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Season: Set in season 3 after Billy. (So I don't have to bother with writing about Conner! Ahahah!)

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Pairing: G/F possibly W/F and lots of C/A! Cordy &Angel 4 eva!!!

Notes: my first fanfic so don't be cruel!! Hopefully it will be funny1

P.S. I know kiddie fanfics have been done before, but mine is set in Angel so there!

~*Little Angel*~


The gang is still trying to figure out how they all have been turned into kids, and little Angel is still sulking. (sweetly!!)

Chapter Two

The lobby of the Hyperian. Little Wesley looks up from his book, (which happens to be about twice as big as him!) and starts to talk to the whole group.

'I think that we can probably all decide that this is some sort of a spell done by Wolfram and Hart to stop Angel interfering with their schemes.' He stated in a polite English accent.

'Well duh' said little Cordy getting down from the desk (with a bit of trouble as it was much taller than her.) 'It's actually working too, Angel wouldn't stand a chance against any demons right now.'

'Or even a old lady with a walking stick.' Decided little Fred

'fank you fwed' muttered little Angel

'Sorry Angel' she said embarrassed, 'but at tha moment it's, probably true'

'Less he's still got all his vamp powers' said little Gun ' See if ya can vamp out'

Little Angel bit his bottom lip, 'erm.. I'm not sure if I can, I can't qwite wemember how to do it.'

'Well usually ya just get all Grrr!! Ya know?' questioned little Fred

'grrr?' questioned little Angel.

'You should really try' said little Wesley 'We might have to fight, if our normal nights in are anything to go by.'

'Ow-kay' said little Angel, 'i'll give it a gow.'

He closed his eyes and concentrated very hard, then jumped up in the air waving his arms and yelled


Causing little Fred to scream in shock, and little Gun and Cordy to burst into peals of laughter.

Little Angel looked very dismayed, 'Ow no, it didn't work.'

'Well you still managed to scare Fred' giggled little Gun, who then got a glare from Little Fred and Angel.

'Hummm. That's very interesting' Pondered little Wesley lifting up his too- big glasses. 'If you aren't a vampire, then you, are yourself, a good 240 years ago, yet you can still remember being Angel in 2002. Which is quite odd. He said in a cute, yet posh accent.

'Unless ist just temporary' said little Fred (at which little Angel smiled) 'Tha memories, I mean. Not the spell.' (at which little Angel's face dropped.)

'Oh gawd, none of you will want to know me when I was five, I was the most stuck-up self-centred brat you could ever meet!' laughed little Cordy

'Well at least you didn't live in the 16th centooawy!' moaned little Angel. And went back to sulking, sweetly, again!