Part 15 Pain and Friendship saga. The Morning after.
Author Fayth
Paring- W/S
Disclaimer- The idea for this story belongs to my insanity, the characters are a
figment of someone else amazing mind. Thank you Mr Whedon- may all your camels
seek and find water.
Rating- PG12A nice new one to confuse you all
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Willow was rudely awakened by the obnoxious ringing of the telephone. RING!!
She huddled down under the soft covers and hoped that it would stop if she
ignored it. RING! Maybe not.
<Dammit> she heard a groan from under her cheek and the cool chest she had been
using as a pillow rumbled.
“Bleeding phones, should a killed that Alexander Bell twat when I had the
chance.” Spike growled at the offending contraption.
Willow giggled and reached over to him to pick up the receiver.
“Hello?” she grimaced “Hey Buffy.”
Spike swore at the revelation of the caller’s identity.
“What? No I’m fine, I realise you haven’t seen me all weekend. No I’m not sick.”
Willow coloured as she glanced shyly at the hard male body currently lying next
to her. “I’ve been …busy.”
Spike raised an eyebrow with a smirk on his face. Her traced the curve of her
shoulder and back with one hand and was rewarded with a shudder; he raised
himself up on one elbow and nipped at her shoulder with his blunt teeth.
“B- Buffy it’s only been two days. Xander knew where we-I was. Okay I’ll be
there tonight. Yeah me too, bye!”
She put the phone down and scowled at it.
“Two days. It took her two days to notice I was missing.”
“Disgraceful.” Spike murmured as he kissed his way down her spine “You could
have been kidnapped by a big bad evil who wanted to do all sorts of delicious
things to your helpless little body.”
His low voice sent more shivers down her back. 
“A big bad evil huh?” she bit her lip
“Oh yeah.” Spike let out a predatory grin as he captured her bottom lip
“How long would he kidnap me for” Willow closed her eyes lost in the sensation
“I have to meet Buffy later.”
“For eternity.” Spike moaned into her warm mouth “But if you’re good, I’ll let
you meet Slutty later.”
“What if I’m really bad?” The wicked edge to her voice made Spike swallow as
images inundated him
“Then you come home and go straight to bed.”

“You think they’re coming?” Xander asked and Anya’s face split into a huge grin
“Quite possibly, after all they have spent the entire weekend in bed. Having
orgasms and I think that they should come up for air for a while.”
“Yes let’s talk about this- again.” Giles rolled his eyes “Just lobotomise me
“I’m just saying…” Xander began but Buffy entered the room and he stopped.
“Hey guys Wills here yet?”
“What has been up to all weekend,” she paused as a thought struck her “I hope we
don’t have a test I was supposed to study for.”
Anya looked at her in disgust “Maybe she spent all weekend having sex?”
Buffy rolled her eyes “Yeah.”
“Actually I think she was studying biology, anatomy.” Xander quipped and Giles
tried to smother a smile.
Buffy frowned “Is Willow even taking Biology?”
The bell above the door jangled as Willow entered the room
“Hi everyone.” She beamed
“Wow someone’s happy.” Buffy remarked
“Happy to see everyone. Happy me, happy you,” she sing songed and everyone
grinned at the display of Willow happiness. “So what’s the what?”
“I trust you are- fine?” Giles asked warily
“Fine, really fine.” She let loose a yawn, “If a little tired- bust weekend.”
She blushed as Xander and Anya chuckled and Giles cleaned his glasses.
“Really Wills you should take it easy, get a little R and R.”
Willow looked a little guilty “I’m not overdoing it Buff. So what are we
As Giles proceeded to show Willow what she had missed during her fun filled
weekend Buffy watched her bubbly friend.
*she’s practically glowing; I’ve never seen her so happy, not even when Oz was
around. Oh boy, she has a new guy! Was Anya being serious?” she watched as
Willow winced as she adjusted herself on the sofa and her jaw dropped as she
registered the large hickey partially hidden by Willow’s sweater. *Willow is
having sex! I wonder who the lucky guy is, and why hasn’t she told me? I’m her
best friend for goodness sake.* Buffy was a littler hurt that Willow hadn’t
confided in her. She picked up the nearest book and slumped in her chair
occasionally glancing at Willow from over the top of her book.
	Two hours later the sun had set and the Scooby’s were in full research mode.
The only sounds were the turning of pages and the scrunch of food wrappers from
Xander’s junk food stash.
Giles took off his glasses and rubbed at his eyes “I believe we have amassed
enough information on this threat Buffy.”
“Ok Giles I guess I’m patrol bound.”
“Evening all.” Spike announced as he entered through the back “Miss me?”
“Like a hole in the head.” Buffy looked disgusted as he sat down next to Willow
on the sofa and put his feet on the table “I was hoping you’d gotten run through
by a stray pencil.”
“Aw I know you’d miss me if I dusted Slayer.” His eyes glinted and as she opened
her mouth to retort the phone rang.
“Magic box.” Giles greeted. “Oh it’s you lot.” His tone dropped several levels
and they felt frost in his next statement. 
“What do *you* want?” he pulled off his glasses again- a sure sign that he was
harassed “Of course I bleeding well have it, no I wasn’t aware. It was never
very accurate- now?” he sighed and put the phone down on the table as he
sauntered over to a shelf and removing an old red bound book, muttering all the
time about asses and pompousness “Yes got it, page 602- oh great another
prophecy, I don’t suppose you… no too much to bloody hope for wasn’t it. Yeah
yeah bye.” He slammed the phone down and stared at it in disgust “I need a
“If you’re offering.” Spike perked up as Giles dragged a bottle of scotch from
under the desk and poured himself a drink. Then another. And one for Spike.
Buffy frowned as Spike grinned and gulped back the shot before turning to Giles
“The council?”
“Yes they seem to have uncovered a prophecy that might relate to us, the bare
bones are to be found in this volume but the lager prophecy is held at the
council in London. They are sending the full text over. But they have no idea
what it means. Bloody useless bunch off…” he bit off a curse as swallowed the
alcohol letting it burn away the obscenities in his throat. He decided to ignore
the glass and drink straight from the bottle to save time.
“I guess this means more research.” Willow added tentatively. Xander groaned and
let his head fall onto the pile of books in front of him

