty quick.”

“And you’re from the future? And you get visions of what’s gonna happen?” Felicia then said in a soft voice as she poured the holy water into one of the now empty fire extinguishers. “So…why didn’t you get one of Donny?”

As she looked upon the distraught face of her roommate, Cordelia hugged her. “I’m sorry, Licia…really I am…it’s just that that’s not how the Powers work. They’re the ones who send me these visions…and well…I’m sorry about Donny…I wish I could have done something…I wish I had known…I know it’s not much…and I don’t blame you for hating me…”

“Oh…I could never hate you, Cordy!” Felicia said through her sobs. Then picking up a stake, she said. “It’s them! They did this…and I’m gonna make ‘em pay for it!”

Seeing the look on her friend’s face, Cordelia then said in a commanding tone. “Felicia…I don’t want you doing anything stupid here. You and Jenny’s job is to get those people outta there. Me and Edmund will deal with the vamps—you two just live…” Then, looking at Jenny as well, the lithe brunette included her in the conversation, “No heroics here! I wanna see both of you in the Magic Box—that’s what the Mod Shoppe becomes—in 2002! Both of you got that?”

“Yeah.” Jenny said in a soft tone.

“I got it.” Felicia finally agreed. “No heroics.”

Edmund then came into the room bearing stakes and weapons. “Here…I trust you know how to use this.” Edmund said as he handed a sword to Cordelia.

Expertly wielding the blade, Cordelia flashed a slight grin. “I’m no Slayer, but yeah, I know how to handle one. This’ll get the job done.” Then, seeing that everything was ready, she nodded her head. “Okay…let’s roll.”


As the chanting picked up in volume, the Grandmaster brandished the Dagger of Agamemnon. “With this blood offering…” The elder vampire intoned in Greek, “…we beseech the Lower Powers to grant us this boon. Return to us our Master and bring forth the denizens of the Hellmouth to once again walk the earth…” Then, approaching Angel, the Grandmaster made two incisions on his bare chest. As his blood dripped into the pool, the waters began to seethe as the chanting increased in volume.

Returning once again to the book, the Grandmaster began to recite the next chant in the liturgy, but, before he could complete it, an explosion and cloud of smoke obscured the room. Bursting into the room, Cordelia, striking quickly, decapitated one vampire with a clean stroke while Edmund’s crossbow bolt struck home. Rushing quickly, the two experienced fighters cleared the way for Jenny and Felicia, both carrying fire extinguishers filled with holy water. Felicia, seeing one vampire sneaking up on Cordy, let loose a spray of holy water, striking the vampire square in the back. Smiling in satisfaction at this partial vengeance, the lovely strawberry blonde then joined Jenny at a winch. Turning the wheel, both women slowly pulled the hanging figures away from the pool.

Rushing quickly to Angel, Cordelia injected him with the antidote. “It’s okay, Angel…this’ll make you better.” She cooed as Felicia and Jenny freed the others and began to lead them towards the surface.

Recovering quickly, Angel smiled as he looked up at the face of the seer who had saved. “Thank you…I feel better already.” He said as he stood up.

Outraged at this daring intrusion, the Grandmaster shouted out to Luke and Darla, “Get them. Kill the defilers at once.”

Pointing towards Cordelia, Angel and Edmund, Luke snarled at a group of stunned vampires, “What are you doing standing around—KILL THEM!”

“Company’s coming!” Cordy called out to Edmund as she saw the throng of vampires surge towards them. “I think it’s time for our little surprise!” Then, turning towards Angel, she flashed a slight smile as Edmund broke out a bottle with a rag stuck in it. “You might wanna stand back a bit—it’s gonna get awful hot in here!”

Flashing an wicked grin of his own, the English Watcher set the rag on fire and then tossed the bottle and its contents at the charging vampires. Upon hitting the hard ground, the Molotov cocktail burst into flames, immediately setting three vampires ablaze. “I say…” Edmund gloated, “I rather enjoyed that.”

“Yeah…well…don’t get cocky…” Cordelia smiled back, “Cause we got more coming.” She then pointed towards several vampires coming at them from the other side.

Shaking his head as he saw the vampires approaching, Edmund asked, “What of Felicia and Jenny and the others?”

Looking back, Cordelia saw that the girls were even now helping the last of the prisoners out. “They’re getting the hell outta Dodge.” She answered. “And I think we oughta too.”

“Good idea.” Angel snarled as he picked up one of the attacking vampires, and using him as a log, tossed him into the midst of his fellows.

“Edmund!” The time traveling seer commanded, “Go on back and help Jenny and Felicia. “Me and Angel’ll cover you.”

