Title: Showdown
Author: Kea (Kerstin A.) (e-mail me at with LaLa's help!
Summary: Right after Villains the FG show up! Oh and Willow is still there!
Rating: Ummm I guess PG or PG-13! Just some language!
Category: A/C
Spoilers: Well it might help if you watched the BTVS ep Villains! As for Ats no real spoilers.
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Notes LaLa and I had a little to much fun. I know Buffy does not sound like I wrote her but hey we just had to much fun at 2 in the morning. To see where this crazy idea all started see or to see what LaLa added!
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So Thanks LaLa for getting me back into writing fiction. Its been a while. And thanks schweet for getting me hooked on Ats fiction!
Oh This is my first Ats fic just to let you know!
Hope you like it!


Cordelia, Wesley, Fred, Gunn, Lorne followed by Angel walk into the Sunnydale forest.
“Cordelia are you sure the vision was for you to fight the evil. I mean I am more then willing too...”
“That’s ok Angel. I can manage. Besides if my vision is right I kick butt! Plus I have to purge the evil.” Cordelia looks around. “Ok it happens over there.”
The Fang gang stop when they notice, Willow standing a distance away from Buffy, Xander and Anya.

Cordelia suddenly understands her vision. “Hey Willow. You have been a bad girl. You and me one on one. Witch vs. half demon.”
Willow smiles. “Bring it on Cordelia!”

“Willow. Please It's not our way!” Buffy pleads.

Skip appears out of no where.
“Who the Hell are you.” Buffy demands.
“Well nice to meet you too Buffy! Call me Skip!”
“Skip? What the hell kind of name is that.”
“Well I could ask you the same Buffy! Anyway before you ladies start first off glad to see you all showed. Hey Cordelia how’s it going. Glad you got the message. Ok well there are a few rules. Well no rules I just always wanted to say that. Anyway lets have a good clean showdown. Winner takes all. Begin.”

Buffy looks around not willing to let this go on. Her best friend and her worst enemy were going at it. “Don't hurt her! It's not our way!”

Angel punches Buffy: “SHUT UP. Kick her ass, Cordy!”

Cordy happily complies. Zaaaaap! “How's that for bitch?” Zaaaap! “Saint Cordy, huh?” Zaaaap! “Corduffy?! Ha!” Zaaaap!

Skip blows his whistle. "Ok Cordelia dear! That is not why I demonized you young lady!" They continue to fight. “Fine. Don't listen to the messenger of the Powers that Be!”

Cordy looks up. “Don’t worry Skip we won’t”
Angel smiles at Cordelia’s comment. “Yeah screw the powers.” Looks Around. “Who’s with me?”
Lorne nods. “Fine but just so you know the Princess over there started it!”
Gunn begins to laugh. “Man Angel we should start a club. How about Pound the PTB?”
Wesley smiles. “You know I like the sound of that. Count me in.”
“Can I but member number 8 Gunn because 8 when turned sideways looks like infinity and well since...”
“Sure Fred.”

Xander is still confused. “When did Cordelia become a demon?”

Angel laughs “When you cheated on her...jerk!”

Xander gives Angel a dreaded look. “REALLY?”

Buffy shakes her head. This was not her night. “No, Xander. Stop! We can't kill humans! It's not our...”

Angel/Gunn/Fred/Anya/Wesley “SHUT UP!”

Willow pushes up her sleeves. “I'll show you what an angry lesbian will do!”

Cordy gives her a look. “I thought you were an angry, evil witch?”

Willow stops for a second. “Oh, yeah...Whoosh!” *Skin ripper!*

Cordy smiles. “Nuh uh!” *Glows* “By the power of ME, I'm kicking your ass!” Zaaaap! *Throws Willow into Buffy and Xander*

Skip blows into his whistle “Penalty! Cordelia, you know better...Neo would never do that...maybe Russell Crowe, but not Neo!”

Cordy gives Skip a look. “Huh? Can't I just kill her?”

Angel/Anya happily tell her. “YES!”

Buffy *Struggles to get up* “No! It's not our way!”

Angel shakes his head. “GOD. Would you shut up?!”

Anya takes a good look at the Fang Gang and then at what is left over of the Scooby gang on the floor. “I got ten bucks on Cordelia!”

Xander fishes around in his pocket. *From under Willow* “Twenty on Willow- check that, Buffy!”

Angel takes a deep undead breath “Gee, I really missed the Hellmouth...are you okay, baby?!:

Cordy nods. “Yeah!” Zaaaap! “I'm gonna make Willow's hair red again! Wanna see?”

Angel nods and gives her a little kiss. “Sure, we have 10 minutes. Gunn, get the flamethrower.”

Gunn happily jumps up and down. “Yes!”

Cordy:*squeals* “Hey, remember when I got that rebar in my stomach...”

Xander untangles himself from Willow and Buffy. “Oh, crap!” and begins to run with Cordy sending bolts after him.

