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Season: Set in season 3 after Billy. (So I don't have to bother with writing about Conner! Ahahah!)

Feedback: Yes please!!!! So then my story can be less sucky!

Pairing: G/F possibly W/F and lots of C/A! Cordy &Angel 4 eva!!!

Notes: my first fanfic so don't be cruel!! Hopefully it will be funny1

P.S. I know kiddie fanfics have been done before, but mine is set in Angel so there!

~*Little Angel*~


In a Dark alley, there is a young woman walking home. Suddenly, a big scary, ugly demon attacks her! (Surprise surprise) Angel jumps down from the rooftop, black duster flying and starts to kick some big scary, ugly demon butt. Then though, a figure in an Armani suit steps around the corner, surrounded by some burly army type men with nasty looking tranqlizer guns.

'Hello Angel.' Says Lilah smiling.

'Oh great.' Mutters Angel

After which he gets attacked by al the burly army men.

**Black out**

Angel's bedroom, we hear a young voice from the lobby calling up.

'Hello, Is anyone here?'

This wakes up Angel, so he sits up and throws of his quilt, then realises he's five. And in the cutes baby voice imaginable

'Ohw, cwap'

**Theme tune**

In the lobby of the hyperian there are five children, aged around five or six sat around the reception desk; A little boy in street clothes with a shaven head, a quiet little girl with long brown pigtails in a pinafore sat reading a book. Another boy with light brown hair, and little glasses. Also reading a book on the desk, wearing tweed trousers. and a girl with curly brown hair, sat arms folded, and legs dangling over the edge of the desk wearing a sparkly dress and a cardigan with patent boots.

The girl in pigtails looks up from her book and sighs.

'There's nothing on what's happened In any of tha weird and wonderful spell's books Wesley.' she says in a Texan accent

'Well I wouldn't exactly call it wonderful,' said the girl in the sparkly dress, 'Angel is sooow totally going to freak out when he gets back'

at that moment the most sulky, five year old boy you could possibly imagine walks down the stairs, in typical, mini-sized Angel clothes and a way too big leather coat.

'Well Cordy your wite abowt dat. And du wowst fing is, dat my cowt doesn't even fit me.' He said with a pout, and sat down on the bottom of the stairs, staring at the floor with big brown puppy dog eyes.

The boy with the shaved head started to giggle.

'WOT IS IT?' said little Angel, glaring at Gun.

Little Gun tried to stop giggling.

'Well Angel, you just sound.well..so...

'Cute' laughed little Cordy in hysterics

'CUTE!!??!!' yelled little angel, which would have sounded quite scary if he hadn't have been so darn adorable!

'don't worry, Angel' said little Cordy still giggling. 'at least you have to worry about people trying to stake you or anything now, your way too sweet!!'

Little Angel gave her another adorable scowl and went back to sulking.

Black out