Title: Speechless
Author: Princess Twilite

Spoilers: Up to Sleep Tight (keep in mind I didn't actually see the ep.)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: 200 word challenge.


Speechless (Cordy POV)

I haven't been able to talk since the day I found out. As if my voice were eternally caught up inside with all my emotions. Laughter is an alien thing. It does not live in this tomb.

Angel often walks by- with a ghost in his arms. A cradled, crying weight that bends his back and blackens his eyes. The taught skin of his sorrow stretches across this atmosphere- gaining momentem whenever he is near.

And it pains me to know that as much as I hurt- he is hurting worse.

A victim of fate.

My hands wave- painting single lines in the air. As if I have something to convey that they haven't already heard. Wistful strands of hope and fear and pain that Angel watches from his daze, his fingers twitching, speaking. We never touch- my eyes in the mirrors are black holes with a vacancy sign. Groo left. He did not fit in this world and he seemed to know it. He could not share this agony.

This pain that Angel and I have weaved around and between us.