“You know when I was drafted into saving the world; no one mentioned how much
paperwork there would be.” Buffy stared bleary eyed at the mountains of volumes
in front of her.
Everyone had been working flat out to discover anything about the prophecy. Even
Spike had sat uncomplaining next to Willow on the sofa engrossed in a book.
Buffy was impressed- she would have been less impressed and possibly more
hysterical if she could see under Spike’s duster draped over their knees where
his hand traced patterns on Willow’s thigh and she held his hand.
“I need a smoke.” Spike got up and taking his duster walked out back to have a
cigarette outside.
“Caffeine!” moaned Willow, her exhaustion winning her over.
“Me too.” Xander, Anya and Giles chorused although Giles’ was a little slurred
as he continued to drink the scotch- neat.
“I’m kitchen girl.” Willow stood- her muscles screaming in protest. “Buff?”
“Nah- Slayer stamina.” She grinned “I can be bored for hours yet.”
Willow shot her a returning grin as she made her way to the kitchen behind the
Magic Box’s shop area. Giles had it put it in after too many late night research
parties with no coffee.
She switched the coffee maker on, placed five cups on the side and waited
staring at the window at her reflection.
She smiled as she felt strong arms circle her waist- even though she was alone
in her reflection.
Spike kissed her neck “You smell nice pet.” He nuzzled into her throat
“So do you.” she said “Cigarettes and leather is quite the turn on though, sorry
about this research, I know your bored and have got better things to do.”
He placed his finger over her lips and turned her to face him.
“I’m here with you, love.” He swept a soft kiss over her lips “I can’t think of
anyone I’d rather be with, of course I’m sure we could be doing something far
more interesting.” He waggled his eyebrows and cut off her giggle with his

“Actually I’m kinda wired- I’m gonna work off some tension out back.” Buffy got
up and headed towards the workout room.

Willow broke the kiss “C’mon Spike. Buffy could walk in.”

Buffy stopped in her tracks as she heard her name come from the kitchen.

“So?” Spike said littering kisses over her cheeks and jaw line.

