Psychic cheese Wildfeed for Spike's triumphant return
I know. I was dead set on remaining spoiler free, but somebody questioned whether or not ME will show Spike running over the Welcome to Sunnydale sign when he comes back next season, and it stuck in my head. I had to know. So I broke my resolution and plugged the cheese in once again to feed the addiction. What the cheese gave didn't quite jive with the Wildfeed I got for the first ep of S7, so maybe there was a rewrite in there somewhere if it hasn't been filmed yet. Anyway:

It opened on some scene, I assume during the first ep, but it cold be later. If it is the first ep, then apparently Dawn and Buffy didn't go on a trip after all. Not quite sure. But the scene opens on A vampire running scared through the cemetery. A few seconds later Dawn and Buffy fly past the screen after it. It is pretty much a copy of the opening scene in Bargaining. They finally catch up to the vamp in front of a crypt and Dawn leaps at it taking it down by the legs. They tumble a few feet, the vamp coming out on top. it pins her arms above her head and smiles down at her right before it turns to dust. Buffy pockets the stake and helps her sister to her feet. They turn in the direction of the crypt and both freeze.

Dawn: It's empty isn't it?

Buffy: Yeah. Clem moved in somewhere with Hallfrek. Anya said they took Spike's stuff. he didn't want anyone to steal it.

Dawn: So it's really empty then. It looks grayer.

Buffy: It feels like he was never here. I went inside the other day, when I was looking for Clem. There's nothing there. Nothing but dust... and the scorch marks I left when I blew up his bed.

Dawn: (Studies her closely) Do you miss him.

Buffy: I don't know. Last year was so... I don't know. Like I'm not sure any of it really happened. I think I just need to see him again to convince myself he was really here. That he lived in there. I don't think I'll know if I missed him until I see his face.

(They stare at the crypt for a few more seconds. The wind starts to blow)

Buffy: I just wish he'd come back.

Cut to Spike racing past the Welcome to Sunnydale sign on his bike. At the bottom of the screen, just below the sign, in white letters is the time. 11:41 PM. The time clicks by a minute each second and then stops on 11:57 PM. The Desoto come roaring back past us and we see it spin, smoking the tires and screech to a halt facing the sign. The camera cuts to and interior shot, slightly behind Spike and to the right. He sticks a cigarette in his mouth and lights it, grinning maliciously at the sign. He flicks the dial on the radio and Black Sabbath comes on, in the middle of the intro to Iron Man. It's a little fuzzy, like it's switching channels. He grimaces a little and just revs the engine higher. He shifts into drive and smokes the tires, racing at the sign. Cut to a shot from just behind the sign, we can see the Desoto heading toward it. We can also see, partially obscured by a bush, that an irritated City council has apparently re-enforced the sign posts with some kind of steel beams. Cut to 1/4 side view. The Desoto smashes into the sign and comes to a complete halt, the back lifting bit on impact. Spike flies through the windshield and crashes through the top of the Sign, taking the WEL off of Welcome to Sunnydale. One of the Shattered splits of wood pierces his chest. His eyes go wide a split second before he turns to dust that peppers the bush behind the sign. We are left with a shot of the Desoto's smoking front end flush against the sign as the engine dies it's silent except for the engine's cooling knock and the fuzzy radio. The wind picks up again and the radio fuzzes out completely as an oldies statioon takes over.
How many roads must a man walk down
before they call him a man?
the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
the answer is-

Cut to Xander watching Rock and Roll Jeopardy with a beer in his hand.

Jeff Probst: I think I'll dust my broom
Contestant: Who is Robert Johnson?
Jeff Probst: Correct. And Winston steps into the lead with 5400 points.