“Are you quite sure?” The Watcher asked as he decapitated a vampire with his battle axe.

“Yeah…we got it covered.” Cordy smiled as she saw Angel pick up a sword and, swinging it in a broad arc, easily remove the heads from two vampires standing next to each other.

“I see that you have.” Edmund smiled back. “We’ll see you outside the mausoleum. Do hurry though…it seems they’re rather agitated.”

“GO!” Angel then said as he began to make his way towards Darla and Luke, who were even now making their escape.

Seeing his intentions, Cordy grasped the cursed vampire’s arm. “No Angel…we have to let them go!”

“Why?” Angel asked as he brandished his sword.

“Cause of the future!” Cordy admitted.

What?” Angel, startled, exclaimed as he slew yet another vampire.

“I’ll tell you about it later!” Cordelia sighed. Then, spotting the Grandmaster trying to slip out, she pointed towards the grey hooded figure. “If you wanna kill someone—kill him!” She shouted as she decapitated another vampire.

“Right.” Angel said simply as he took off after the now fleeing ancient. Then, catching up to him, the ensouled vampire snarled. “Hey! Don’t go away…I thought you wanted a sacrifice…well…here’s one!” With that, he swung his sword in a broad arc, swiftly and cleanly decapitating the elder vampire moments before he could finish the incantation that would have rendered Angel mere dust.

Looking about the now empty cavern, Cordelia sighed as Angel approached her. “Well…I don’t know how we did it, but we did it.” Then, looking at the pool containing the Master, Cordelia sneered, “I’m sure Buffy sends her regards and I’ll see you in thirty years, Fish Face.”

As the pair walked out of the cavern, Angel turned towards Cordelia and asked, “Who’s Buffy?”


As Cordy and Angel emerged from the mausoleum, they saw Felicia, Jenny, and Edmund standing there waiting for them, along with the now released prisoners. Seeing the still groggy Harris brothers and Ira Rosenberg among those freed, Cordelia sighed in relief. “We better get everyone back to town.” She said as she flashed a bright smile of triumph.

“What do we tell ‘em?” Felicia then asked, “I mean…we can’t tell ‘em that they were attacked by a bunch of vampires…can we?”

“Oh…I wouldn’t worry about that.” Cordy smiled. “Sunnydale Amnesia Syndrome should take care of that

“I think I understand what Cordelia is saying.” Edmund then further elaborated. “You see, the mind is naturally inclined to resolve situations such as this in a manner that is consistent with its conception of reality.”

Chuckling as she saw the looks of confusion on both Angel and Felicia’s faces, Cordelia gathered her breath to speak, but before she could do so, Jenny interjected, “I think I get it. What everyone will do is they’ll just think the party was crashed by well…a biker gang…and they’ll just think they were knocked out and kidnapped or something like that—right?”

“Exactly.” Edmund said with a smile as the foursome began to shepherd the other students back into town.


As they staggered back to the Bronze with the now almost fully recovered boys and girls, Edmund smiled down at Cordelia, “You did something special here tonight—you do know that, don’t you.”

Seeing Angel standing by himself in a corner, Cordelia flashed a sad smile, “I wish I could make the next bunch of years easier on him though.” She then shook her head, “He’s got so much to go through…”

“But in the end…” Edmund consoled, “He’ll triumph. Don’t ever forget that.”

“Hey roomie! Felicia smiled, “So, is the Bronze still here in thirty years and what’s it like?”

“Yeah…it’s still here.” Cordy grinned as the music once more began to play. “I don’t think it’ll ever go away.” Just then, she felt a gentle tugging. “I think…” She said as the tugging feeling grew in intensity.

“Tara’s spell…” Edmund immediately surmised. “You’ve completed your task and it’s pulling you back to where you belong.

“Yeah…” Cordy said, nodding her head. Turning towards Felicia and Jenny, the young seer smiled, “Take care of my clothes, Licia. And Jenny, don’t forget what I told you. And don’t forget—2002—in the Magic Box—I wanna see both of you there!” Smiling at Edmund, she then said in a kindly voice, “Give my regards to your son—and don’t tell him I told you this—but he grows up to be just as sexy as his dad!” Then she called out to the brooding figure standing in the corner, “Angel…I ain’t got a whole lotta time left, but I wanted to tell you…you’re probably not gonna like me the next time we meet…I mean I was a real bitch in high school and all…but I want you to know that I love you and you’re my best friend—and well…just put up with me, cause…you see…I’ll grow on you.” As soon as she finished her last words, she vanished.


Staggering slightly as she rematerialized in the Magic Box, Cordelia looked about and, seeing Anya, Xander, Tara, Angel, Wesley, and Fred, she gasped. “Am I back?”