Fred smiles. "Wow I haven't seen Cordelia have this much fun since..."

Lorne nods. "Since she kicked Grooey back home. I know. And you should see the Princesses aura! Can I just say WOW!"

Angel gives his friends a look. "Will you two be quite I am enjoying this." Takes a look back at the fight. "Good one Cordy. Just like we practiced!"

Wes readjusts his glasses. "My word Angel those training seasons have really been paying off."

Angel nods happily. "Yeah that's my Cordy!"

Buffy shakes her head. She was the slayer and not going to take much more of this. "But we can't kill humans. It's not our way."

Skip throws down his whistle. "Time out. Ms. Summers if you do not behave I will put you in the timeout box!

Buffy whispers to herself. "But it’s not our way."

Anya smiles happily "Well if Cordelia can do it so can I. Umm anyone want to make a wish...about Xander? Anyone?" Looks around. "Ok!" Turns back and heads for Xander who is standing next to Buffy! Anya walks up to him and gives him a right hook across the face.

All heads turn except Willow and Cordelia's who have continued fighting.

Wesley begins to smile. "I believe I will bet 5 dollars on Anya."

Lorne nods. "Oh yeah safe bet!"

Angel looks around at the commotion. “Okay, okay- look, I think it's time we stop...”

Buffy sighs in relief. “Thank God someone finally sees that this is not our way!”

Angel gives her a look. “What? No- I want everyone to stop talking so I can watch this fight. Cordy- watch your's just growing back.”

Willow tells Cordy through gritted teeth. “I will get revenge for the downfall I have taken...starting with Mere Smith!”

Angel/Cordy both look shocked. “NOOOOO! She's our savior!”

Buffy can’t believe this is happening. “She- it's- it's not our way!.”

Angel shakes his head and starts taking off his jacket. “That's it. I'm kicking ass. Cordy- zap me.”

Cordy stops and gives him a confused look. “With what?”

Angel looks at her. “Uh...”

Cordy shrugs. “I can purge you....”

Angel shakes his head. “Never mind...Gunn- flamethrower.”

Gunn gives Angel a sad look. “Uh- see- what had happened was- “

“Anya has it!” Fred tells Angel happily. “Thanks Fred.”

Anya happily heaves the weapon. “Come here- Harris! I'm going to kill you!”

Xander looks around for help. “Oh, crap!”

Buffy looks wide-eyed at what Anya is doing. “No, Anya! It's not our way!”

Angel smiles. “SHUT UP.”

Lorne just looks shocked. "Wow that is one pissed off vengeance demon."

Cordelia stops a few seconds and looks over at Anya chasing Xander with the flamethrower! Xander shrieks every so often the closer Anya comes.

Cordelia begins to laugh. "Hey Anya save me a little as well."

Anya’s smile grows wider. "No guarantees Cordelia."

Cordelia begins to laugh. “Hey Anya wish he had a tail!”

Anya gives her another smile. “As you wish.”

Skip just shakes his head and blows his whistle. "Ok people I can't do two things at once. One fight at a time."

Cordelia nods and looks back at Willow. “Well let’s see if I can do anything with that hair of yours. Black is so not your color."

Willow‘s eyes narrow at Cordelia‘s statement "Well at least its better then yours!"
Gunn winces and looks at Fred “Oh wrong answer." Fred nods.
Wesley nods as well. "Oh yes I have to agree."
Fred nods again.
Angel lets out a small smile. "Yeah well at least she's growing it out again."
Fred nods again. She takes a deep breath. "Is it too late to put more money on Cordelia or not?"
Wesley gives her a warm smile. "Not at all. How much Fred?”
Fred puts her hand in her pocket and pulls out a 50. “100!”
Angel gives her a look. “Umm Fred you know that’s a 50...right?”
“Come on Angel. I my have been gone 5 years but I am not stupid. Besides Gunn is putting up 50 as well?”
“I am?”
“You are!”

Buffy suddenly jumps in front of the Gunn, Wesley, Angel, Lorne and Fred. "Can't you see this is so wring. It’s not our way!"
Angel rolls his eyes.

Gunn begins to laugh. “Yeah whatever!"

Buffy gives him a stern look. "Well its not! Angel tell them."

Angel pushes her out of the way. "Hello watching the fight!" He winces when Willow goes for Cordy's hair only to be pushed back by Cordy's purge power.

Skip shakes his head as the two fights continue! He turns toward the small group.
"So who's up for snacks?"

Buffy smiles. Finally someone was going to listen to her. "Thank God someone finally sees that this is not our way!"

Skip shakes his head. "No I mean this is going to take a while. Might as well make yourself comfy!"

Angel nods. “Yeah sure Skip. Can someone get me some popcorn?”

Fred gives the vampire a confused look. “You don't eat...well except blood and well its more drinking then eating...”

