Limelight (Teaser)

By Liam
Based on characters created by Joss Whedon. This story is rated PG-13.
When Cordelia lands a role on a television pilot, Angel fears he might lose her. And when accidents begin to occur on set, Angel becomes convinced something is seriously wrong.


Fox Studios
Offices of Philip J. Kramer
March 12, 2003

“What about this one?”

“No way. Look at her. She’s too butch.”

“What about this one?”

“Wasn’t she just in rehab?”

“Is that a no?”


Scott Palmer sighed as he brought up the next slide. Pre-production had already begun on their show “Abyss” and they still didn’t have a lead actress. They had only 48 hours to find one before filming was scheduled to begin.

“How about her?”

“No,” Philip Kramer said. “None of them have the look I want. I want someone fresh, someone new.”

“Why?” Palmer asked. “This is a primo role. Young, female FBI agent learning the ropes of the job. There are plenty of name actresses who would want this. Especially with the whole thing nowadays, where women are doing action roles.”

“Because I think it will work,” Kramer defended. “The lead male is already a name. We got the creator of ‘The Paranormal Files’ as Executive Producer, so we have that working for us. Now all we need is some new girl, a hottie, to get the male 18-35 demographic.” Kramer drained the last of his coffee. “And if that doesn’t work, we’ll hire Shannon Doherty, okay?”

“Deal,” Palmer agreed. He flipped the next slide. “And her?”

“Hey!” Kramer said excitedly. “I like her! Maybe get rid of the blonde dye job, but I really like this one! She’s beautiful and has that ‘look’, you know? She’s charisma personified. What’s her name?”

Palmer flipped to the right page in his notebook. “Uh, Cordelia Chase. Local actress. Been in a few commercials, nothing major.” Palmer looked at the photo in doubt. “You sure about this one?”

“Hey, I was right about hiring Flockhart for Ally McBeal,” Kramer defended.

“Yeah, but you also said that ‘Brimstone’ was the next big thing.”

“Shut up, Palmer.”

“And there was that whole fiasco about giving the mailman from ‘Cheers’ his own show.”

“Shut up, Palmer.”