Buffy walked into the workout room and peered out from behind the door. From
this vantage point she could see into the kitchen where the door was open. Her
eyes nearly popped out of her head. Spike had Willow pinned up against the
sideboard and was raining kisses upon her face and neck.
“Stop it.” Willow snickered “You’re tickling me and what do you mean so? If
Buffy finds out about you and me- being friends let alone the other,” she
blushed furiously causing Spike to chuckle
“Love, if you’re doing it- you can say it.”
“I can say it.” Willow pouted
*Don’t say it!* Buffy pleaded *please* 
“Say it then, sex.” Spike kissed her nose “Sex, shagging, making love, humping,
beast with two backs, getting jiggy with it!”
“That’s it no more MTV for you.” Willow laughed
*Spike and Willow!* Buffy was furious
“Anyway if Buffy finds out she’ll freak.” Willow pushed Spike’s wandering hands
away, Spike heaved a sigh
“Yeah and Little Miss trigger happy would stake me.”
*Too right!* thought Buffy and searched around her for a stake
“Exactly and that would kill me.” Willow stated sadly 
*What?* Buffy stopped
“Why should she even care, bloody hypocrite- it’s okay if Queen Slutty and the
Poofter want to go at it, but woe betide you get a happy.”
“Spike.” Willow touched his face “She cares about me.”
“But she’d stake the Vamp who loves you without even a by-your-leave.”
*Love?* Buffy was floored
“So she’s overprotective. I won’t let her hurt you Spike. I’ve waited for you
for too long. I love you, you know that.”
“I love you too pet. I just don’t want to have to keep it a secret, flitting
about like we had something to be ashamed of. I want to scream it to the world.
Sod the Slayer.” Willow nodded her eyes shining with tears at his impassioned
“We will tell her, I just want to be stress free for a while before the fight
starts, ok?”
“Ok.” Spike conceded “I’d die for you, I guess I can wait for a WHILE.” he
emphasised grimly.
“I’ll make it up to you baby.” Willow cooed.
“Oh yeah?” Spike smirked
“And if she can’t deal, then we’ll leave.” Willow added shocking both Buffy and
“We’ll leave, I love you and I’ll follow you anywhere. If Buffy can’t accept
you, then she can’t accept me because you’re a part of me now. Besides I always
wanted to travel.”
“Mexico, Italy, Paris, London- I’ll show you the world.” Spike spun her around
and then crushed his lips to hers in delight.
Buffy stood in the doorway in amazement *Willow loves Spike, Spike loves Willow,
kissing- sex leaving? Willow would leave?* She ducked back into the training
room as Xander came down the hall, she grinned maliciously *Oh boy Xander’s
going to flip, he hates Spike*
Xander passed the workout room and entered the kitchen; he stopped when he saw
Willow and Spike.
*Here goes!* Buffy winced in anticipation of his outburst
“Hey Blondie, you may not need to breath but Wills still has oxygen issues.”
*huh?* no explosion?
Spike pulled back and Willow gasped for air
“She doesn’t normally complain about me not coming up for air.” Spike smirked
“It makes her moan.”
“Add that to the list of things I never wanted to hear.” Xander shuddered
“Besides the Buffster is in the next room, you want her to go supernova when she
finds you two?” He headed for the biscuit tin.
“We were just saying about that daft bint.” Spike nodded and made way for Xander
“Look guys Buffy is my best friend- best girl friend.” She amended “Don’t insult
“Sorry sweets but she is borderline psychotic- it’s a Slayer thing. It explains
why she’s so obsessive about you.”
“Protective not obsessive.” Willow stirred sugar into the coffee and picked up
the mugs
“Whatever, let me carry those, is one for me?”
“Of Course.” She sent him a loopy grin
“Oy Harris, you coming over tomorrow? I’ve been practising.” 
“Sure thing Blondie, I’ll bring tomb raider.”
Willow put on her resolve face “No leering over Lara Croft while I’m in the
vicinity or I’ll take you both on and win- again.”
Spike groped her ass “If I leer at you will you take me on?”
Xander shuddered again “Wills make him stop.”
“You don’t think I’ve tried?” They went back to the tables chattering.

Buffy walked slowly away from the door and sat down on the mat, all fight
drained out of her.
*Ok let’s process, Willow and Spike are together- as in a couple, with love and
sex. Ew. No mental pictures. Xander knows therefore Anya knows- does Giles know?
But Xander wasn’t freaked, he’s bonded with Spike! Major weirdness. They won’t
tell me, they’re afraid I’ll freak out- totally wig, which I am doing. WILLOW
AND SPIKE!! Am I really obsessive, she loves him but can’t tell me- her best
friend because she’s afraid I’ll stake him.
And I want to stake him- he’s a vampire, I’m a Slayer, and yeah ok Angel but
that was- oh God Spike’s right I’m a hypocrite.  I am an obsessive hypocrite and
my friends can’t confide in me because they’re afraid I’ll explode!*
She sat in the dark thinking deep thoughts.