Angel puts his hand up to stop Fred’s rambling. “Sure I do. I also go out in the sun. Didn't you see 'TOGOM' and 'A New World'?”
Everyone stares at him blankly.
Angel suddenly becomes very interested in the floor. “Never mind.”

Cordy keeps fighting Willow. “ACK! Get OFF my HAIR!” *Zaps Willow*

Willow takes a deep breath. “I'll get you and your saintly self!” *Tries to skin Cordy, Cordy repels it* Willow's skin falls off instead.

Angel looks up please. “Niiice!”

Gunn looks shocked. “EW!” *Runs to throw up*

Buffy *crying, with a pouty, quivering lip* “It's not our way! Angel, you're my soul mate- tell them!”

Angel almost chokes on his popcorn courtesy of Skip. “I'm your WHAT?”

Fred quickly runs to comfort Gunn.

"Umm Gunn don't look now but I think Anya finally figured out how to use the flamethrower!"

A long shriek is heard coming from Xander who is hiding behind a tree trying to keep Anya away. “Destroy my wedding. You are sooo going to regret that Xander Harris! This will teach you to mess with a vengeance demon!”

Wes is still confused by Angel‘s comment. "'TOGOM' and 'A New World'? What are they a TV show?"

Lorne rolls his eyes. "Yes and I will explain it to you all later. It’s in the files."

Wesley slowly nods.

Willow whispers something (Skin backa) and her skin comes back on.
Cordy shakes her head! She looks around for Skip noticing him with a large bowl of popcorn in his hand."Hey Skip when are my other demon powers going to kick in. I could use a few more fun ones right now."

Skip shakes his head and hands the popcorn to Lorne. "Cordelia that's not why I demonized you young lady.“ Cordy gives him a look and Skip quickly adds “But since you asked nice sure why not!"

Cordy happily bounces up an down. “Cool. Just no horns or a tail!” She looks back at Willow. "Play time Willow."

"Soul mate Angel! You’re my soul mate." Buffy tries to explain to him.

"WHAT!" Angel drops all his popcorn on the floor.

Buffy crosses her arms in front of her. "Yes you know...don't you?"

Angel shakes his head not believing what he is hearing. "What are you talking about? I am in love with Cordelia."

Buffy‘s arms fall to her side. "With Cordelia? But it can't be. You...You are just transplanting your feelings on her. It's me your really in love with. Not her. I mean for crying out loud its Queen C..."

“Who’s now part demon.” Angel finishes for her.
“No you love me.” Buffy insists.
“Do not.” Angel tells her.
“Do too!” Buffy informs him.
“Do not.”
“Do too!”

Lorne taps Wesley on the shoulder "Wow now that's what I call a bombshell."

Wesley shakes his head. "Yes well you know this had to happen one day. Crossovers are inevitable now a days. No matter what!"

Lorne slowly and sadly nods his head.

"Ok Buffy that's it." Angel tackles Buffy to the ground.

"Angel it’s not our way."
Angel slowly gets up. "You’re right."

Buffy smiles. "Thank you."

Angel turns to face the still dueling Cordy and Willow. "Cordy when you’re done over there you want to give me a hand?"

Cordy’s gives him her 100-watt smile and nods happily.

With one last looks at Willow Cordy closes her eyes and lets a mighty white light emit sending Willow into a nearby tree. Willows hair ever so slowly turns back to its original red color only a little on the fuzzy side. Cordelia walks up to her. “One thing to know Willow there are some things not to mess with and that includes my family and well my hair.” She turns. “Coming Angel.”

“That’s my Cordelia!”
“Angel listen to me you and I we are forever. We have been and will always be.”
Cordelia walks up to Angel. “Oh Buffy get over yourself. It’s Us all the way!” Angel pulls Cordelia closer and gives her a kiss.
“Oh please enough with the joke. Who put you up to this? Was it Spike?”
Cordelia raised her eyebrows. “Ok that’s it.” She sends a bolt at Buffy who goes flying into another tree. Hair sticking everywhere. “Oh that felt sooo good.” Angel smiles and gives her another kiss.

Skip strolls up to Cordelia and shakes her hand. “Cordelia its been a blast but I must get going. They are showing a making of the Matrix documentary, which I just can’t miss. Until next time oh and try to stay out of trouble...all of you.” He slowly fades away.

Angel turns back to Cordelia. “Winner and still champion.”
Cordelia smiles. “You better believe it. Come on guys lets get out of this hellhole.”
Gunn looks sadly at his flamethrower. “Yeah but that demon, Anya or whatever her name is still has my...”
“It’s ok Gunn. Just let go.” Wesley tells him.
“Besides we will get you a better one.” Angel tells him. His arm still around Cordelia.
Cordelia smiles. “Besides I think Anya needs it a little more then us now.”
Off in the distance they see Xander running for dear life with Anya on his now wished on tail.

The End!